Up at The O2 & Emirates Air Line (London - England)

London from Above - Part II

Soon after I came to London, I visited Greenwich to see the Prime Meridian. I did check out The O2 at that time too for its restaurants and Nizmo car racing simulations, but somehow didn't realize the existence of Up at The O2!!! Recently when I came to know, I decided to visit the place on my 'Day of Heights' just after London Eye!!! To begin with, The O2 is a weird structure! Its a circular shaped multiplex. Though the shops have a ceiling, the whole multiplex by itself has no ceiling! It's something like a circus tent. Its covered with a huge canvas. I was honestly confused and I turned to my guy and asked him "Is this still under construction???"!!! Actually, its been designed that way!!
There are 12 beams that support the structure that represent the 12 months; at the centre point is 52m from the ground depicting the 52 weeks; the circumference of the canvas is 365m denoting the 365 days!!! A platform of about 3m wide is atop the canvas, 2m over it! Its made of rubber material which is a bit bouncy, though not as bouncy as a trampoline! It has some linear texture on it to prevent slipping in rain! Best part, wheelchairs can go on this!!! 
At the entrance of the multiplex is the base camp where a basic guidance is given on what to do. It is very easy climb esp if you've done any sort of trekking or marathon or regular running etc! As of me, I could have very well balanced without the harness, with just that central rope to hold on to! But if you don't have some physical activity, the climb might be slightly strenuous esp at the begin of the ascent and last leg of descent. 
The sloping, bouncy walkway is steepest at the lowest point and at sections the angle becomes smaller and smaller! Ascending the steepest is 28°and while descending its is 30° which is the longest as well. While ascending the walk starts at a height to you reach by stairs but while descending you hit the ground.
The whole thing incl safety instructions to descent takes about 90 mins. On the walkway, there is a central rope which is holding on, and there's a rope for the harness which comes along with you. A group consists of maximum 16 people accompanied by 1 guide. I was accompanied by the very gorgeous Kate! She said she's slightly afraid of heights then she followed that last year she did a sky dive!!!! I was like Whattttttt... That's not phobia, that is mania of heights and she's in the perfect job!!!
Not only from atop there, but also during ascent and descent are the fabulous views of the city incl Queen Elizabath Olympic Park, The Shard, The Cheese Grater etc. Somehow here, the London Eye is hidden behind the buildings. The farthest point of visibility was the Crystal Palace Transmitter. For a moment I thought "Is it Eiffel Tower? It can't be!". Behind us in this pic is Emirates Air Line.
Socks are a must because shoes are given by them and so are the jackets and gloves. Yes, I asked them the inevitable question. The gloves are washed very often and jackets are washed once in a while. The shoes are sprayed with disinfectant and dried and are discarded every 6 months. 
Here are some points that you have to keep in mind that they don't tell you in the ticket... 
1. Though on the ticket, it says that you have to be clothed according to the weather, it doesn't say you have to wear pants! Yes, you have to wear pants or shorts! What's given is a typical harness that goes on each leg and under the crotch! So with a skirt or dress its not possible! 
2. Wear your earcuffs or stuff some cotton into your ears. When you're atop there in open air (unlike London Eye where you're in a cubicle), wind is heavy! 
3. You cannot carry anything above. Don't worry, you're given lockers to protect your belonging. But the problem is, no DSLR can atop with you!!! Small digi cams, cell phone cameras or GoPro are all you can take that fit into your jacket's pocket (no, not even ipads or tabs)! Photography is only with this device!
From here, my next point was at a walkable distance - the Emirates Air Line. No, not the flight, but the Cable Car! This runs across the Thames river from Greenwich to Royal Victoria. It takes about 9-10 mins one way, but after 7PM it takes about 12-13 mins to enjoy the view of the city over Thames as a Night Flight Experience. This was opened in 2012 during Olympics for the transport of the players. This goes at 90m from ground which is slightly higher than The O2. 
The best view is indeed a flight landing at the London City Airport with its glimmering lights!

To Get There:
Nearest railway station: North Greenwich
UpatTheO2 Ticket: Varies from £28 to £35
Available to buy online on their website.
Emirates Air Line Ticket: Varies from £3.50 to £10.70 per adult

Just like London Eye, here UpatTheO2 too, photos come only with a souvenir album that costs £15
I really wish they come up with cheaper options like £2-3 digital transfer per pic!
I'm sure almost no one would mind paying £2 than £15 which is almost half of ticket's cost!!!

P.S: I was invited by UpattheO2 to experience it for review purposehowever the opinions are my own and this post does not to advertise the product/service.

Dedicated to Venkat


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  1. You're so brave to go up O2, my legs will be shaking so bad that I wouldn't be thinking of taking photos if I'm way up there hahah!!!

  2. I'm game to go up this tower and take a look around. My itinerary in London is getting longer and longer now. Don't know when we can actually go there yet though.

  3. Oh awesome you climbed it!? I haven't done that yet I'm far too scared! I use to work in the O2 such a cool location and always so much going on!! www.mylifeinrosetintedglasses.wordpress.com

  4. I am not sure this is something I would want to do but the view is superb!

  5. Hey Bhushavali what a great post and I thought it looks under construction. Breath taking view and incredibly beautiful post. Truly amazing:)

    #‎AtoZChallenge‬: https://vishalbheeroo.wordpress.com/2016/04/30/a2z-challenge-zinda/

  6. Nice climb!! I think I will bring along my GoPro if I want to go up there. :)

  7. You can't miss an experience such as this when you have the chance! I would love to give this a try and probably even make a video out of the whole experience! Lol. Thank you for sharing what it was like up there!

  8. I should remember this if I will be in London someday.You are so cool coz it seems you are not afraid of heights. What a lovely experience!

  9. i would love to do this one day. on a good weather day of course. I'm not sure when I'm next in london

  10. Achieving that is a great feat! The first thing i will do is to take a Selfie for the records. Lol Clearly, not an easy something to climb.

  11. I think this is a good way of challenging oneself especially if a person if afraid of heights and wants to overcome that fear. The best part is really that wheelchairs are acceptable to go (for persons with disabilities).

  12. The view is just amazing! I also took notes of your tips for whenever I will be able to visit!

  13. Thanks for the details and infor. It help me to arrange my travel plan more cost and time effectively.

  14. I would so love to go up there! The photos you shared are amazing, would like to see that view for myself. Will have to do this next time I visit London.

  15. Your climb looks exciting! The view from TOP presents the whole city in different perspective. Would definitely try something like this when get a chance.

  16. I agree with Priscilla, a go pro would really come in handy, but who to blame you didn't know yet the rules. Lucky those who have read your post first, they would be more prepared to the climb

  17. I missed going to Greenwich and awesome photos you have clicked. Go pro is very handy these days.

  18. I'm really not that great with heights in places like this. I can do the London Eye since it's enclosed but nothing like this.


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  20. I wish to visit London one day for sure. This post is making me jealous now!


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