Trichy Temples - Thayumanavar & Ucchi Pillayar Temples

Last time I went to Trichy was to NIT (National Institute of Technology formerly called REC – Regional Engineering College) during their inter-college cultural when my friend was studying there. That was a hard core jolly visit when I did not even bother to go to any other place in Trichy other than the college campus. I knew I had to come there, for sure, as a visitor, for sure!!! 
Rock Fort - Thiruchirappalli Malai Kottai

Thayumana Swamy Temple Trichy

Inscriptions at Thayumana Swamy Temple
Apart from Mahababalipuram, the Pallava Kings have left their signature stone architectures in other places of Tamil Nadu as well. Trichy is another spot where the Pallavas left their traces. Infact Trichy is a place where Pallavas, Cholas & Pandyas left their traces!!!
A Sunday after that grand great deal of client visit, I was sure I needed an outing so badly to refresh myself. So, why not Trichy? I started off early in the morning, at around 6.30 to reach Trichy Fort. The bus somehow took a route via Chatiram Bus Stand in Trichy. Yeah, Trichy has 2 main bus stands, the Chatiram Bus Stand and the Central Bus Stand. When the bus stopped at Chatiram I contemplated for a moment. Should I get down? Is the temple near this bus stand or the other? However I got down. Luckily that was where the fort/temple was. I walked over and there was the temple. At the base was the Manikka Vinayakar Temple. A small temple it was with a single shrine of Vinayakar.

Across the temple, is the route to the stairs that leads to the Uchi Pillayar Temple. Enroute was the Thayumanavar Temple. The Lord Shiva here is called Thayumanavar which means Thayum + Aanavar (The one who became the Mother too). The legend of the place goes that a young lady named Rathnavathi, whose parents were great devotees of Lord Shiva. The father’s name was Rathanagupthan. This young girl was married off to a guy called Dhanagupthan. He was a merchant here in Trichy. Rathnavathi used to come here to the Lord Shiva temple here (then called Sevvandhinathar) and perform prayers. During her first baby delivery (prasavam), her mother wanted to come here to be beside her daughter. However, the Cauvery River here got so bulged and she couldn’t make it. Lord Shiva himself disguised as her mother and was beside her as she delivered the baby. So since He was a Mother too for the lady, he was called Thayumanavar.

The Lord here is called Thayumanavar or Sevvandhinathar or Mathrubutheswarar. His consort here is called Sukandhakundalambal or Mattuvarkuzhali (The one who has the sweet smelling hair).
The other shrines here are of Kambathadi Vinayakar, Valli Devasena Shanmugar, 63 Nayanmars, Dakshinamurthy, Vinayakar, Mahishasuramardhini, Tripurasundari, Sevvandhi Vinayakar, Somaskandhar and Sivakamasundari. Another important feature here in this temple, is the inscription of the first 49 songs of Soundarya Lahari in Grantham Script. Also shrines of Jeerakeshwarar, Dhandayudhapani, Kaalabhairavar, Chandikesar and Nalvar are present here. Another shrine that could be easily missed here is the shrine of Padala Iyyanar. This is located near the Sukandhakundalambal shrine. Well, you’ve gotta put your head down and walk if you really have to spot this shrine. It’s located down under with a little opening to view the idol.
Thiruchirappalli Rock Fort Malai Kottai

Thiruchirappalli Uchi Pillayar Temple

Thiruchirappalli Rock Fort Malai Kottai
The whole of these temples here were built by Kandiyan Deva Maharaja, Mahabali Chakravarthy, Soorarakka Chozha Maamannan. The various mandapams here were constructed by Thirumalai Savurinayakkar, Deekshapayyar, Vijaya Ranga Sokkanaga Nayakkar etc.
Another important factor that requires not only a mention but appreciation is the presence of a well maintained toilet here!!! Good!!!
Enroute while going up are the Tharumapura Mouna Aadinam shrine which is used as a meditation hall. Circumambulating this shrine too is interesting. The shrine has a very narrow circumambulatory passage. Also another hall called the ‘Nooru Kaal Mandapam’ which is essentially another hall with a hundred pillars. This was built by Periya Veerappa Nayakkar in 1565 AD.

From there, my next venture was the Lalitankura Pallavar Griham, located half the route atop built by the Pallava Kings in 6 C AD. I’ll get back about this in my next post in detail. A separate post about it is worth it.

There atop the hillock the view was exquisite. I just felt the chill breeze hit against my face for some time before I entered the Uchi Pillayar Temple. It was built by Karikal Chozhan. This is perhaps the most famous of the Trichy Temples.

Back from there I tried to find out where the second Cave Temple of Pandyas was located and I did find out and did a bit of shopping as well in the little shops along the whole steps. Coming back about it soon!!!
Thayumanaswamy Temple Tiruchirappalli

Uchi Pillayar Temple Rock Fort Trichy  Uchi Pillayar Temple Rock Fort Tiruchirappalli
Chennai to Trichy: 303 km via Dindivanam, Villupuram
Coimbatore to Trichy: 203 km via Karur
Nearest Railway Station: Tiruchchirapalli

There are several hotels in Trichy in all price points.

Thayumanavar Temple timings - 9:00AM to 12:00 NOON; 4:00PM to 8:00PM
Ucchi Pillayar Temple timings - 6:00AM to 8:00PM


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  1. beautiful images and interesting info!

  2. Wonderful structure.. Hey do you ever think of posting your photos on a larger format?? I could definitely enjoy the details

  3. Isn't it amazing how they built those temples all those years ago. They built things to last not like nowadays! Brilliant photos.

  4. Hi Bushavali

    good trip, enriched with historical details

    good pictures


  5. Busha...this is what i left behind to join NIFT....I am glad you liked Trichy. But the best way to truly appreciate the beauty of the place is to stand on the cauvery bridge during sunset (enjoying the cool cauvery breeze) and watch the lights come up on both the Srirangam gopuram and uchchi pillaiyar kovil as the sun sets.

  6. it is a shame for me to say that "I too went here".

    U r gifted with a unique talent for writing, and ur eyes and ears dont miss a thing.


  7. fascinating...what a cool place...and great images...

  8. @Magic Eye,
    Thanks dear.. :)

    I tried dear. Somehow even if I choose Large option this is the size that gets displayed!!! :(

    So true!!! Things were made to last in olden days. Now consumerism has taken over!!! :(

    Thanks da.. :)

  9. @Divya,
    You are from Trichy right.. You said that to me on the first day of college. Not even first day, even before that, before situation test!!!
    Have to go to Srirangam soon!!! :)

    You're so flattering!!! Thank you for the compliment... :)

    Thanks dear.. :)

  10. bhusha...if you can read Tamil well I suggest you read Thiruvaranganula (the journey taken by lord renganatha from srirangam during the seige of the nawabs) (if you have not read it already). there are two parts of the book and gives you a tour of various temple and towns of south India as in the pre british - nawab period.

  11. Excellent coverage. I curse my nieces for they went there and brought back many photographs - of their choice!
    I feel like translating some of your blog entries into Hindi, so that our North Indian friends could enjoy it. If you can decipher Hindi it is here:

  12. @Divya,
    Of course Divi, I do read Tamil. Haven't you seen my other blog in Tamil. Thank you so much for the info.

    @PN Subramanian,
    Thank you so much. It happens when we go to a place without much details about them and also when we done intend to ask people about it.
    I'd be happy if you translate and my blog reaches more people. I'd be glad if you could put up my name and link with it. :)

  13. Good Pictures. Looks different. I think you can open a blog for Photography.

  14. @Jij,
    One more...??? No ways... Anyways, thanks a lot for your compliments. And still I haven't got a decent SLR. Hope to take better shots once I buy it!!! :)


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