MuseumPASSmusées (Belgium Museum Pass)

I do write a lot about the various museums & places of interest in Belgium, that I visit almost free of cost with the help of MuseumPASSmusées. While I do tag them together with the MuseumPASSmusées label, I realized that it would be better if I compile it all together! So here are the places that I visited which are included in MuseumPASSmusées!

MuseumPASSmusées Cinquantenaire Arts History Museum

MuseumPASSmusées AutoWorld Brussels

A Museum pass is usually an annual subscription for 1 or more museums. While there are passes meant for 1 museum or 1 place of interest, that wouldn't work for me (unless I was living in Paris in which case I'd definitely get a Louvre Museum pass!). I would really like to explore and see more places and lesser-known museums. So ideally I'd prefer the multi-site ones. 
The concept of Museum pass isn't new to me. When I was living in London, I had the English Heritage Pass. So as soon as I moved to Brussels, I searched to see if there are any multi-site passes here and voila, MuseumPASSmusées came up.

It costs €59 per year currently. 

If you're an adult above 18 yrs of age, it is worth it. Definitely. 200%. No doubt. I mean, just the 3 museums in Cinquantenaire Park in Brussels together,   costs €32 for 1 visit. Another day, on a trip to, say, Antwerp, if you buy a 24hrs Antwerp city card for €29, you're already spending €61. This is just 2 days' worth of places to see! With MuseumPASSmusées you can visit all these places and 200+ more museums multiple times for an entire year. It is an absolute no-brainer to invest in a MuseumPASSmusées even if you're staying in Belgium for 6 months or so, or even if you're living in the Netherlands or France for that matter if you love traveling and exploring various cities of Belgium. MuseumPASSmusées is just ridiculously cheap!
Plus..... You also get 50% off on 5 tickets of SNCB-NMBS!!!! Literally, this is one of the ways to save money when you're living in Belgium.

Online on the official website of MuseumPASSmusées or at the ticket office of one of the participating museums.

There are 200+ museums all over Belgium under MuseumPASSmusées now and it keeps increasing day by day. Check their map on the official website of MuseumPASSmusées.

MuseumPASSmusées AutoWorld

MuseumPASSmusées Comic Strip Museum

Clicking the links below will take you to my blog posts about those museums

MuseumPASSmusées Bokrijk

MuseumPASSmusées Stadtsmuseum Lier

  1. Meise Botanic Gardens (near Atomium)
  2. In Flanders Fields Museum, Ieper
  3. Yper Museum, Ieper
  4. OLVter Potterie, Brugge
  5. Sint.Janshuismolen, Brugge
  6. Brugge Belfry
  7. Brugge City Hall
  8. Brugse Vrije (former court of Brugge)
  9. Sint-Janshospitaal, Brugge
  10. O.L.V.-kerk Museum, Brugge
  11. Groeningemuseum, Brugge
  12. Design Museum, Gent
  13. Sint-Peter's Abbey, Gent
  14. Huis van Alijn, Gent
  15. Gallo-Romain Museum, Tongeren
  16. Jenever Museum, Hasselt
  17. Fashion Museum, Hasselt
  18. Bokrijk Openair Museum, Genk
  19. M Museum, Leuven
  20. Speelgoed Museum (Toys museum), Mechelen
  21. Lier City Musuem
  22. Plantin-Moretus Museum, Antwerp
  23. The Snijders&Rockox House, Antwerp
  24. Museum MAS, Antwerp
  25. Red Star Line Museum, Antwerp
  26. Rubens House (Rubenshuis), Antwerp
  27. KMSKA, Antwerp
  28. Het Steen, Antwerp
  29. DiVA, Antwerp
  30. National Museum of the Playing Card, Turnhout
  31. Begijnhof Museum, Turnhout
  32. Taxanderia Museum, Turnhout
  33. Den AST Halle
  34. Atlantikwall Raversijde
  35. Westfront, Nieuwpoort
  36. Liberation Garden, Leopoldsburg
  37. Africa Museum, Tervuren
MuseumPASSmusées Famenne Arts Museum

MuseumPASSmusées Stavelot Abbey

MuseumPASSmusées PinterestMuseumPASSmusées Pinterest

So, how did I fare? Making the best out of the MuseumPASSmusées. So far I've renewed my subscription thrice. So I've spent about €200 on this in the last 3 years, but I've visited the above list of 91 museums so far with it (of the 200+ museums under it), which doesn't count the 30+ visits to just AutoWorld alone (not kidding; the gentleman at the ticket office knows our names & faces), 3-5 visits each to Meise Botanic Gardens, Train World, Comic Strip Museum, Arts & History Museum, Prehistomuseum and Military History Museum. PLUS I also used 10+ of their SNCB-NMBS 50% off tickets! I did a quick calculation and I have saved more than €500 easily (as well as my sanity with my toddler, if the weather is too bad to be outside)!!!
If you're living in Belgium, just buy this! If you have a toddler all the more reason to buy. especially right now - while once in while hiking in snow is great in winters, more often, being indoors inside a museum is just easier & more comfortable.  


  1. I'm convinced! Did you buy the pass online? I see it's virtual now, but I wonder if one is given a physical one when buying at a museum...

    1. Yes, I bought online ages ago. Even now you can order a physical card online, it is just optional. At the museums, physical card is available too.


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