Kulithalai Kadambar Koil - Dakshina Kasi (Trichy - Tamil Nadu)

Its been a while ever since I wanted to visit Kadambar Koil, Kulithalai. Last time when I started, I somehow ended up visiting Pettavaithalai and from there explored to Thirupparaithurai, instead of Kulithalai. So last Sunday, I made it a point to visit Kulithalai.
As for every temple tour, I had to wake up at 6:30 and leave soon, as the temples close in the noon for Nadai Moodudhal. I took the bus and reached Kulithalai bus stop by around 9:30. The temple is located very near to the bus stop. As usual after enquired about the whereabouts of ‘Ishwaran Koil’, I started walking. Just a 10 min walk and I reached the road behind the temple. I walked around and reached the entrance.
The Lord here is Lord Shiva called Kadambavaneshwarar. Goddess Parvathi here is called Balakujalambal aka Mutrila Mulaiyambikai. The legend here is that the Saptha Kanniyar were affected by the Brahmahathi Dosham due to the curse of an angry Kathyaayana Maharishi. He was angered because they caused distraction to him when the battle between the Devas (Angels) and Asuras (Demons) persisted. And when these 7 young ladies realized their mistake and asked sorry, they were asked to perform prayers to the Ishwaran (Lord Shiva) who is North Faced.

So the very place is Kulithalai where Kadambavaneshwarar faces north, which is a very rare. He is here in the form of Suyambu (Self formed) Lingam. In the Sanctum Sanctorum, behind Him are the Saptha Kanniyar. The Sthala Vruksham (Temple tree) is Kadamba Maram. That is the reason why he’s called Kadamba Vaneshwarar.
I started circum-ambulating. I met Jeshta Devi, Suriyan (Sun), Arubathumoovar (63 saints of Saivism), Nalvar (The 4 saints), Chandikesar, Dakshinamurthy, Ganapathy, Annamalayar, Arumugar, Akora Virabadhrar, Pancha Lingam (the lingam’s that denote the 5 elements of nature), Somaskandhar (the little baby Lord Muruga), Gajalakshmi (Goddess Lakshmi with Elephants), Sanishwarar (Lord of Saturday).

This temple is called Dakshina Kasi. Kasi is another name the Mystical Holy Place – Varanasi / Benaras (I'm yet to visit the Mystical place myself!!! Lets see). Dakshina means South, so this place is considered as Benaras of South
Kulithalai Kadambar Koil is a specialty for people with Brahmahathi Dosham. Also it’s a wedding specialty place. Nearly 200 weddings happen here per year to Ishwaran and Ambal. Why would they get married so many times to each other.? It’s a practice over here is that when a wedding ritual prayer is conducted between Ishwaran (Lord Shiva) and Ambal (His consort, Goddess Parvathi), their wedding would happen soon without any trouble.
Murugan Sathru Samhara Poojai another specialty here to remove all obstacles that might happen in any particular thing, say business. All these specialties make this temple one of the famous temples near Trichy. 

This temple was built during the era of Cholas. It was then renovated during the era of Nagaraththar rule under Devakottai chettiyarKadambar Koil is considered as the 2nd of the 256 Saivaite temples. Iyadigal Kadavar Kon (one among the 63 Saivaite saints) has sung hymns on this place and its a paadal-petra-sthalam. 

Beside the flowing Cauvery River the places was so so so scenic. I came out of the temple and there was this beautiful Thear (Temple chariot). Beside was a lorry and these cute goats standing under its shadow!!!
The best part was the finishing given by the temple priest Swaminatha Kurukkal. When I enquired about the nearby place called Manathattai Agraharam, he asked he to go there immediately as there was a Radha Kalyanam function happening there, and in that decent devotional, well-to-do crowd, I might find a right guy for me!!! Wow, isn’t that a perfect reason to venture to that place and I did just the same!!! What happened in Manathattai Agraharam.? Coming soon……

From Trichy: 40 km on NH 67
From Karur: 35 km on NH 67
From Kulithalai Railway station: 1.3km
From Kulithalai Bus stand: 600m

Lodges & small hotels are available in Kulithalai. For more comfort & luxury, nearest large city is Tiruchirappalli (Trichy) which can be reached in less than an hour by car.

6:00AM to 1:00PM; 5:00PM to 9:00PM
River Cauvery at Kulithalai Kadambar Temple - Dakshina Kasi - Pinterest River Cauvery at Kulithalai Kadambar Temple - Dakshina Kasi - Pinterest


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  1. Another stanning post full of beautiful pictures. Congratulations my dear friend!

  2. I might find a right guy for me!!! Wow, isn’t that a perfect reason to venture to that place and I did just the same!!!

    All the very best! Temple visit-um blog-um continue aagum thaane!!

  3. :) Someone or something is trying to find you a man, honey! :) Great post! I love the little goats. Beautiful photos!

  4. @Phivos,
    Thank you so much dear.. :)

    Kandippa. Idhudhane first love!!! ;)
    Thanks Maddy.. :)

    Ha ha.. Not something, its someone!!! Thanks sweetheart.

  5. Wonderful snaps with beautiful narration.

  6. Such a professional blog pa :)
    Ur attention to details to every place is very profound....

    keep blogging

  7. I love touring India wiyh your blog. You are always taking us to wonderful places..

  8. The post is fantastic but what impressed me the most was the Temple Car!
    Happy New Year!

  9. I always feel good knowing about new places. Thanks for sharing :)

    Village Life

  10. @Rajesh,
    Thank you so much dear.. :)

    Thank u so much pa... Its all your kind support.

    I am so glad that you are able to enjoy thru my blog.

    :) Every ancient temple has its own car. Its called a Rath / Ratham. The Lord's statue is placed on it during celebrations and taken around the village.

    U r welcome sweetheart.. :)

  11. Hey..i am actually very glad to see this post...

    coz i am also frm manathattai agraharam...:-)

    if u wld hv noticed,
    the 2 big houses in the middle of the agraharam,
    one of them is my grandpa's...

  12. I went to Kadambar kovil during the winter vacations and I had a chat with Swaminatha Kurukkal as well !!

  13. @Goutham,
    Wow... So nice to meet one of the Manaththattai natives here.. Welcome to my blog dear.. :)

    Cool... Keep travelling dear.. :)

  14. While searching some thing on Kulithalai I read the article, which was very interesting for me because my native Thimmachipuram village is near to kulithali. you plan to visit during Thia Poosam when seven Shiva Deity assemble and given Teertha vari. It is more enjoyable and rememberable
    with regards

    1. I also belong to Tic. Any updates and where is your house there?

  15. @Subramanian,
    Wow. Nice to come across a native of Thimmachipuram. Sure, I'd visit your place in Thaipoosam to witness the festivity and get the Lord's blessings.
    Thanks for the visit and comment. Do drop in often.

  16. one of the best place in kulithalai kadamber koil. by suresh m. sundar singapore . sundar_ece2112@yahoo.co.in

  17. Hi,

    really wonderful blog, nice articulation of what you have seen. I enjoy reading this. Infact, I'm native of Kulithali and never seen my native like how you have seen it.

    Great work...

  18. @Sundar,
    Yeah Sundar. Kulithalai Kadambar Koil is one of the best places to visit.

    Oh! Great to meet someone who's a native of Kulithalai. Am glad you liked my way of looking into your hometown!!!
    Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Do drop in often. Would love your comments & visits!!! :)

  19. @Jacob,
    Thank you dear for visiting and commenting on my blog. Do drop in often dear.. :)

  20. Dear frind...

    Thanks a lot for a nice post.I wan to share with u all some facts i know about this temple.
    The picture shown as kadamba maram is a Vanni maram.The Sthala Vruksham (kadamba maram)is not at all existing.

    This temple is not only famous for siva but also for Murugan,Arunagirinathar praised this subramaniyar with his wonderful Tiruppugazh.

    When you go natarajar scantum you can found a natarajar vigraga without muyalagan,which reveals how old this temple was.

    You can found the sculpture of fish at the ceiling above nandigeswarer,which induce the doubt that pandiyas also did some construction works..

    You can found also Rasi Chara at the inner Pragaram ceiling.

    Once again thanks a lot for giving an nice article about our beloved Kadambavaneswarar.

    1. Is this temple also called Rathnagiri Murugan temple which has been sung in many Thiruppugazh songs (situated about 8 kms from Kulithalai) ?

  21. @Nandu,
    Om Namahshivya!!!

    Thanks for dropping by and thanks for the information!!!
    Do drop by often. I'd love your visits and comments.. :)

  22. Dear friend..

    Very useful information about Kadambar Koil. Since my ancestors are from Manathattai Agraharam i am very much attached with this temple.

    Thanks or the information. Keep it up

    1. Glad you're from Manathattai! Glad you liked the post! :)


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