Mini-Europe & Design Museum (Brussels - Belgium)

The last time when I visited here on a day trip to Brussels, I had time only to visit the Atomium of the 4 Brussels attractions located next to each other in Heysel, in north Brussels. That was the last thing for the day and I literally ran from Koekelburg Basilica to the metro station and from there to Atomium, to reach it just 15 mins before the last entry time! I made it! 
This time, I managed to visit 2 of Atomium's neighboring Brussels attractions,  Design Museum Brussels (prev. ADAM) and Mini-Europe! 
The article has been updated in 2023. Some photos belong to 2017 when I was pregnant with my daughter. The same child from inside my uterus is there prancing around Mini-Europe in 2023!

Mini-Europe Brussels | Best things to do in Brussels with Kids

View of Mini Europe from Atomium
View of Mini-Europe from atop Atomium

ADAM Design Museum Brussels
View of Atomium from Design Museum Brussels

Mini-Europe Brussels | Best things to do in Brussels with Kids

Mini-Europe Brussels | Best things to do in Brussels with Kids
Working/Interactive miniatures at Mini-Europe

Mini-Europe Brussels | Best things to do in Brussels with Kids | Miniature of Széchenyi Thermal Bath Budapest

Apart from Atomium, ADAM and Mini-Europe, one more place to see here is Oceade! However, if you’ve been following my other blog, Fashion Panache, you may know that I’m pregnant right now (as of 2017). So water rides in an amusement park is a big no-no for me! So over to my experience at Mini-Europe and Atomium Design and Art Museum!
Update 2018 - This is now permanently closed and has been acquired by Walibi group. Most of the equipment and rides have been moved to Aqualibi in Wavre, close to Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve, in the south of Brussels.

Even from atop the Atomium, the view of Mini-Europe is stunning! As soon as you enter, it is really crazy with so many mini monuments in front of you. However, if you follow the passage, it’s easy to decipher what is what and with the guidebook, it’s indeed a cakewalk! No, not really... I’m exaggerating. With a whopping 350 miniature models, everything meticulously re-created in a 1:25 ratio, it takes half a day easily to see it all and energy just dips as you keep walking!!! So yeah, carry a waffle in your hand…
All links below direct to my visits to the 'real' places depicted as miniatures in Mini-Europe. Click the links to read all the more about the same places & monuments! 
The park begins with Denmark. No, not Copenhagen but with Trelleborg! It depicts the Vikings' camp of 1000 CE with its circular fortress and wooden longhouses!  But the best part is the enactment with miniature humans and ships and barrels!!! Then we proceed with Copenhagen’s Exchange and Nyhavn. Next, we move to Sweden, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania etc. 

Mini Europe Brussels Attractions

Liege Mini Europe Brussels Attractions

Liege Mini Europe Brussels Attractions

Mini-Europe Brussels | Best things to do in Brussels with Kids | Miniature of St.Yvon Trenches | Christmas Truce during WWI
Christmas Truce at St.Yvon Trenches

Mini-Europe Brussels | Best things to do in Brussels with Kids | Miniature of Leaning Tower of Pisa | Miniature Montmartre Paris

The major next portion was dedicated to, of course, Belgium! It began with Curtius House in Liege, complete with a canal in front of it and Veves Castle! Can you find the arguing car drivers on Liege's road? 
Next was the early Gothic architecture of the Cathedral of Our Lady in Dinant, complete with the stained glass details and arches in the architecture! There’s also a stunning parade in front of it with a musical band, floaters, etc! There’s also a cable car that takes you to the Citadel!!! 
Then was the Brussels Grand Place depicting……….. you’re right if you guessed the 2016 Flower Carpet! Below are the real flower carpet of 2016 and the miniature and yours truly posing in front of both! Update 2022: The flower carpet has now changed to the brand-new 2022 version, as in the first picture of the article.
This was followed by several landmarks from the Netherlands including Amsterdam, Veere, Kinderdijk, etc. The Kinderdijk is a working/interactive model where steering a wheel will make the windmill turn around! 
Next was Antwerp followed by Leuven and Ghent! A week after I went here to Mini Europe and photographed miniature Leuven, the next weekend I was at Leuven, photographing the real thing!!! 

Very close to the Bruges Belfry area is the area for remembrance. There's a huge poppy flower and behind it are various cemeteries of war graves of the First World War. Brooding soldier (Vancouver corner) and Langemark German cemetery are in the miniature form here. 
Right at the back is the miniature replica of St.Yvon trenches with the trenches of Allies and Axis and the strip of no man's land between them. The miniature sculptures of Axis and Allied soldiers are here playing football and chatting together, depicting the Christmas Truce!
Apart from these, there is the French cemetery of Saint Charles de Potyze, the Belgian Houthulst, and 4 Commonwealth War Graves Cemeteries including Aeroplane Cemetery and St Symphorien Cemetery, all here in miniature. (If you're an Indian reading this - No, there are no Indian War Graves of WWI in these cemeteries).

Dinant Mini Europe Top Things to do in Brussels

Dinant Mini Europe Top Things to do in Brussels

Grand Place Mini Europe Top Things to do in Brussels

Grand Place Mini Europe Top Things to do in Brussels

Mini-Europe Brussels | Best things to do in Brussels with Kids | Miniature of Kyiv Independence Monument Ukraine
Kyiv Independence Monument Ukraine

Next was the UK, beginning with Big Ben, Cutty Sark, and Westminster Abbey, followed by a couple of sites in Ireland, and then began England with Longleat HouseThe Royal Cresent of Bath, a ferry across the English Channel, and Dover Castle! The mere feeling of seeing the same sites again in a miniature size brought back beautiful memories of my visit to those very places! 
Update 2020: After Brexit, there's a miniature Customs & Immigration border before getting into the UK miniature monuments. That's essentially a miniature Border Control to go from Mini-Europe to Mini-UK and to return!

Next France began, obviously with Eiffel Tower in Paris, followed by Arc de Triomphe, and Montmartre hill (yeah, that's the real vs miniature Eiffel)! There was also a miniature railway track showing Thalys, the high-speed train (check it out in the video above). This was followed by Portugal, Spain, MaltaGermany (incl. Potra Nigra at Trier), etc.

The next stop was Italy, of course showing their prized possession, the Leaning Tower of Pisa!!! This was followed by a working miniature of Mt.Vesuvius in eruption, which destroyed Pompeii! This was followed by all other European countries incl Luxembourg, Czech, Slovak, Hungary, Croatia, etc. The walk inside Mini-Europe finally wraps up with Greece showing the stunning Athens Acropolis!!! 

Update 2022: Now that Ukraine is a part of the European Union, Kyiv Independence Monument has also been depicted in miniature. The whole situation has been depicted here with European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen & Ukraine's president, Volodymyr Zelensky shaking hands. There are also aid trucks from various Belgian companies incl. Bpost, Colruyt etc lined up. 

There’s also a large café, well-maintained toilets here as well as some games for kids, testing their knowledge about the European countries!  Btw, if you haven’t yet, click the links on the locations in this post, to read about my trip to those 'actual' locations! Hoping to see the rest in reality too! 

Mini-Europe Brussels | Best things to do in Brussels with Kids | Miniature of Royal Cresent in Bath, England | Scientists & Poets of England
Miniature of Royal Cresent in Bath, England is now updated with a panel of Scientists, Poets & Humanitarians of the region

Bath UK Mini Europe Top Things to do in Brussels

Dover UK Mini Europe Top Things to do in Brussels

Eiffel Tower Mini Europe Top Things to do in Brussels

Mini-Europe Brussels | Best things to do in Brussels with Kids | Miniature of Dover Castle | Miniature of Eiffel Tower

rom here our next stop was Design Museum Brussels (prev. ADAM Atomium Design & Art Museum). Currently, an exhibition is going on here on plastics. The first thing that the place reminded me, was of the G.D.Naidu Museum collections!!! With phones of the 1950s and computers of the 1990s, it was one awesome visual treat! While I saw very early computers in the G D Naidu museum, here were the old ones that were made with the design aspect in mind! 
The permanent collection has about 2000 articles on post-modernism to the pop-art era with so much plastic! Especially the furniture here was just stunning! There was a chair made of clear colorless plastic that looked like it was a draped fabric! The early assembled, stackable chairs were interesting too! 
A particular chair that looks like a seated man was very intriguing! Office desks designed by Marice Calca were perfect examples of Art Nouveau sensibilities! With fluid designs made of plastic, totally functional! No wonder he has won several awards! 

P.S.: Check out here to know what I wore!

Before Atyudarini was born, Planetarium wasn't very interesting to me, now that she's a young kid, the planetarium is a must visit and right here, very close to Atomium, Mini-Europe, and Design Museum is Brussels Planetarium as well. 
While the permanent exhibition of Brussels Planetarium has nothing much except a display on the planets, a display on various objects of a space shuttle, and a central globe whose display can be controlled by the visitors on a touchscreen. There are a couple of touchscreen games like memory games, for kids, as well. The planetarium is not worth visiting except when you're going to watch a movie in the 360° dome! The movies shown in the dome are exceptional! There are about 6 movies meant for various age groups from 3yr old kids to adults. There is no common audio but only audio phones in which you can select the language. English is available in the language selection of all the movies.
Of course, there's a very irresistible shop with space-themed stuff as well as a coloring corner for young kids. 
Design Museum Brussels | Best Brussels Museums to visit with kids | Brussels museums under museumPASSmusées

Design Museum Brussels | Best Brussels Museums to visit with kids | Brussels museums under museumPASSmusées

ADAM Design Museum Top Places to visit in Brussels

ADAM Design Museum Top Places to visit in Brussels

Brussels Planetarium | Best Brussels Museums to visit with kids | Brussels museums under museumPASSmusées

Brussels Planetarium | Best Brussels Museums to visit with kids | Brussels museums under museumPASSmusées

Nearest metro/tram station: Heysel/Heizel
Both these sites are walkable from Heizel & Atomium.

MINI-EUROPE TICKETS (Updated in Mar 2023)
€19 for Mini Europe. 
Mini Europe tickets have to be bought online via the official website of Mini-Europe with time-slot entry.
€24.00 for Mini Europe + Brussels Planetarium. This can be bought only at the ticket desk of the Planetarium. 
€31.30 for Mini Europe + Atomium. This can be bought only at the ticket desk of Atomium.
However, combo tickets are temporarily unavailable when time-slot entries are in place.

Mini-Europe Brussels Timings: All days 9:30AM to 5:00/6:00/8:00PM (in winter/spring & autumn/summer respectively)
Annual Closure: Approximately 2 months from mid-Jan to mid-Mar. Dates change every year.
Re-opening of Mini-Europe 2023: 11 Mar 2023

€10 for ADAM (Design Museum Brussels). Included in MuseumPASSmusees
Design Museum Brussels (ADAM) tickets have to be bought / timeslot reserved online on the official website of ADAM (Design Museum) Brussels.

Design Museum Brussels (ADAM) Timings: 11:00AM to 7:00PM (Fri-Sun + Belgian school holidays)

€8 for adults and €6 for children. Included in MuseumPASSmusees
€24 for adults; €17.10 for children - Mini Europe + Planetarium. This can be bought only at the ticket desk of Brussels Planetarium.

Brussels Planetarium Timings: 10:00AM to 05:00PM every day.
Movie timings at Brussels Planetarium: via official website of Brussels Planetarium



ADAM Design Museum Brussels Pinterest Mini Europe Brussels Pinterest

Mini-Europe Brussels Pinterest Planetarium Brussels Pinterest

P.S: I was invited by ADAM & Mini Europe to experience them for review purposeshowever, the opinions are my own and this post does not advertise the product/service.
P.S: The photographs of Atomium in the background, were clicked by me but the structure/architecture/image of Atomium are copyrighted to Atomium till the year 2075 CE and these are being used in this blog and related social media with prior permission.


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  1. Thank you for these detailed pictures!
    I have visited the mini-Europe park twice. The first time when I was a teenager and the second time with a group of Japanese students. They loved it! The park is a great spot to see All Europe in one day! You can get a free booklet at the entrance explaining the models and with relevant facts about the countries.

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    The only thing I visited when I went to Brussels was the Atomium as well.
    Great to know, that the city has so much more to offer.

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