Christianborg Palace Part I (Copenhagen - Denmark)

Very similar to Buckingham Palace, a spectacular palace in Copenhagen where the Danish Royalty lived is Christianborg Palace since 15th C till 1794! However this is the 3rd Palace and the 5th building built on this site after various arson took over the earlier constructions. The present structure was built in 1928.

My visit began with the Royal Reception rooms and to enter here, first you're given a pair of disposable foot mask! No matter how dirty your shoes are, you won't make this fabulous royal palace dirty!!! This very room is interesting, with the pillars are actually strong men holding the roof up on their shoulders. 

The passage starts from The Queen's Staircase, a fabulous red carpeted staircase. At the end of Queen's Staircase is the Alexander Hall. This is a relatively smaller room, where tea parties and buffet for lesser number of people was held. Just like Windsor or Buckingham, the ceiling was very ornate and so were the chandeliers in all the rooms. The next was Flora Danica Cabinet where their collection of ceramics from all around the world are kept on display!

I don't know the European concept of having color coded velvet rooms. I've seen this in quite a few palaces that I've been to. This too has the Red room & Green room, where everthing from wallpaper, to draperies to soft furnishings to carpet, everything is the tints, tones & shades of the same color. The green room is also filled with paintings of the greenery of Danish countryside!
The Queen's library is filled with endless collection of books, carefully preserved in glass cabinets! Guess what? This is only a small part. The rest is at Amelianborg Palace, where the royal family lives today.

The Abildgaard room next, looks more like a preparation room for the dining hall following this. The dining hall is huge! The furniture is made of mahogany and can seat 52 people at a time. The chandeliers originally belong to the Oslo Castle in Norway and was brought here when it was sold. Originally designed to hold candles, these are lit by candle shaped electric bulbs today!
There are 2 elaborate silver centerpieces on the either sides of the Swedish Gallery. These 2 were gifted by the Swedish women & Danish people to the Crown Prince Frederick VII of Denmark & Princess Lovisa of Sweden when they got married! There are quite a few paintings in this room representing various Swedish rulers!

Beyond this is The Great Hall which today houses several modern tapestries, 17 to be exact. These were designed by Bjorn Norgarrd and manufactured by several Danish companies and were gifted on the 50th birthday of the reigning Queen Margrethe. However these were put on display only on her 60th birthday! The best part, all these tapestries are handmade, woven in traditional handlooms! The ceiling is painted with 3 huge murals. This hall is the largest room in the palace at 40m x 10m, and can accommodate 400 guests.

Beyond this is a tiny little corner room. Further ahead is the Fredensborg room. King Christian IX was nicknamed as Europe's father in law, as his children were married into the royal families of Russia, Greece, Germany, Sweden, UK and France. Here's a huge painting by Laurits Tuxen depicting him with his wife, 6 children, their spouses and 20 grandchildren!

Beyond this is his room followed by the exquisite Throne room! Its an oval shaped room with the King & Queen's thrones at one end. The flooring is made of oak, cuban mahogany & walnut. The wooden planks go diagonal from the throne to the doors which serve as a guide to the messengers & general people who have to walk backwards to exit the room! The torch stands are also interesting with 3 lion legs that support each of them!

Just beside this is the tower room atop which the tower stands!!! However the interior of the tower cannot be seen from here. The tower is 106m tall and is the tallest in this city. Since 17th C when the 2nd building was built in this site, which was the Copenhagen Castle, the same triple crown spire has been a uniform pattern atop! There are 4 tapestries here depicting the 4 seasons. Exiting this brings to the King's staircase!
Within the same premises is the ruins of the older buildings, the royal stable and the royal kitchen. That's coming up in the next post!

To Get There:
Nearest metro station: Kongens Nytrov
Nearest bus stop: Borsen

Entry Ticket: 150 DKK
Can be bought online on their website.

P.S: I was invited by Christianborg Palace to experience the place for review purposehowever the opinions are my own and this post does not to advertise the product/service.


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