Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Musings at Nellai!

Wrapping up Nellai with its musings!!! 

Here are some faces, some hard working people from Veerasigamani!
And on my way, my very colorful thong slippers gave up! I managed to find a cobbler!!!
Nellai, Ambasamudhram, Kovilpatti regions are known for the renewable energy production with windmills...
Somewhere on the way, I spotted the blue ASI board and stopped the vehicle to check out what's there. There was this megalithic burial cyst! However the locals have painted it white and have a board there that says its the 'Poi Solla Meyya Nayanar meaning 'The God who never lies, who says only truth'!!!

And how can a trip to Nellai be over without getting wet at Coutrallam Waterfalls!!! And what is enjoying a waterfalls without Iceapple!!!

And at one of the water channels of the river Thamiraparani!!! And a local kid who got uber friendly with me!!!
And that's a few of us at the Kalugumalai Jain reliefs!!!!!! And that wraps up Nellai....

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Birding at Puliyankudi!

Well, technically, I went to Puliyankudi for the temple. But while my friends ventured the temple, I was out at the pond and the paddy fields around shooting the birds, with my 55-250 lens!!! Here are some pics...

The grandiose Bald Eagle!

A little channel!

The paddy fields padded with common egrets...

... up closer...

... still up closer!!

White Cattle Egret in Flight!

And what else I caught in flight? An Air India Aircraft!!! Lolz!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Vaithamanidhi Temple (Tirunelveli - Tamil Nadu)

Vaithamanidhi is a relatively smaller temple is Thirukkolur built majorly by Chola Pandyas which is a unique lineage of a mix of Cholas and Pandyas! This is also one of the 9 Vishnu Temples called the Nava Thirupathi. The Lord Vishnu here is Lord Vaithamanidhi and his consorts are Kumudavalli & Koruvalli. 

Right opposite the temple, is a little mandapam. All it had were 4 pillars and steps to its platform. Even all those were sculpted completely. And a friend who's a dancer couldn't help but pose there!
The temple did not have a gopuram. But its outer walls were also filled with reliefs. They weren't as intricate as Thirukurungudi, but simpler.

Hanuman on his chair made of his long tail!

Hanuman cutting through Tharagai!

The maha mandapam was relatively bigger. The pillars here were much much simpler, but some had some very unique reliefs on them! 
The outer wall of the sanctum sanctorum was filled with inscriptions! Reminded me much of the Lalithankura Pallava Griham. 
One unique feature here was the peacock row atop, just below the roof. Usually the space has a bootha gana or celestial beings! Fat peacocks were kinda funny, actually!!!

Another unique feature here was, on the side shrine, in the goshtam were more sculptures of Gods are placed, there were creepers! And within some of these creepers were yaali, the mythical creature!!
Though it was relatively smaller, there were a few unique features / sculptures here!!!


Dedicated to Prof.Swaminathan & Co.

Monday, September 7, 2015

Vanamamalai Thanthondrinathar temple (Tirunelveli - Tamil Nadu)

It was almost lunch time when I reached Vanamaamalai Nanguneri. There are 2 important aspects of this temple - the Jeer mutt and the Oil well.
The Jeer mutt is where the Vanamamalai Jeer stays and gives blessings to the devotees. Inspite of the timing we went, he took his time off to meet us! 
Next is the oil well!!! No, not the Dubai oil well kinda ones. The oil used to bathe the sculpture of the Lord is collected and poured into a well! Its believed that this oil is capable of curing all ailments, either taken orally as a drop or applied on skin!

The name is derived from Nangu + Eri meaning Four Lakes! So that's a place surrounded by water everywhere. The Lord Vishnu here is Thanthondrinathar and his consort here is Sri Varamangai.
With that said, moving over to the architectural and sculptural marvels of the temple. On one of the outer prakaarams (corridors) atop, just below the roof were these gorgeous panels! 
Remember the dancing Garuda of Thirukkurungudi? The same guy's here too!

Krishna playing his flute and the mesmerized women & cattle!

The dancing clown!

Shiva as Bikshadana, surrounded by wooed women. Spot one pregnant!!!

Dancing Shiva with Karaikkal Ammaiyar!

Dancing women!

The 2 panels of Vamana & Thiruvikrama!

From Tirunelveli: 31 km via Sengulam & Pannankulam
From Thirukkurungudi: 16km via Eruvadi

Hotels at all price points are available in Thirunelveli

Dedicated to Prof. Swaminathan & Co.
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