Flower Carpet 2018 (Brussels - Belgium)

Remember my earlier post on Flower Carpet 2016. Yes, its a biennial (once in 2 years). It was totally by chance that I attended the last one, as I was in London with a Schengen visa in hand. Well, fact is stranger than fiction, now I've moved to this country and Flower Carpet happens 20mins from where I live currently!

This year's Flower Carpet has so much more to offer than just the carpet. Unlike ever before, its a Mexican theme. This time it has a special Mexican themed Sound & Light Show too (check out the Sound & Light show at the same location during Christmas 2017)!!! The best part - this marks the 20th year anniversary of the site, Grand Place being recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
The first Flower Carpet was laid in 1971 and this is the 21st Flower Carpet. The Mexican concept, combines 2 different carpet traditions across the world. The Brussels Flower Carpet and Uriangato La Octava Noche from Guanajuato in central Mexico, which is the carpet creation with saw dust for several kilometers stretch. 

That's the night effect! Over to the day effect! Belgium is the world's largest producer of Begonia and most of the carpet has Begonia apart from other flowers & grass. The flowers are so closely packed that wind or rain doesn't affect it. It stays fresh for long even if sun shines hard. The grass grows a bit if it rains. 

This year's carpet is a concept by Roo (Ana Rosa Aguilar Aguado) from Uriangato and design by Mark Schautteet, the Brussels Flower Carpet's permanent designer. Centrally in the design is a bird typically found in Otomi embroidery surrounded by Sun (main deity of the Purépecha people). This is flanked by 2 frogs representing of the origin of the name Purépecha which means the hill of frogs.On either sides are two stylised pre-Hispanic warriors representing the war between the Purépecha and the Chichimeca who fought over the land now known as Guanajuato.

To Get There: 
Nearest Metro Station: Gare de Bruxelles-Central 
Nearest Tram stop: Bourse 
Nearest Bus stops: Beursplein, Plattesteen, Parlement Bruxellois, Gare Centrale 

Entry Ticket to Balcony: €5 
Available to buy online on their website close to the event date. 

P.S: I was invited by Flower Carpet to visit the city for review purpose, however the opinions are my own and this post does not to advertise the product/service.


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  1. What an amazing flower show in Brussels! I didn't realize that these were live flowers and the light show as well. How long does the event last? That is awesome how it transforms from day and night.

  2. Pinning this for future, as the flower carpet is definitely one of the things that I want to see, till the time am in the UK.Beautiful photos, which have captured the soul of the event.

  3. What an incredible event! It reminds me of the Infiorata festivals we have here in Italy. The night shots with the buildings all lit up are so beautiful!

  4. Wow - that looks stunning! I've never seen such a festivity here in the U.S. - so that must be one heck of a experience ! I've seen the flower carpet pictures on instagram but never read a blog post about it and telling their experience.

    I'm looking forward to show your pics to my mom, she's going to love this! thanks for sharing!

  5. It's lucky to be at the right place at the right time, first in London and then so close by to witness the Flower Carpet 2018 in Brussels, Belgium. I have heard about this for the first time and its looks spectacular. The lights add on to the ambience and enhance the effects. I got reminded of flower Rangolis in India, made from colour and flowers or even a combination of the two, during festivals and celebrations.

  6. Beautiful festival with the beauty of those flowers. Would live to be in Brussels to witness this unique festival. Looks spectacular at night as well with those buildings all lit up. The Mexican theme must be unique as well. Amar. Singh.

  7. I love flowers and so I can imagine how beautiful this Flower carpet festival must be in Belgium. Also it is accompanied by colorful light and laser show, which adds more charm to it. I never knew of this festival before and would love to visit next year. Good to know that Belgium is largest producer of Begonia.

  8. This trip looks so epic! Such a beautiful part of the world. Fantastic list of things to do which I will be adding to my list of things to do when I go there someday! You shared awesome places and pictures also.

  9. I am amazed at this vast beautiful flower carpet. It takes huge efforts and planning to present with a theme wise flower carpet. This reminds me of the large street rangoli decoration in Kolkata, this last Durga Puja.

  10. It looks amazingly! I can't imagine the pressure and time they consumes in making this layout, and of course the cost! Does they all have scent?

  11. Oh, I am kinda in love is light installations and now I have see the one from Brussels. Beautiful. Good enough of the reason carry the tripod.

  12. Oh i missed out on brussels when I was in Belgium. look great specially the night lights! I did went to Brudge though, can't wait to go back!

  13. This is just beautiful. I would travel to Brussels just to see the flower carpet. Amazing!

  14. Oh wow! That is quite stunning and I would love to visit Brussels just for this. Also, I am a bit jealous that you live just 20 mins away from where this even happens


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