Historical City Centre of Ghent (Flanders - Belgium)

The whole of Ghent city is divided into 2 sections - Historical City Centre and Artistic Quarter. The Artistic Quarter majorly comprises of all the museums except 4 which are in the historical quarter. Being in Ghent for only a weekend, I missed the whole of Arts Quarter and chose to see Historic centre more thoroughly!
As usual, as any other place, my first target was to visit a place that’s open 24 hrs and I headed to Werregaren Straat or more fondly called Graffiti Street. This was originally a temporary project for the Ghent Festivities in 1995. Whatever graffiti I’ve seen in pictures, I didn’t see in reality and you may not see what I saw! The street keeps changing on an everyday basis. There are no rules here and you could also take your spray can and create a masterpiece here. Sometimes the whole wall is painted black by the city to provide a new canvas!!!
Almost at the end of this street is the Town Hall built in early 16th C CE. Unlike Leuven, here many of the niches for sculptures are still empty.  But like Leuven, here too, the interiors can be accessed only on a guided tour. I didn’t take the tour in Ghent though. This has 51 rooms in it including a Wedding Chapel where a wedding was happening when I went. 
The walk from there towards the Belfry took me first to the Stadshal or City Pavilion. This was built in 2012, designed by architectural firm Robbrecht & Daem - Maie-Jose Van Hee. It has 1600 roof windows and looks more stunning at night than day!!!! There are a couple of pianos beneath it and general public are seen playing many a times! The night, as we walked on the romantic stroll through Ghent’s Lightplan, a gentleman here was playing Adele’s Make you feel my love and it was just perfect!!!!!

Just beside this are the Belfry, St.Bavo’s Cathedral and St.Nicholas Church. From here before heading to St.Michael’s Church is the St.Michael’s Bridge or Sint-Michielsbrug. This is a stunning viewing point from where all the 3 major towers that form the skyline of Ghent are beautifully visible - St.Nicholas Church, St.Bavo’s Cathedral and the Belfry. 

Not just that, on either sides, the beauty of River Lys with the streets Graslei and Koronlei on either sides and the gorgeous facades of the buildings, it’s just a thing of beauty!!! Graslei and Korenlei were a buzz of economic activity since 1200s when the river was the transportation system for grains! At the middle of the bridge is the bronze sculpture of St.Michael himself! 
The next stop was obviously St.Michael’s Church, but before that we headed to Subway for a sandwich and obviously bought some Belgian fries for lunch. When you’re here don’t miss Cuberdons - a little sweet. It’s just divine with its hard shell and fruity jelly filling. For its funny nose like shape it is known as Neuzekes i.e. Little Noses… Buy food from anywhere, just site on the banks of River Lys and have it, it’s just so nice!!!

On the way to Gravensteen is the Design Museum which I saw the next day. It is more of a modern art display and when I went there was also a temporary textile exhibition going on. My next stop was over to Gravensteen Castle of the Counts. Quite a few boat trips operate from this point. It’s a must to take it! All these places look so different when you look at them from the water… Here’s also the Great Butcher’s Hall which dates back to 15th C since when it has been used for the same purpose!!! 
Opposite to Gravensteen is Sint Veerleplein which has a street light. Observe this. It might suddenly blink and then switch off!!! Reason - The light is connected to the maternity wards of all the hospitals in Ghent and when this flashes, it means a child is born somewhere in Ghent!!!! It’s the brainchild of artist Alberto Garutti titled Ai Nati Oggi (“For Those Born Today”). 

Other museums in this locality are Huis van Alijn (Folklore Museum), Industrial Textile Muesum (MIAT) and Arnold Vander Haeghen Museum. Rest of the museums are in the Arts Quarter. From here I headed to the UNESCO Site Klein Begijnhof OLV Ter Hoyen before wrapping up the day and later set off at night again form the Illuminated Walk!
Early next morning began with Rabot located just beyond the Historical City Centre. This reminded me of Pont Des Trous in Tournai. Built in 1491 CE, this was the original site of where a riot in the canal de Lieve happened. Also called Three Toorekens, this was once a part of the city’s fortification wall. Today only this remains. Very close to this is the Old St.Elizabeth Beguinage
Very close to the Ghent River Hotel is the VrijdagMarkt which has its own history since 1199 CE, where public events, celebrations, etc happened as well as some executions as well! Bang at its centre today is the sculpture of Jacob Van Artevelde who’s considered the leader of Ghent’s insurgents, who stood against the English and became the Hero of Ghent! Here’s also an iron canon that dates back to 1431 CE! 
I wrapped day 2 on the other direction of the city outskirts, close to Gent Dampoort station with another UNESCO site Groot Behjinhof Sint-Amandsberg. On the way are the Castle of Gerald the Devil and St.Bavo’s Abbey which I missed. 

To Stay:
Hotels at all price points are available in Ghent City Centre.
Here’s my review of Ghent River Hotel where I stayed.

To Get There:
To Ghent: Refer to my earlier post
Local transport in Ghent possible with bus & tram (incl in the City Card Ghent All in).

Timings & Entry Ticket: 
Refer to my earlier posts for Belfry, Beguinages, St.Bavo's Cathedral, St.Michael's Church, Gravensteen.
Graffiti Street, City Pavilion, St.Michael's Bridge, Great Butcher's Hall, Sint Veerleplein, VrijdagMarkt - Free & Open 24 hrs.
Town Hall guided tour - €10; 2:00PM to 4:00PM Everyday in summers & Saturday only in winters.
Design Museum - €8 (free with museumpassmusees card); 10:00AM to 5:30PM, Wednesday closed
Huis van Alijn, Industrial Textile Muesum - €6;  10:00AM to 5:00PM, Wednesday closed
Arnold Vander Haeghen Museum - €6; 2:30PM to 5:00PM only on Fridays & Saturdays
St.Bavo's Abbey - Free; No fixed pattern of timings. Refer visitgent
Guided Boat Tour: €7
Entry to all museums, guided boat tour are included in City Card Ghent All in.

My complete Gent travelogue: Illuminated night walkBelfry & BeguinagesGravensteen Castle of the CountsSt.Bavo’s Cathedral & St.Michael’s Cathedral

P.S: I was invited by VisitGent to experience the city and hosted by Historic Hotels Belgium for review purposes, however the opinions are my own and this post does not to advertise the product/service.


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