Brussels Flower Carpet (Brussels - Belgium)

Earlier the plan was to visit Brussels in June. I was about to book the ticket too. Somehow by sheer luck I came to know of the Brussels Flower Carpet festival and again by sheer luck, it happens this year!!! Yes, its an event that happens once in 2 years and I was lucky to be in London this year with a Schengen Visa, when it happened. So yeah, I booked the tickets for mid August weekend to see the Flower Carpet with my own eyes! 

Grand Place in Brussels is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its a central square surrounded by guildhalls. This square is where the Flower Carpet is laid out. The square is 110m by 68m and the carpet laid at 75m by 24m, its just spectacularly huge with enough walking space on all sides. The first one was laid in 1971 and then in 1976, 79 and 80 and every alternate year since 1986. It always happens in the weekend around August 15th. 

Mid August is a brilliant time in European weather. Its almost the end of summer, so it isn't very hot and its not raining or windy. The climate is perfect around that time. So the several hours of effort put up in creating the masterpiece isn't destroyed by bad weather!
The primary flower used is Begonia Tuberosa. This flower blooms throughout summer and is strong and has a longer life even after plucking it off the plant. So it doesn't get affected whether the temperature raises or falls. Plus this flower blooms is a myriad spectrum of colors, so making a spectacular colorful image out of it isn't a problem at all. The flower is actually a native of West Indies but today Belgium is the world's largest producer of the flower - 60 million bulbs yearly.
Every edition signifies something that happened in that 2 years. This edition was to signify the 150 years of Belgo-Japanese friendship. And this year also marked the 20th anniversary of the Flower Carpet. So the design had elements that signify Japan with oriental motifs taken straight from the murals. The central design is a Japanese crane motif with moon & plants that signify life and longevity. On either sides are Bamboo stalks and beyond them are Koi which is a variety of Japanese fish and whole design has scattered cherry blossoms. Also are some trees & wind which are also authentic Japanese motifs. The background is also a fish scale pattern seen and repeated throughout their art history.
The designing process takes up the whole 2 years and the flowers (quantity in each color) is calculated and procured and stored quite early since spring season. On the 1st day of the show, about 100 volunteers, gather to actualize the carpet in about 4 hrs! The flowers are so closely packed that the ground doesn't show at all and the whole carpet requires 6,00,000 flowers!!!!!
The buildings around it are Gothic architecture and in one portion of it, there's a ticketed access to the balcony to see the whole design in all its glory!!! It costed €5 this year and can be pre-booked. However do be prepared to be patient as the pre-booked queue is very very long and the queue to get the ticket there is very very very very long. The gate opens at 10 AM, but the queuing begins at about 9 AM!!! But that ordeal is totally worth it!!!
The next is happening from 16th to 19th August in 2018. Now, go & book your ticket to Brussels!!!

To Get There:
Nearest Metro Station: Gare de Bruxelles-Central
Nearest Tram stop: Bourse
Nearest Bus stops: Beursplein, Plattesteen, Parlement Bruxellois, Gare Centrale

Entry Ticket to Balcony: €5
Available to buy online on their website close to the event date.

P.S: I was invited by Visit Brussels - Brussels Card to visit the city for review purposehowever the opinions are my own and this post does not to advertise the product/service.

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  1. Wow, its so great that you got to see the carpet

  2. This really looks very very good. You are so lucky to be in the right place at the right time. I am not sure I will ever get to be there when it happens again, so I am happy to see it right here care of your photos.

  3. Waaaaah! Brussels!!!! I've always wanted to visit this place, and I am even more interested to go there! Hopefully, I got my visa approved.

  4. Wow! I didn't even noticed that they were flowers when looking at a far place. It looked like a pavement of tiles designed for decorations.

  5. The flower carpet really looks beautiful. Aside from its sheer beauty, it's nice that it also tells a story about Brussels.

  6. The flower carpet is surreal! This is insanely gorgeous :D

  7. Wow! That's totally amazing! I haven't seen a flower carpet my whole life. You're so lucky to be able to witness that.

  8. This is such a beautiful place to visit. You're so blessed to have finally seen the flower carpet. For now I'll enjoy seeing your photos and reading about it.

  9. The carpet looks absolutely gorgeous. I somehow remembered "phoolon ki ghati" in India.

  10. I know my daughters would love to see this in person! It's a lovely event and it would be such a waste to miss. I hope to take them here someday soon!

  11. Wow the flower carpet is amazing! It will be difficult to take selfies with these design though!

  12. The flowers look very colorful from far away. I can't imagine how people here manage to maintain and trim them to look perfect.

  13. The city where my relatives live and I will surely visit this hopefully on 2018. Hope to see you too

  14. OMG! this is so so beautiful. Its very popular event and many people around the world travel to brussels for that. I wish I can go too.

  15. Those are so beautiful! I haven't seen anything like it! The photos captured it perfectly.

  16. I admire the effort and dedication they put in this flower carpet. The flowers are so beautiful. I hope I can see such flower carpet with my own eyes in the future.

    ❁ Grace ❁

  17. It looks so amazing!!!I guess I will be adding it on my to-visit bucket list of 2017!!


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