Manathattai Agraharam (Trichy - Tamil Nadu)

So did I actually meet anybody in Manathattai Agraharam.? Unfortunately ‘No’. (If u don’t relate to this, check my last post). Ok. Coming to the point.....

Agraharam is the street or locality that surrounds a temple which generally has a sect like Iyers or Iyengars, who do temple service. There are totally 3 temples located here. One is the Prasanna Kalyana Venkatachalapathy temple. This is one in which Radha Kalyanam was happening.
The people of this particular Agraharam are all well educated and many of them live in Chennai, Mumbai and even USA. And its such a pleasing and heart-warming scene to see all of them flying down to their roots every just to organize and witness the Radha Kalyanam. They make it a point to come here every year, from wherever they are, however busy their schedule is. Now, isn’t that called ‘Getting back to the Roots’!!!
Manathattai Agraharam, Kulithalai, Trichy Temple

Manathattai Agraharam, Kulithalai, Trichy Temple
About the temple, this is not a very old temple. Its just 300 years old!!! When you talk about Indian history, it starts with the Harappan Civilization in some 2000 BC. Standing evidences like Ajanta Caves are since 6 BC. So 300 years old, in India, is not very old, but it is one of the very special Trichy Temples with a dedicated following!!! It is one of the lesser known temples near Trichy, located in the Cauvery Southern bank and this place was so scenic. The same river that touches Kulithalai Kadambar Koil, touches here as well.

So, now, what is exactly Radha Kalyanam. Radha is the lady interest of Lord Krishna and Kalyanam means Wedding. So Radha Kalyanam is essentially the wedding of Radha to Krishna. It happens more often as a prayer organized or funded by youngsters (and their families too on behalf of them) who want to get married. (Thinking if I should perform one as well!!! Ha ha… :D). But it happens in all the temples once a year as a compulsory celebration conducted and funded by the temple authorities themselves. Its almost like a grand wedding ceremony, only difference being that the bride and groom are Gods themselves. So I was lucky enough to witness this.

The Radha Kalyanam has been happening here since the past 100 years. And for the past 15 yrs the great Udayalur Sri Kalyanarama Bagavathar has been singing in this temple, for every Radha Kalyanam. In this temple, the Kalyanam happens in the Prachin Sampradaya. It happens in the Tamil month of Margazhi which is Mid Dec to Mid Jan. It was an exquisite performance. I loved it. His bold voice accompanied with the typical carnatic musical instruments. I esp. loved the skill of the man who was on Mrindagam – The Indian Drum. The songs start at a slow pace and as it moves towards the end the pace increases so much and almost the puts the listener to a trance. I almost wanted to stand up and dance. Here is clipping of the end of a particular song. Listen to the vocals and Mridangam. Its so so so amazing.

There are 2 more temples located in this Agraharam. One being Kasi Visalakshi Vishwanatha Swami Temple, which is again 300 yrs old and the other being Karunathri Vinayagar TempleI just loved the people there. When I introduced myself as a travel blogger, they just surrounded me and bombarded me with so many information. One of them even insisted that I stayed for lunch. But I had my calls coming from back home to get back. And I started my return journey with the music still lingering in my ears.

Manathattai Agraharam, Kulithalai, Trichy Temple

Manathattai Agraharam, Kulithalai, Trichy Temple
How to reach Kulithalai:
From Trichy: 40 km on NH 67
From Karur: 35 km on NH 67
How to reach Manathattai Agraharam from Kulithalai Busstop: By Auto (Rs.30)

Mr. M.S.Rangarathanam; Mr. M.S.Ramarathnam; Mr. M.S.Ramachandran; Mr. M.R.Rajarathnam

Mr. Rajaraman +91 94426 62807



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  1. All pictures are beautiful and of course your writing. I like the last picture most!

  2. You didn't meet anyone?? ;-)
    I love that video clip! The music is great, I love the combination of voice and drum, thanks so much! The river photo is beautiful Mitr!

  3. Sooper cool the video was.. reminds me of radha kalyanam in a local temple here de :) And the last pic is sooper dooper cool :)

  4. A lot of information and good takes Bhushavali :)

    Rays of Hope

  5. And forgot to mention yesterday, that the kid in the last photo looks so different!

    Rajasthani Turbans

  6. You really enjoyed yourself there ! Great narration and pics.

  7. Very lovely post. I am glad to see the dedication of the people.

    Turtle Rock, Bhimbetka

  8. Hi. Manathattai is my maternal native place. Can you tell me, how you are connected to this place ? Do you have any relatives in the agraharam. You might like to visit my blog. I have written something about Manathattai -- Take care. Cheers - Nachiketh

    1. me too ,manathattai is my maternal grand parents place and i did some elementary schooling in chathra pallikkodam.i live in madras retd president of electrotherm an integrated steel and di pipe plant. you may link thro' my mail
      or contact9042780276 on what's app with details
      thanka.c v ramadoss

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  11. Hey very glad to see this blog..
    i am frm manathattai agraharam only.. :-)

    if u wld hv noticed the 2 huge similar houses in the center of the agraharam,,
    its my grand father's...

    n the above person is ma cousin..
    n all the temple trustees u mentioned,,
    first is ma uncle n others r my frnds...

  12. Hi!!!!iam very much glad to see my native place here.iam very much thankful to the traveller who came over to our place.i just want to have your phone number mam.mail me after seeing my post.iam very much thankful to you.

  13. Initialy, I thought that you are just collecting some information about TamilNadu villages(Manathattai) and evens conducted there.

    After going through the Google, I am really surprised whatever we had a discussion the maxmium information which was given to you by my co-broher (Sri M R Ramajaya Ratnam, ex VAO) and myself (V Nagarajan, Mumbai).You are completely covered all the information given by us including we were insisting you to take Lunch in the Radhakalyanam function as prasadam offered by us. Hats of to you and your profession!!!!! Regrds,V Nagarajan, Retd Navy Office Supdtt. Mumbai. Mobile No.9870007151.

  14. @Phivos,
    Thank you so much dear... Yes really, isn;t that kid so cuuute.. :)

    Ha ha... yeah.. Didn't meet anyone actually.. :)
    Isn't the music great... I was almost in trance.... And yes Rain, most of the villages in river banks of Tamil Nadu are like this... :)

    Tell me. Dont I have a kid-luck. Everywhere everytime I get a kid into my pics.. :) :D

    Thanks dear.. :) Isn;t the kid adorable.. :)

  15. @Ram Sir,
    Of course, I enjoyed to my heart's content... :)

    Isn't the dedication wonderful and deserves a pat in the back to find time to get back to the roots in this busy world.. Hats off to em...

    First. Welcome to my blog.. :) As such I'm not actually connected to Manathattai. I'm a traceller who finds new paths in every road I go. If you check my previous post, you may find how I explored my way to Manathattai. :)
    Would drop into your blog soon dear.. Do drop into mine often.. Would love your visits & comments.. :)

    First things first. Welcome to My Travelogue. Btw, mentioning as above person, are u specifying to Mr.Nachiketh.?
    Glad to find a native of Manathattai here. Do convey my regards to you uncle and all of them.. :) I loved Manathattai's atmosphere and people. All are so kind.. :)

  16. @Kawshik,
    Welcome to my blog. Glad to meet you here. I enjoyed your place and people.
    You may get in touch with me eith my mail id

    @Santosh & V.Nagarajan,
    Hello Sir. Glad to meet you again here through my blog. A big grand welcome to you to My Travelogue.
    Thank you so much for taking care of me so well and upkeeping the Tamizh tradition of hospitality. I was flattered. Thank you so much.
    I am so glad that you took time to explain so many things to me and now you've even taken your time to drop me a comment. Thank you so much. :)
    Do drop into my blog often. I'd love your visits & comments. :)

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  18. Hey you are welcomed to manathattai this weekend as MAHA SIVARATHRI IS TAKING PLACE this friday(13th feb) at Vishnu temple

  19. Hey..
    ya nachiketas s ma cousin...

    actually very happy n glad 2 see ur blog abt our place...really good work!!!
    all the people frm my village were glad n happy abt ur blog...

    ive started following all ur was awesome...

    anyways carry on d gud workk...

    u are specially invited for the maha sivarathri this friday...(12th feb)...

  20. Hi Gowtham,
    Good to know about you.
    Yes, your village is awesome.
    Thanks a ton for following my blogs.
    And thanks for the invite, but I may not be able to make it this time.
    Would drop in again for the next festivity. :)

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  22. Hi...

    Manathattai Pics...

  23. Hi Gowtham,
    Thank yo for the Manathattai Pics!!!

    @ Aranyanivas R Ramamurthy,
    It is definately wonderful. Thank you for droppin by my blog.. :) Do drop in often!!!

  24. My native place is Manathattai.One of the temple trustees Sri. M.S.Ramachandran is my paternal uncle.

  25. my grandfather was from manathattai.I have seen the place when i was seven years old and not afterwards.The old lady in that picture happens to be my aunt.

  26. @Ramnath,
    Great to meet one more person who hails from the village. Manathattai is indeed a fabulous place!!!

    Do visit Manathattai!!! Its a great place!!! And do convey my regards to your aunt!!! :)

  27. Hii,
    100th year of sri rama navami is going to be held on manathattai frm 13th april to 17th april. do attend


  28. manathatai is great agraharam. But it is dominated by few families.

  29. Hi Bhushavali ! I am from this village. I am so glad that you could go there and give such a good coverage that it almost took me there.

    Keep up the good work.


    M N Venkatesan ( Manathattai Narayanan Venkatesan) Chartered Accountant , Chennai

  30. Hi Manathattai is my native place. such a wonderful place to visit (M R Venkatesan)

  31. Hi My Grandfather (M V Dharmaraja Sastrigal) was from manathattai. Such a wonderful place to visit.


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