Jurassic Coast (Dorset - England)

So as I said in the last post, the day at Dorset began with a drizzle and cloudy weather. For a change, this time I had opted for the guided day-tour operated by Discover Dorset that began at Bournemouth Coach Station. It was a 16 member bus tour, however luckily for me, since it was a midweek, we were only 6 of us with the very friendly guide/driver Paul. 
The trip started with the view of the bay along Poole. From here the view of the 9 islands, incl the biggest one, Brownsea Island. These islands are the home of the cute red squirrels which are inherent to Europe, but has dwindled in numbers much recently. This harbour is the 2nd largest natural harbour in the world!

However since it was clouded I couldn't see much. From there the next point was Studland which was also a view point. However again the visibility was poor. But I could catch a glimpse of Old Harry Rocks. It was not just white cliffs but bits and pieces of land in the middle of the sea.
From there, the next stop was at Swanage. There's the refurbished Durlston Castle. The place now has a visitors centre which educated about the flora & fauna of the place and also has a cafe! There's also a huge globe here. This is made of 15 pieces which are fixed together in a puzzle like manner and the whole thing weighs 40 tons! This has the retro map and not the current way we put we depict the world.
That's the point where the coastal walk along Jurassic Coast in the Durlston Country Park starts. This coastal area is a part of the only natural site that comes under UNESCO in the whole of England, for its natural wealth that encompasses 185 million years of Earth's History! This was where some Jurassic fossils were found and one of it is in display here! That just looks like a shell, but look at its sheer size!!!

The caves here is called the Tilly Whim Caves. Just as I walked on this path, I realized there are caves below me and the ground I'm walking on is actually hollow beneath! Long back this was the point through which smuggling happened into England from Europe via France!!! There were 3-4 entrances to the cave and 1 exit! 

This was where Purbeck Stone was also quarried which was then transported to several places including London with which even Westminster Abbey was built! Today the exit point is sealed off for visitors, though it was open till 1970s. The entrances of the caves are inaccessible! 

Today Dolphins are regular visitors here and on a bright sunny day! Unfortunately since the day I visited was a bit cloudy, I couldn't see any dolphins! However I did see quite a few birds rolling in the water and having a great time!  At one point was the spectacular view of Anvil Point Lighthouse. However we couldn't go till that point in the available time.

From there, the next point was a drive through the beautiful Purbeck village where the house are indeed built with Purbeck stones and Thatched roof!!! From there the next stop was Corfe Castle! Then on was Durdle Door and Lulworth Cove which also come under UNESCO Jurassic Coast. That's coming up in the next post.

Well, I had worn red heels that day and luckily before the tour began, a gentleman who was the guide of the half day tour of Discover Dorset to Lulworth Cove & Durdle Door alone, told me to get a pair of sneakers and in the nick of time I went to the local store and bought these sneakers. I owe that man, this trip, coz without him, I would have definitely walked barefoot!!!

P.S: Check out here to know what I wore for the trip.

To Get There:
Nearest bus stand / railway stations: Bournemouth
Tour Ticket: from £38 
Has to be pre-booked online on their website.

P.S: I was invited by Discover Dorset Tours to experience it for review purposehowever the opinions are my own and this post does not to advertise the product/service.

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  1. That pic of you sitting on the grass is quite lovely - you must frame it

  2. Dorset! Land of the fossils and Mary Anning....The Gunduperumbedu of England. Awesome!

  3. cool pics, look very calm and peaceful.

  4. i love your outfit. looks good with the greenery background and contrasting with your red flowery skirt. love it

  5. Looks like a fun place to be. Drizzle is a trademark of England, isnt it! This place has a thing for everyone... Winding roads, beach, caves... looks like a perfect destination.

    And thank God you bought sneakers! I cannot imagine visiting this place in red heels! though they would have looked gorgeous!

  6. Beautiful! Both you and the place! And yes, you're really lucky you managed to get a pair of sneakers in time!!

  7. this place looks so interesting! i would love to visit some day! and your guide really was a great help! i can't imagine walking on that trail on heels!

  8. I love that view near the ridge with the fog. I would love to visit. Cool place.

  9. Even with the drizzle and the fog, your photos still look beautiful. The clouds add drama to the whole scenery. I like the photos of the cliffs! :-)

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  11. Awesome place because of its history and the sceneries are really cool. Beautiful environment can capture the travrlers' attention at once. Likewise, this place is very interesting to explore.

  12. I like coastline areas because of the serene view of the sea. It's really refreshing hanging out here.

  13. Places like this are always worth the trip! I'm sure my daughter and I will enjoy this trip especially since the tour is all about history! I think the view is breathtaking from up there! Good job to the man who told you to get some sneakers!

  14. I don't think I will ever get to this part of the English countryside. But the wide open views are fantastic. I would really like to see those Old Harry Rocks in real life.

  15. England must be one a wonderful place! I am sure there are so many places to explore in there aside from this jurassic coast. I bet that going for such trip, wearing sneakers indeed is the best option. Heels is kind of hard to deal with regardless of what particular place you go if we talk about roaming somewhere. but nonetheless, glad you were able to secure one before taking the trip.

  16. i need to visit the south more! it's expensive to travel down from the north.


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