Rosenborg Castle (Copenhagen - Denmark)

To begin with, I absolutely did not do justice to Rosenborg Castle. I reached there just half an hour before it closed for the day, but then something better than nothing. So I still went!

The self guided tour ideally starts from the topmost (second) floor and comes downwards till the treasury which is the basement. Unfortunately I had time only to see the 2nd floor completely and 1st floor partially. So make sure you go early enough, so that you have time to see this beautiful castle filled with exquisite artwork which is definitely one of the top things to do in Copenhagen.

Just like Christianborg Palace, this was also built Christian IV in early 1600s. However since 1700s this was not used by the royalty, but still all the furniture and things used are kept here in display, as a museum since 1838. 

The major section of the topmost floor is the The Great Hall which is just too spectacular. The relief sculptured of the ceiling needs some time to just take in. Several sections of the relief juts out of the wall so much that its more of a sculpture than a relief!!! This is the Throne room as well!!! There are 3 small rooms attached to the main hall which display the royal collection of glass works, ceramic works etc.

The 1st floor is split into several rooms. One of the thing that intrigued me the most this painting, this is Frederik IV and his sister when you see it from the either sides! The rest of the rooms are very similar to many other Royal residences, with amazing tapestries, fabulous ceramics, chandeliers, ceiling gilded with gold etc. 

A cabinet was filled with sculptures and there were some which were made of coral. That blurry thing on the side on the pic above is my finger. That's just to give an idea of how tiny the sculptures are!!!

Just outside there's a proper curated garden filled esp with flowering plants. There's also a waterbody around the castle. This portion closes at the closing time. However the actual property is huge. There's a huge garden beyond the waterbody, filled with trees (which need less maintenance than the floral garden). It was the beginning of autumn when I went there and isn't it just scenic!!! 

Here's a tip: Backpacks aren't allowed inside and there are free lockers available near the ticket office. However a 20 DKK needs to be put in which is refundable. So carry change! And btw, within the palace, selfie sticks aren't allowed!!!

To Get There:
Nearest Metro Station: Norreport
Entry Ticket: 105 DKK

P.S: I was invited by Rosenborg Castle to experience the place for review purposehowever the opinions are my own and this post does not to advertise the product/service.


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  1. One of my many dream destinations. I am hoping one day I can visit Denmark toO!

  2. I'm always drawn to castle with its vast area, excellent architecture and its innate story. The Rosenborg Castle would be a great one to visit.

  3. This castle looks like a dream...Hope to visit it whenever I can.

  4. Hope will get chance to visit it whenever I can.

  5. Beautiful pictures and lovely narration...

  6. Always nice to visit inside castles. But maybe it won't be worth the admission ticket if you only have thirty minutes to check it out before it closes. For me, at least.

  7. Denmark is one of my dream destination. The castle is so pretty. You are very lucky to have gone there.

  8. The castle is beautiful! Too bad you didn't get to explore it fully. Anyhoo, that painting is so cool!!!

  9. Rosenborg Castle looks wonderful. I always appreciate old architectures because they are often not only beautiful but full of history as well.

    ❀ Grace ❀

  10. You've gotten me at the miniatures! Might go check out youtube to see if anyone has done a travelogue feature of this castle! Really beautiful, especially the porcelain wares!

  11. That's good to know that selfie sticks aren't allowed in Rosenburg Castle, there is a god after all! I didn't visit here when I was in Copenhagen, and totally regretting it now. Those sculptures are tiny, and I'll be sure to carry change!


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