Sirugamani Temple of Bakthavathsaleswarar (Trichy - Tamil Nadu)

On the fourth day of Makara Sankaranthi/Pongal I ventured again to Trichy. This time I had 3 target places there. The first one was Sirugamani. Does the name ring any bells? Remember the Perugamani Railway Station long time back. Just next to Perugamani is Sirugamani. I took a bus this time and reached the Sirugamani bus stop. 

Trichy Temples Sirugamani Bakthavathsaleswarar

Trichy Temples Sirugamani Bakthavathsaleswarar

As usual, I enquired in the nearby shops for the Ishwaran Koil or Shiva Temple. I was directed to a small street behind a Kali Temple. This temple is called Bakthavathsaleswarar Temple. The Lord Shiva here is called Bakthavathsaleswarar and the Ambal here is called Karpagambikai. It’s a 11th C temple built by the 1st Rajendra Chozha. Proof? Ofcourse, the inscriptions.
The Ambal’s statue here is on a screw base called ‘Thirugu Peedam’. Generally the statue is placed straight on the base, so it can be lifted straight. But here the statue is placed on a screw base where the statue has to be twisted and lifted. Probably, in those days, in the 11th C to be specific, I guess it was a good trick to prevent burglary.
Another special shrine here is of Ther Lakshmi where Goddess Lakshmi is surrounded by a Temple Car structure.
Somehow I didn’t get the feeling of the 11th C here in this temple. The temple was partly newly constructed. Further the temple was painted in recent years with enamel paints. Looking at this, I was rather very much disappointed.

I planned to go Nangavaram next for Sri Komalambika Sundareswarar Temple, Nangavaram. But then, some bridge was broken and some road was under construction and the bus service to that place was temporarily withdrawn. I had to give it a miss.

Trichy Temples Thiruchendurai Chandrasekaraswamy

From there my next venture was Thiruchendurai. I took the bus towards Trichy again and got down at the Thiruchendurai stop. Well, this stop is actually called Jiyapuram stop. Locals do not know if you say Thiruchendurai. But this time I didn’t have the need to enquire for the temple. I actually crossed the temple itself before the bus stopped at the particular stop. I traced back the same route and reached the temple. But unfortunately the temple was closed. I enquired where was the home of the temple priest and again unfortunately he was not available.
This temple is called the Chandrasekaraswamy Temple. The stones and rocks to build this temple has been brought from Pachai Malai, Kolli Malai etc. This temple was built by Raja Raja Chozhan’s sister or daughter (there is confusion in this part of history!!!) Kundhavi aka Boodhi Aadhithan Pidari.
This Shiva Lingam has a texture of Jack Fruit. Infact the Sthala Vruksham here itself is Jack Fruit Tree. The specialty of the tree is that the fruits are borne both on the branches and roots. At any given time there are only 20 fruits on the tree. Amazing, right? Well, I had no luck to see it all myself!!!

From there totally disheartened, I took the bus to return. The bus was filled to the brim! I was completely in distress. One bloody thing I learnt, ‘NEVER VENTURE OUT ON THE 4TH DAY OF PONGAL – KAANUM PONGAL’. Coz every person in the whole of TamilNadu is travelling on that day. For travelers like me, I should have rather spent the day being stupid sitting in front of the stupid box!!!

Sirugamani: 24 km from Trichy; 16 km from Kulithalai
Thiruchenthurai / Jeeyapuram: 16 km from Trichy; 25 km from Kulithalai

Here's an ideal One day itinerary to visit Trichy Temples after the major ones in Trichy city and Srirangam.
From Trichy: Allur -> Thiruchendurai (Jeeyapuram) -> Andanallur -> Mukkombu Dam -> Thirupparaithurai -> Perugamani -> Sirugamani -> Pettavaithalai
A good idea would be to hire a car at Trichy for a day, and visit all these temples! Mukkombu dam is perfectly located half-way, to stop for lunch and spend the time when temples are normally closed for afternoon 'Nadai Moodudhal'.

Sirugamani or Thiruchendurai do not have any hotels. The nearest town for smaller, budget hotels & lodges is Woraiyur or Srirangam and you need to stay in Trichy for comfort & luxury hotels.

Trichy Temples Sirugamani temple Bakthavathsaleswarar Trichy Temples Thiruchendurai temple Chandrasekaraswamy


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  1. Well written dear...!! Are you a history buff...?? you seem to go deep into every single aspect like a true historian...

  2. hey tell me the secret na? how do u know so much abt places.. do u roam a lot and learn a lot too i guess :)

  3. I hope one day to visit this beautiful place.

  4. It certainly seems that you met with some frustrations on this long journey but you did see some amazing things so the journey was worth it, I think. I am amazed at all the glorious temples in India and all the wonderful celebrations. I am so glad to share them from far away in San Francisco. India is a very special place to me, mainly because of all the beloved friends I have made from your country. I did have one very brief ten day visit in 1997 and I would so love to return. Now that I am retired, though, and a "senior citizen", finances are not what they used to be.

  5. Wonderful shots the temples. Love the information you have provided about this place.

  6. Hi,

    Fantastic information,you have covered everything in minute detail with lovely photos.You are not only giving me a wonderful tour of the temple but also teaching history,customs,beliefs and practices of the people.

  7. There are indeed so many places you could visit where you are, it is amazing. And I am amazed at the person you are.

  8. Hi bushavali

    an incomplete journey....

    thanks for sharing

    good writings and pics

  9. @Niranjan,
    I infact dont go much in detail. But the thing is our own Indian history fascinates me so much and blows my mind off!!! :)

    I just roam a lot and talk a lot... :)
    Actually when I talk a lot people tell me about such interesting places just around them. :)

    Thanks buddy... :)

    I am awaiting your next trip to India esp. the southern part of India!!! :)

  10. @RNSANE,
    Thank you so much for dropping by and commenting dear.. :)
    Glad that you have some wonderful friends here. I am awaiting your next trip to India. :)
    Do drop by often. I'll love your visits and comments.. :)

    Thank you dear.. :)

    Its all the encouragement that you give which keep me going... :)

    Yeah. Several times we just dont realize the precious things around us and keep searching for it else where, whether a place or mental peace or the perfect guy too!!! :)
    I am glad. Thank you so much for your appreciation...

    Hopefully I complete it sometime later on!!!

  11. @Viji,
    Do let me know what details do you need.

  12. Dear,
    i resided in thriuchenthurai in earlu eighties. Lord name is Chadrasekara, swayambu that is natural lingam, like jack fruit and Goddess name is Manduvalli. She has a deer and a mazhu of siva both on each hand, and abaya and vara mudra. smiling grace look dilute our inner complications . Location will be beautiful and getting spiritual and ritual experience as river cauvery passing by the side of the temple. Coconut trees cools our thoughts. nice people you can meet. these are the specialty i experienced.

  13. Dear,
    I lived in Thiruchenthurai / Jeeyapuram in early eighties. wonderful place to live or enjoy the holidays. Lord is chandrasekarar and Goddess is manduvalli having for arms , holding deer on left hand mazhu on right hand abaya and vara mudra hands. gracefully smile, decorate at this pleasant location on the banks of cauvery river. Good place to live, meditate and enrich spiritual experience.


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