Paramathi Velur Bhimeshwarar Temple (Namakkal - Tamil Nadu)

Being at Karur, in centre of Tamil Nadu, I was trying to make up my mind as of towards which direction should I move on. Towards one direction is Tirupur and Kovai, another is Palani, another is Trichy, another is Namakkal and Salem, another is Erode. But a major drawback of a temple tour is the timing. Any temple which not tooooo big, would be for sure closed (Nadai Moodudhal) at noon. So any trip must start in the morning and finish off by noon and again re-start at evening. After shortlisting on Kodumudi and Paramathi Velur, I thought over for some time. Paramathi is rather a road lesser traveled than Kodumudi, so that was my choice.

Paramathi Velur Bheemeshwarar Temple

At 9:00 AM, I reached Karur bus-stand. Only after asking a few bus conductors of Namakkal and Salem buses “Will is stop at Paramathi.?”, who answered in absolute frustration, “No”, did I realize that Karur itself has a smaller village besides called Paramathi. People call it Karur Paramathi. And clearly specifying Paramathi Velur only yields results. Then, I took a local bus to Velur, with a hope of getting another bus from Velur to Paramathi.
As I reached Velur in a 45 mins ride, there was a bus that goes to Namakkal, via Paramathi. I boarded it and as I was directed earlier, I told the conductor to inform me when we reached Paramathi-2. Well, it’s not the pincode. There are 2 stops in Paramathi. Stop 1 is in the centre of the village and stop-2 is at the end of the village which also has the diversion to Thiruchengodu.

Paramathi Velur temple Thirumanimutharu river

Paramathi Velur at Thiruchengodu highway

With the co-operation of the kindhearted bus conductor, I got down at Paramathi-2. I enquired a customer at a local vegetable shop, “Where is the Ishwaran Koil (Shiva temple, as it is mentioned in every little village or town of Tamil Nadu)”, who replied “I am also new here. I have no idea”. Then I asked the owner of the shop, on which point, a local elderly man came forward for my help and said, “Walk down the highway (the way to Thiruchengodu) for about more than half a kilometer, there you’ll find the temple on your right. You can’t miss it”.
I started walking the road, and the road made me hum “I walk a lonely road, the only one that I had ever known….”. Well, it was a highway and apart from the occasional screeches of the high speed motors and people with cattle on the either sides, it was pretty much lonely. Indeed a road less travelled.
Just as he directed, when I was almost reaching half a kilometer, I could find the gopuram of the temple. Along the way, the river Thirumanimutharu kept me company.  

Paramathi Velur Ishwaran koil Bhimeshwarar Temple

Paramathi Velur Temple Thirumanimutharu River, a tributary of Cauvery

I kept my fingers crossed hoping the temple would be open. To my gladness, the temple was open. I went inside. The Lord Shiva, here faces East. Since, I entered through the highway, i.e. through west, I circumambulated (Pradakshinam) and went to the eastern side. But alas, the Sanctum Sanctorum (Garba graham) was closed. I noticed that the eastern way directly led to the Thirumanimutharu River. I came back to the western door and asked the elderly lady seated there for shade, “Where can I find the Gurukkal of this temple?” For which she answered “He went back home.” Oh no.. Did I travel all the way from Karur for this.? I asked her “When will he be back.?”. She – “Tomorrow only”. Me – “Fine, where is his home”. She – “Go straight, turn right. His home is opposite  to Amman koil.”. It was a walk back in the scrotching sun to the bus stop and turned right. Finding his home was rather a simple task, everyone here knew him. I requested him to come to the temple and he did. This onward journey was a bike ride, thanks to him. Since it’s a rare temple, with hardly any visitors, he doesn’t stay there throughout.

The Lord Shiva here is Bhimeshwarar and Ambal here is Vedanayagi. This was built 600-800 yrs ago. It seems like during Pandya Reign, with the presence of their symbol, Fish on the ceiling. It was further improvised and renovated during the reign of Tipu Sultan. The compound wall was not built until recently.

Paramathi Velur Namakkal

Paramathi Velur cremation ground near temple, considered the southern equivalent of Kasi

The specialty of this place is that, apart from Kasi (Varanasi/Benaras), this is the only place where a Shiva Temple, a river and a cremation ground are present together. Some communities cremate in the river itself and some in the shed beside the river. This river is the Thirumanimutharu which originates from Servaroyan (Shevaroy) Hills of Yercaud, it travels through Salem, Namakkal, Paramathi and merges with the Cauvery River near Velur.
I just stood there besides the river for a few minutes. It was a great sight. The local shepherds where indeed amused to see a lone traveler here, inspite of me wearing a salwar kameez and not jean clad. One lady couldn’t control her curiosity and asked me,"Who are you.? Came alone.? Where are you coming from.?” Well, I just said, “I had to say my “hi” to Bhimeshwarar”.
I walked back again, and on my way I saw the shed where cremations take place. It was quite a moment to be there in that spot and feel the cremations that happened there. Then I reached the Paramathi bus stop again and had a juice, thanks to the lowered blood-glucose level and mild-dehydarion in my body, and got my bus back to Karur.
While the Namakkal Sri Anjaneyar Temple and Namakkal Namagiri Thayar samedha Narasimha swamy temples are the most famous temples of Namakkal, this temple has a quite unique quality for its 'cremation' aspect and for being the Kasi of South India. This temple is just 20km from the 2 famous temples in Namakkal. So it is definitely a must-visit, since the bus service is pretty good and with a car, it is super easy!  

Bheemeshwarar Ishwaran Koil of Paramathi Velur: On Google Maps
1. From Karur: 28 km; Take any bus that goes to Namakkal or Salem.
Just be sure to specify its Velur Paramathi.
2. From Namakkal: 18 km; Take any bus that goes to Velur or Karur.
3. From Thiruchengodu: 30 km; Take any bus that goes to Velur or Karur.

From Paramathi: Walk or drive a bit more than half a kilometer in the route to Thiruchengodu. The temple is on the right side.
Phone no. of the Gurukal (Priest): 04268 - 251946

Paramathi Velur Temple Bhimeswarar Paramathi Velur Temple Bhimeswarar


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  1. A very good travelogue. Giving the experience first and then how to reach the place comfortably and that too the punch is the gurukkal's phone number. nice. the moment we reach the bus stop we can call the gurukkal to come to the temple and have comfortable darshan. (How much is to be greased for the gurukkal to come untimely?? ha! ha! ha!)

  2. Thanks Nara. And its not greasing yaar, its coz of them, the legends of these places still survive...

  3. busha, it can be reached easily frm salem..and more comfortably frm tiruchengode. i used to visit paramatthi every month while i was in colleege in tgode.. its wonedrful temple and village itself is beautiful

  4. Every blog brings out its uniqueness... this one brings out the "girl who is devotional going to a unknown temple on her own and brings out a sleeping gurukal to do a archanai".....

    i think i liked that part very much......

    i would like to know , how much money u dropped in his "thambulam" plate.....

  5. Hi LK, thanks for the comment. Actually I left mentioning Salem because, I mentioned Namakkal. And from Salem to reach here it has to be through Namakkal only. And ya, I have mentioned Thiruchengode.

  6. Krish, thanks for the comment.
    Gurukal was not sleeping, he is also a Gurukal in another local small time temple. You cant expect someone to depend upon a temple which has hardly any visitors.
    And, the answer to the last question is a biggggg secret. :D

  7. un ennamum alagu.un kavidhaiyum alagu..

  8. Fantastic travelogue!!! simple guidance that u gave above for debut traveler . Thanks for the updation if possible definitely i travel that temple.

  9. You are an adventure lover! Nice photos too.

  10. @ Saravanan: Nandrigal pala. :)

    @Mike: Thank you. Anddo find time to visit the places if possible. :)

    @Ramakrishnan Sir: Thanks Sir. It is indeed adventure that makes life thrilling. :)

  11. Good narration. But the title is misleading as you have visited only Paramathi not Velur :-(

    * Vaigai

  12. @Vaigai

    Title is so given, to lead that this is the Paramathi near Velur and not the Paramathi near Karur. :)

  13. you stated the "The speciality of this place is that, apart from Kasi (Varanasi/Benaras), this is the only place where a Shiva Temple, a river and a cremation ground are present together. "

    In Tamil Nadu, you can find so many places like that. I am from Velur (paramathi velur). In velur near to cauvery bridge, we have temple called "Vishalakshi sametha Kasi Viswanathar". it is located very very near to cauvery and cremation ground. By South enterence from Vishalakshi sannathi, you can see cauvery river. It is also very old temple. we can see fish symbol on the compound wall.

  14. @Pradeep

    If am not mistaken, are we talking about the same temple? Since you belong to Paramathi Velur, you actually know that this is the only ancient Shiva temple in the locality (Leave the new temples and non-Shiva temples).
    And generally the Shiva and Ambal sannidhi face East and sometimes West. South is something I haven't heard of so far (My knowledge is also very small. It might be somewhere as u've specified of which I am unaware).

    Anyways, let me know if were talking about the same temple, as sometimes Gods have one Sanskrit and one Tamil name for eg. Pasupathiswarar and Aanirayappan are one and same.

  15. @Pradeep

    Not many temples are there with all 3 together. Generally Shiva temples have a river beside OR a cremation ground. Not both in common.

  16. @Mitr - Friend

    It is very big subject to describe why all those things like that. Anyway I will try my level best. In old days, mostly the cremation ground will be there in the south side of end of the village. After die, the soul to take a travel towards south side if it is good. that's why they have done like this.

    I have not heared something special being a temple with cremation ground.

    Facing direction has lot of meanings.
    East Facing - (Sathveegam)(soft)(Most of god)
    South Facing - (Anukgraham)(Thakchina moorthy)
    North Facing - (Ukkram)(Kali, Bhagavathi, Thurga)
    West Facing - (Sathveegam) (Rare)

  17. Velur - 638182. you can find more velur in TN. that's why we used say "Paramathi Velur". Paramathi Velur means, Velur only. Not paramathi. I have seen the picture and details about the temple. It is not what i am saying. You can find a temple which i said early, in Velur only. Here Vishalakshi sannathi is south face only. From her sannathi, you can see cauvery river. But normally Ambal sannathi facing is east only. Now the people are renovating the temple becuase it is very old.
    My house is on the way only.
    Direction: From velur bustand, south direction end. Straight road ends with river and temple.

    1. I heard that they have been renovating it for 15 years. Can you guys check if there is any real renovation happening or is that being used by somebody for selfishness? Temple should not be kept closed for a long time which is not good for the city

  18. @Pradeep,

    That's a greeeaaat piece of info. Thanks a lot..

  19. would like to add a few more info...


    the temple u saw was not built during pandya reign.

    the temple u saw is part of the 5 temples built during the chola period [not sure of the exact king].

    all the 5 temples are along the western banks of river thirumanimuthar.

    1.Sugavaneswarar Temple in Salem.

    2.Srikarapuranatha at Uthamacholapuram [on NH-47 from kondalaampatty byepass to coimbatore]

    3.Vimesar at Veerapandi village [very much neraby to temple 2.] [veerapandi arumugam-the agri minister of TN-hails from this village.]

    4.Patteesar at Paramathi [the one u have visited]

    5. Thiruvelinathar @ Nanjai Edayar village [3 kms fom velur town in namakkal district].

    the thirumanimuthar river merges with river kaveri
    in Nanjai Edayar village.


  20. @Bhuvanes
    Wow.... Great info... Would try to go to all the places in your list. :) Thank you.. :)

  21. Best is to visit all the above 5 temples on the same day

  22. This temple is situated at a distance of one km from Paramathi in the village called MAVURUTTI (MAVUREDDY) AT Trichengodu road

  23. Hi Ravi,
    Thanks for dropping by. So, that place is called Mavurutti. Thanks for the info... :)
    Do drop in often, would love your comments and visits and followups.. :)

  24. iam really enjoying with all your comments on my native place


  25. Hey Murali,
    Welcome to my blog. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Do drop in often!!!

  26. Hi,

    I just came across this blog. Indeed it is a good blog.I have crossed this temple 'n' number of times.But I have never been into this temple.I will visit next time.

  27. @Anonymous,
    Do visit the temple. And do share your pics & experiences.
    Thanks for dropping by & commenting. Do visit often... :)

  28. Wow.Great one.Being the paramathi velur resident i am ashamed myself for unaware of this temple.I traveled lot to paramathi .But i missed this temple.
    Thanks for the great effort to go there and bringing the temple in to the peoples attentions.(i came to chennai before 8 years).How much i missed.I am jealous on u.


    1. Oh my... Pls don't be jealous of me.... :)
      Do visit Paramathi and do visit the temple...
      The river behind the temple is such a peaceful place to spend a few hours...
      Thanks for dropping by my blog. Do drop by often.
      I'd love your visits & comments...

  29. Pillur Shiva temple also near the thirumanimutharu river bank and it's very old temple it's lord shiva facing west direction.It was now renovated with old architecture in this river bank many old shive temples are there like in mavuretty, pillur, idaiyaru and sugavanesshvarar Salem and one more temple near moorrhy patty etc... I know less info


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