Allur Temple Trip - Part I (Trichy - Tamil Nadu)

One fine day, at Srirangam, we planned to venture to the temple at Tiruvanaikka aka Tiruvanaikkaval. However suddenly we came to know there are a couple of early Chola temples in the locality. So opted to go there first and if time permits, Thiruvanaikkaval can be visited in the evening.
Remember my earlier post on Thiruchendurai??? Well, the village of Allur is located very close to this temple. This village has 2 temples of Lord Shiva - one relatively bigger and the other is very little. 
The bigger temple is called Panchanadheeswarar Temple. The Lord Shiva here is called Panchanadheeswarar aka Iyarappar. His consort here is Dharma Samvardhini aka Aram Valartha Nayaki
Within the Ardha Mandapa were the sculptures of Kshetra Devi, Udhanga Maharishi, Santhana Krishnan and Vinayaka. The dwarapalaka (door keeper sculptures) here were named Dindi and Mundi. Remember, I was telling you earlier about earlier era Dwarapalas which only 2 hands, without vampire teeth with a hint of smile!
As I took the circumambulation, on the south facing wall, on a Goshtam (elevated platform) was a form of Lord Shiva with a bowl in one hand, that I suspect to be Kala Bhairavar without a dog (the dog may have broken). 
Beyond that, within a much more elaborate shrine like goshtam, was a gorgeous Dakshinamurthy. No, not as gorgeous as in Srinivasanallur, but definitely awesome. This one is less elaborate than Srinivasanallur. The Lord is seated on a platform which is very very simple. The tree behind him is again simple and small but carries all details including, snake, rudraksha beads, handbag etc.   
In the west facing wall, within a goshtam, where there should have been a Vishnu's sculpture, right now, stands a modern painting of Vishnu! On the opposing wall were the shrines of Niruththa Vinayaka an Valli Devasena Subrahmanya! 
In the north facing wall, was again a modern painting of Goddes Durga. On this side is a shrine of Chandikesa as well!
Another important feature in the circumambulation passage was the beautiful row of yaali at the adhishtanam (lower section - foundation of the temple). At some edges are little elephants whose trunk coincide with the trunk of a male yaali! 
Just below the yaali row is the inscriptions. A section of the inscription says 'Rajaraja' specifying Rajaraja Cholan. 
Coming back soon with another temple is the locality....

From Trichy: 17km via Woraiyur towards Jeeyapuram. 
From Karur: 66km via Lalpettai, Kuliththalai, Tirupparaithurai

Ph. no. of the Temple Priest: +91 97151 51997
On Google Maps:

Dedicated to Prof.Swaminathan and co...


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  1. Nice temple. You have described it very well.

  2. I go to temples rarely, these days. I am intrigued by the old temples, need to visit them sometime. It would be better if I can go and decode some secret treasure info coded on the temple walls and find out the treasure!!

    Destination Infinity

  3. wow! another interesting temple!!!! my list grows longer :D

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    1. Thank you so much Shalu! :)
      Thanks for your visit. Do visit often! :)

  5. Straightforward and succint! Very nice narrative


  6. When is the best time to visit kerala? Very Nice Post

    1. Kerala is best enjoyed in Monsoon!!!
      Thank you Pradip! :)

  7. Hmm, most of use do not care to observe temple walls in this detail. Good work

    1. Thank you so much for the appreciation Shrinidhi! Do visit often! :)

  8. Hidden treasures these are! Nice finds and good work

  9. I envy you for seeing those magical sculptures. I agree, these are treasures. Hope to see all of these soon.

    Have a nice day ahead. :)

  10. So beautiful! I'd love to go to India and visit such temples! It's on my travel list :) One of my dreams it's to grab a bagpack and walk and see all.


    Sofia g

    1. Welcome to Incredible India Sofia! I'm sure you'll fall in love with our country! :)

  11. Especially fine Dvarapalaka, you show. Thank you.

  12. i am from allur only...thanks a lot for the informations....

  13. Thanks for nice memories of my childhood days

  14. nice that you could visit this temple in a relaxed manner ... These days their temple opening timings are restricted ..... thanks for the excellent write up here ....


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