White Cliffs of Dover (Kent - England)

One of the very important properties, in the lines of Stonehenge, of English Heritage was Dover Castle. Ever since I bought that annual membership, the tendency obviously sets in to explore the places covered under it. So I set out to Dover one fine day. The post on the castle is coming up next, here's the post on another fabulous attraction in Dover - the White Cliffs!!!

From the back entrance of Dover Castle a short walk takes to the Upper Road on the right. Now comes the bit of risky part - the long road till the National Trust Visitors Centre from the beginning of Upper Road is almost like a ghat road with a few hair pin bends, but without a footpath!!! So, the cars would be moving in all their speed and esp along the hairpin bends a pedestrian who is not on a footpath is in risk.... A slow, calculated walk is necessary and wherever possible getting into the grassy / dirt patches off the road is safer!
At one point a diversion off the main road (there is a direction board by National Trust), directs to the car park and beyond this is the White Cliffs, Light House and the Fan Bay Deep Shelter which has a connection to the World Wars. Further ahead from Fan Bay Deep Shelter is the 18th C tower of South Foreland Lighthouse, St Margaret’s Bay Windmill and the gorgeous Pines Gardens and Tearooms. Unfortunately we did not make it to these places with the lack of time. 
A board with route maps that directs to the view point to see the white cliffs, to the light house is here. I chose to visit only the view point. It was a dirt track and not an even one. The walk is easy but not accessible for everyone, because of the unevenness. 
The view at the view point - what should I say? Just breathtaking, mesmerizing, makes you speechless, mind blowing, just awesome!!! Esp., the several tints, tones & shades of blue and green all over the sea against the stark white was.....................

The white stone is all chalk which is 140 million years old which also includes the remains of sea creatures over time. If you're lucky you might find a fossil!  Infact the castle also stands on the edge of one such cliff! At the highest point its 350ft (110m) tall. Yes, I'm sitting on the cliff!!!! 

The whole port is clearly visible from atop. To see the movement of the huge container ships is pretty interesting. This Dover strait is the busiest seaway in the world. France (Calais) is just 22 miles from here. I strained much both with my eyes and camera lens to check if I could see France, but I couldn't. May be because it was cloudy day!
The cliffs is also the home for some unusual insects & plants like chalkhill blue butterfly, pyramidal orchid etc. However all I got to see were these ponies!!!
Here's are a couple of tips. One, the route from the visitors centre / carpark to this view point is inland and takes a right turn at a point, towards the cliff. From the car park you can slip to the cliff edge and walk in the tiny dirt track along the cliff to reach this location where you get the perfect view. But beware, it isn't for all! If you're even slightly drunk, or have kids or elders with you, the regular track makes sense. 
Two, since we're way too close to France, the cell phone captures French signal! Careful, your call to a local friend might end up becoming an international call! But the worst part is not that - the time changes to French time which an hour ahead. My return bus was at 5:30 and I planned to begin the walk back at 3:30. I saw my mobile which said 4:30 much to my plight!!!! My good old wrist watch however said 3:30. Make sure you carry a good old mechanical wrist / pocket watch (not a smart watch) which can be your backup to tell the correct time!

P.S: Here's my outfit for the trip. 

From Dover Town Centre (Bus Stand): 2.5km to visitors centre
From Priory Railway Station: 2.5km to visitors centre

Entry Ticket to White Cliffs - Free
Entry Ticket to Fan Bay Deep Shelter - £10.00
Car Park - £3.50

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  1. It sounds like a place from one of Nora Roberts's novels

  2. I always love seeing cliffs because it has the views of nature and the sea. The white cliff looks really beautiful and it would be nice to see some fossils here too.

  3. You can never turn down a view that lovely! It's nice that there's an alternate route that you can use when you're traveling solo or with friends that can take the trail. It's nice that you were wearing a wrist watch otherwise it would have been annoying.

  4. Amazing amazing place! Your photos are so real that I almost felt am there. No filter beauty?

  5. So beautiful this place. No wonder it has inspired poets and songwriters. They are really white these cliffs. I do hope I get to enjoy this place myself one day soon.

  6. I don't think these cliffs can stay white, they must be worked upon as the exposed layer will become dull after reaction. OR may be I am wrong. It must feel great to be there.

  7. amazing places to visit.Amazing pictures I enjoy in looking in them.

  8. Awesome pictures these are so beautiful places i would like to visit some of these.

  9. Awesome pictures these are so beautiful places i would like to visit some of these.

  10. What a beautiful place!!! Great photos!

  11. It does look a little risky walking down the ghat like road, I see why you may have to jump into a mud patch when a car passes! The view from the cliffs is memorizing and you were so lucky with the weather! That's a great shot of you with the white cliffs in the background.

  12. I love the White cliffs of Dover. It reminds me of the song by the Righteous Brothers about this beautiful part of the world. I love that you can sit along the edge. I never got to see them up close - only by ferry on the way to Calais. The weather cooperated for you too.


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