Day-Trip to Copenhagen Denmark

I decided to go on a day-trip to Copenhagen. I took an early morning flight and a late night flight on the same day to & fro London Luton! Well, usually I take a coach to reach the airport from London Victoria. However since it was an early morning flight, reaching Victoria by night bus takes more than an hour (which takes just about half an hour by metro), and that is a total pain. So this time I opted for the airport transfer service by Black Lane and that was super awesome!
It was a neat, no-nonsense android app where I have to give my pickup address and drop location. London, being a city where just door number and postcode is enough to figure the address, feeding it in the app wasn't an issue. In case its an airport pickup, there's a column to fill the pickup board name. Here are a couple of interesting factors of Black Lane - You can provide them with your flight details and they'll keep track of the flight as well in case there's a delay and wait for you (obviously they can't call you, since you're inside the flight and you're phone is in flight mode)!!! Also there's a column for special requests like child seat etc and they'll get it!!! Payment is similar to Uber where you give your card details while booking and post trip, money gets auto-deducted. Best part here, this billing incl driver tips as well! The driver details are received 1 hr prior to the journey time and in both of my trips with Black Lane, it was seamless. 
I had opted for Business class on one trip and I was sent a Benz E-Class. The space was pretty much to fit in 2 passengers and 4 check-in and 3 hand baggages!!! My driver was the very interesting guy, Mr.Sampanthamoorthy Jayakumar! We had a good chat all along the drive. Guess what, he's infact, very recently did a cameo in a Tamil Movie, shot in London, as a car driver!!! 

Over to Copenhagen... Unfortunately, my day trip was cut short thanks to flight delay and I reached Copenhagen (locals call it Kobenhavn) only around noon.  I began my day with the Church of our Savior Church's Spiral Tower. From there I went to the Christianborg Palace (separate posts on these places coming up). As I walked from the Church to the Palace, on my way, I spotted this building that was interesting and I came to know its the Borsen. It was the stock exchange ages ago. Its not a public access building, however its definitely worth a look from outside.
By the time I finished these 2, it was almost evening and it was almost 4 pm, and the closing time of Rossenborg Palace was 5 pm. I reached Rossenborg by 5:30 and hardly saw 2 floors within the half an hour of time that I had (a post on that too coming soon). Absolutely no justice done to the place in seeing it for half an hour!!!

From there my next destination was the spectacularly beautiful church that I wanted to visit so bad. Its called the Marble Church aka Frederik's Church aka Marmokirken. The Church is open till 7pm, so I kept it as my third last place (the last two were open 24hrs), for the day, since rest all closed by 5pm. Ha! Call me stupid.... I just hadn't bothered to check the website of the church before I ventured, but only Google maps to check its timings!!! Well, someone seems to have gotten confused between 7 and 17. The church closed by 17, meaning the same 5 pm and not 7 pm!!! Yeah, I've edited the timings on Google maps now! Aaaargghhhh....

Just like how London has Thames, Paris has Seine, Amsterdam has Amstel, here Copenhagen has Nyhavn. However unlike the other countries, here's its backwaters and not a river and its cuts Copenhagen is 2 portions, making 1 an island! Its this island part that has the airport as well. A portion of the river that's close to Charlottenberg Palace This is one of the most photographed places of Copenhagen, with such beautiful colored buildings. 

From there my final stop was ofcourse at the beach, where I got to meet the Mermaid and along with her, I also got to meet the Polar Bear & Cubs! But before that I spotted this fountain called the Gefion's fountain built by. This was built 1897. However this became a working fountain only in 1908. 
It has a Norse Godden Gefjun and surrounded by various animals. This is the largest open air, sculpture in Copenhagen. According to legend, Gefion transformed her 4 sons to 4 oxens to plough out the land that she was offered by the king. 

Nearby was the Kastellet, a star shaped fort surrounded by water. This was built by Danish King Christian IV in 1626 and was completely renovated in 1989-99. This is more like a garden and the castle part is more like a housing than a fort or castle!!! And that wrapped up my day in Copenhagen. And as I walked back from there towards the nearest metro station, I saw this very interesting building which reminded me of a very Russian & Persian architecture. This is the Aleksadr Nevskij Kirke. No, I didn't have time to visit inside this church.  
To travel there are metro, trams & buses, though I travelled only by metro and bus. I was there inside the bus on a weekday evening prime time and managed to experience the Copenhagen traffic jam as well!!!! However Metro is way too awesome. Its the best metro service I've seen so far. Its so much more spacious than the other metros. Its a driver-less service as well!!! And yeah, like most other cities, Copenhagen too has the 1 day transport pass. Unlike other cities, Copenhagen has an open swipe in/swipe out machine, there's no barrier to cross to enter bus or metro at all!!! Well, the economy is so good that it just believes people would buy tickets!!!!!

P.S: I was given a voucher by Black Lane to experience their service for review purposehowever the opinions are my own and this post does not to advertise the product/service.


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