Mohanur Temple Tour Part II (Namakkal - Tamil Nadu)

Where were we? Yeah right, at Achaladeepeshwarar Temple!!!

The Lord Shiva here is called Lord Achaladeepeshwarar and the Ambal here is called Madhukaraveni. This temple was built during 1449-54 during the reign of Sri Anganna Nayakkar by Sendhamangalam Palayakkarargal. Hymns were sung on this temple by one of the 4 Saivaite saints, Appar.

Mostly temples are East facing and there are very few temples that face west and this is one of the west facing temples. So what does the Lord Shiva look at facing the west, River Cauvery ofcourse. Did I specify this temple is located in the banks of river Cauvery? The Saivate temples located in the banks of river Cauvery are very special by themselves. Remember, Kulithalai and Kodumudi??? Its all in the banks of River Cauvery.

Another major feature of the temple – is very much within the Achaladeepeshwarar’s sanctum sanctorum. There is oxygen in here, there is air, but it doesn’t move, there is no wind. So what? So, the diya or the lamp lighted in here does not flutter or move at all!!! Miraculous? Indeed!!!

A special prayer here in this temple, is Mouna Viratham. That is essentially a silence prayer. To stay in this temple for a few days and be silent throughout and offering that silence itself to the Lord is considered a very special prayer. This offering is especially for child bearing issues. Did I specify earlier that this temple is a pregnancy specialty temple??? After we came across wedding and women health specialty temples in my older posts, now this is pregnancy specialty temple!!! This offering is further extended by cooking along with the maintenance of the silence and performing Annadanam (food offering to general public).

The other shrines here are of Chandran, Sooriyan, Dakshinamurthy, Kannimoola Ganapathy, Raghu (with his wife), Kedhu, Kaala Bhairavar, Chandikesar, Navagraha, Ayyanar, Sarabeshwarar, and 63 Saivaite Saints. The Sthala Vruksham (Holy Tree) is Vilvam and the Theertham (Holy Water) is Cauvery river indeed.

On the western side of the temple, just opposite to the temple, but before the Cauvery river, is a huge Peepal tree. Below this Peepal tree are several sculptures of Naagar (snake). These are kept by devotees as a dosha parihara for Raaghu Dosham. This temple is also special for weddings.

I came out of the temple and stood in the river for some time. Somehow the river gave me this strong urge to walk across it like the way I reached Agasthair Paarai.

After soaking my feet in the water for some time and getting the fish pedicure at no cost at all (!!!), I walked down the street again.

I enquired about this temple called the Thangamma Pillayar Temple. I was told to take a little street beside a Ramana Madam (Math) I found enroute. I did find the shrine there. It was a little temple, more than that, it could be called just a shrine. It enclosed both Lord Ganesha and Lord Karthikeya/Muruga.

The streams from the main River Cauvery that run throughout this little village somehow made the place so beautiful and serene and so amazingly peaceful!!!

To Reach There:

Refer to my previous post

Timings of Achaladeepeswarar Temple: 6:30am-12:30pm; 5pm-8pm


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  1. Beautiful Photos & Divine Description :) :)

  2. Wonderful shots of the place. You manage to take us to places that are very little known.

  3. Another wonderful post full of beautiful photos!

  4. Hi Bushavali

    Interesting facts about temple

    Silent Prayer ?

    Thanks for sharing

  5. Nice description Busha...
    heading to Kolli hills this sunday... Ur write up is quite helpful.

  6. The non fluttering lamp. Mounavratam and the other specialty were very interesting. There are some more West facing temples elsewhere. I need to recapitulate. Thanks.

  7. The temple is beautiful. Interesting that it faces west and specializes in pregnancy.

  8. Hello,

    I never realised that most temples face the east.

    In Christianity we have cloistered nuns.They dedicate their lives to God and live in seclusion and they don't come into contact with outsiders all their lives.They just pray to God all the time.

    It would have been a thrilling experience to get s pedicure from the fishes.

    Lovely photos and wonderful narration.

    Best wishes,

  9. wonderful images and commentary about this amazing place

  10. Another fantastic place amidst the palm trees!

  11. Fantastic , will visit these temples when we make a visit to Namakal .

  12. @Creativity,
    Thank you so much dear.. :)

    Its my pleasure to take you there!!! :)

    Thanks sweetheart.. :)

    Isn't the silent prayer that too accompanied by cooking and serving, such an unusual thing!!!

  13. @Niranjan,
    Thanks da!!! Hope you go to Kolli soon again!!! :)

    Yeah!!! There are a few more temples that are west facing and very very few that face north and almost none that face south!!!

    Thank dear.. :)

    @Joseph Cheta,
    Yeah, but what nuns do is an extreme which is equivalent to Sanyasis in Hindu and 'Vadakkiruthal' in Jains. But this prayer is simple for normal people who do this to ask God for certain wishes to come true!!! :)

  14. @Magic Eye,
    Thanks love.. :)

    Oh yeah!!! :)

    @Team G Square,
    Awaiting your travelogue and trip experiences on this place!!! :)

  15. Hi,Its very nice to see my native through ur camera

  16. @Professional Diary,
    Wow. Great to meet a native of this place through my blog. Welcome aboard dear. :)
    And am very glad you liked it.. :)

  17. very nice information abt my native.. usefull to others.

  18. wonderful post... i want to know about samohana krishna in mohanur..give details if u kno..thnx

  19. very very nice cant explain by my words because i am short of words

  20. Very good travelogues.
    Small correction about the Mohanur siva temple. It can't be one of the "Padal petra sthalangal" , so "Hymns were sung on this temple by one of the 4 Saivaite saints, Appar. " not true. This place not in the 274 koil list.


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