Itineraries in Europe & UK

While I've been writing detailed accounts of the places that I see, I generally do not include the itinerary that I followed, in those posts. So here's an itinerary compilation to help you create your own itinerary. This will keep on increasing as I travel.
The links here would lead you to the blog-posts that give a detailed account of those places!

1 week in London, UK:
1 week in Brussels, Belgium:
5 days in Amsterdam, Netherlands:
4 days in Athens, Greece: 
3 days in Malta: 
3 days in Prague, Czech: 
3 days in Budapest, Hungary: 
3 days in Lisbon, Portugal: 
3 days in Cologne, Germany: 
3 days in Amsterdam, Netherlands:
3 days in Brussels, Belgium:
3 days in London, England:
3 days in Florence, Italy: 
2 days in Barcelona, Spain:
3 Days in South England, UK:
2 days in Luxembourg:
2 days in Basel, Switzerland:
2 days in Wales, UK:
2 days in South-East England, UK:

Day-trip to Brussels, Belgium: Grand PlaceManneken, Jeanekke & Zinneke Pis, Atomium, Koekelberg Basilica, Chocolate Village Museum, Cantillon Brewery 

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