Belgian Chocolate Village (Brussels - Belgium)

There are 2 specialties when it comes to Belgium's Street Food - beer & chocolate. There are 2 museums in the city dedicated to these 2 specialties. Here's my visit to the Belgian Chocolate Village Museum. 
This is located very close to the Basilica and is in 3 floors. An audio guide, takes you through the entire museum. It begins with a short documentary film on how cocoa beans are cultivated in Ghana, through the entire process and the manufacture of chocolate in Belgium in all the detail. This room also has samples of all stages.

Beyond this is another room filled with various types of chocolates, various brands of chocolates worldwide, various ways in which chocolate is cooked worldwide etc. 3 different huge sculptures were there made of chocolate depicting 3 important monuments of Brussels - Arcade du Cinquantenaire, Atomium and Basilica made of chocolate from 90-200kg.

There's a conservatory where Ghana like temperature and humidity are maintained and few cocoa plants are grown here. Another section shows the evolution of chocolate since ages. There's a cafe that also serves way too many types of chocolates! But the best section was however the workshop and demo by Sammy Lataief who also owns La Fabrique ├ártisan Chocolat. He was one incredible guy and to watch him work with his molten chocolate was just yummy!!!

As he particularly specifies the chocolate has to be liquid but it has to be in room temperature and not warm or hot which would give it a crack as it hardens. He demonstrated the making of hollow dark chocolate to make truffles. I'm losing my words now. It was just divine to watch the chocolate being poured in the moulds and as soon as it begins to hard, pouring it out back to create the hollow!!!! It was divine. Yes, there is a board that says not to put the finger into the molten chocolate machine. I didn't. But the temptation is way too hard to resist.

He prepared me a few dark chocolates topped with spices incl chilli powder, pepper etc when I said I'm from India. Spices & India goes hand in hand! And as he topped every choco chip with 1 variety of spice, I asked to make one with all spices put together and he made it for me. It was way too yummy!!! The sweet yet sour dark chocolate, the spiciness of the spices put together, it was an explosion in the palate!!! 
Oh, how much I miss it!!! Sammy, will you send me some more??!!! Just thinking of it, makes me hungry!!!! Lolz. 

To Get There:
Nearest tram & metro station: Simonis
Nearest bus stop: Park Elizabeth
Entry ticket: €8
Free entry as a part of Brussels Card

P.S: I was invited by VisitBrussels - Brussels Card to experience the city for review purposehowever the opinions are my own and this post does not to advertise the product/service.


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  1. Yummy! Wish I could visit it... :D

  2. Oooh Chocolates! my happy obsession! I so envy you right now :)

  3. Now this is a factory tour I would not miss. I hope they have the darkest chocolate there, my favorite type of chocolate.

  4. ah i never visited this place when i went to brussels. ive got a reason to visit again

  5. Arggggghhh I'm a big fan of chocolate. I used to have it before I go to sleep and this post made me craving for more. That Belgian Chocolate, I would love to try.

  6. I was sold on the place because of chocolates. This would definitely be a place to visit.

  7. Whoa! those chocolates!! Feel like gobbling them down all...Dark Chocolates I love - they are less sinful and therapeutic.

  8. Wow, this is so nice! I want to go to this place, I can't resist the temptations!

  9. I have never been to Belgium and I think alone this deliciously looking chocolate is a reason to visit. I work for a German chocolate company myself and the reputation of Belgian chocolate is very good in Germany, too. So for me it was very interesting to read this.

  10. Ah, I want to go here! I love Belgium, chocolate, and Belgian chocolate. And how nice that they made chocolate with special spices after hearing you are Indian. I love chocolate with spice too.

  11. Wow! This was a very nice tour! I like that they have a place that the room temperature similar to Ghana. I am sure that the chocolates taste really good. It was lovely that he made chocolates with spices just for you. I have not eaten a spicy chocolate. I would love to have a tour here someday.

  12. I could not believe there can be a chocolate village museum. I am surely going to visit this in Brussels and experience the chocolate eating and knowing more about chocolates. I am surprised to know how they maintain the temperature of the room like that of Ghana - so much of specifics just for an amazing chocolate treat. I would love to experience this by myself soon.


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