Mohanur Temple Tour Part I (Namakkal - Tamil Nadu)

Mid of Jan is auspicious all over India. In Punjab its Lohri, in rest of north India its Makara Sankaranthi, in south India it’s called Pongal. It’s all and one and one and all and it’s a harvest festival very special all over India. And I am usually at my home with my parents for every Pongal, but this Pongal, I couldn’t get back home. I was down with 102 deg the previous night of Pongal and was a bit better only the next day. The next day was Maatu Pongal which is the auspicious day for the animal that’s so important for harvesting – cows and oxes!!!

On this day, I left to Mohanur, a place where I heard about the existence of 3 different ancient temples.

Before getting into the details about the temple, first lemme tell you about Mohanur. The reason for the name Mohanur itself is interesting.

One reason is that the people of this region worked as middle men or agents in the ancient era. Mugavar is the term in Tamizh for agents. So the place came to be known as Mugavanur which derived later on as Moganur.

Another reason is that Lord Shiva wanted to see the reincarnation of Lord Vishnu as a woman i.e. Mohini, here in this location. So Mohanur!!!

Another reason goes as a reasonably longer. Once all the heavenly devas went in search of Lord Shiva accompanied by Ganga. But he was alone there. So they started their search for Ganga and went to Lord Muruga. He too started to search her. Searching her, they reached Madurai where Madurai Meenakshi directed them towards north near Cauvery. Lord Muruga came to Cauvery, yet didn’t find her. So He went on a severe meditation on her. Ganga appeared in front of him. She was so over-whelmed by his motherly love and hugged him. Since the mother-son love between them was found here, the place was called Maganur. Magan means son in Tamizh. Maganur later derived as Mohanur!!!

So, here is my first temple visit. The first one was the Kalyana Venkatramanar Temple. Its again a wedding special temple. Remember the other 2 – Thanthondrimalai venkatramanar and Nithyakalyana Perumal. This temple has no epitaphs in it and so the origin dates are not found. However, the entrance of the sanctum sanctorum has a wristband and sword symbol on it. It’s a signature of the Nayaks. So it is assumed that this temple belongs to the Nayak Era. The main god here is Lord Vishnu as Lord Kalyana Venkatramanar.
The legend here is that a poor old Brahmin was on his foot towards Tirupathi. But his leg got fractured enroute. So he cried to the Lord about his inability to proceed further. So the Lord said that the next morning he would appear here itself in front of him. He slept in peace of mind and the next morning there the Lord appeared to him in the very location. Now that very location is where the temple is.
Radha Kalyanam is an auspicious festival which occurs here often. Last week Radha Kalyanam happened here for 4 days. So, what exactly is Radha Kalyanam – Remember the Radha Kalyanam I attended in Manathattai Agraharam?

First shrine here in the circumambulatory passage is of Chakkarathazhvar which is essentially newly constructed. Its depicted as on a wheel or Chakram. On the anterior side of the wheel is Yoga Narasimhar.
Further on the circumambulation passage is the shrine of Dhanvanthri who is considered as the medical God. He is considered as the doctor of doctors.
From there the next shrine is of Shri Lakshmi Hayagreevar. Hayagreevar is the horse faced incarnation of Lord Vishnu.
Just opposite to his shrine is the shrine of Medha Saraswasthi, who is essentially the Goddess of knowledge and education. She is usually seen holding the musical instrument Veena in her hand. But here quite unusually she doesn’t have one.
The Sthala Vruksham (Holy Tree) here is the Vilvam and the Theertham (Holy Water) here is River Cauvery as this temple is located at the shores of River Cauvery.
From there my next destination was Achaladeepeshwarar temple which is a Lord Shiva Temple. This temple was located at the end of the road leading to the river from Kalyana Venkatramanar Temple.
Guess my post is going too long. I’ll get back about Achaladeepeshwarar and the 3rd temple back soon!!!

Before I go, this shot from near the temple is of a little wooden bridge that caught my attention!!! Here for you to enjoy as well!!!

From Karur: 40 km via Velur
From Erode: 71 km via Paramathi
From Trichy: 80 km via Kulithalai
From Salem: 70 km via Namakkal
Mohanur has a government guest house near the river near Achaladeepeshwarar temple about which I do not know the details.
However the nearest town to stay in private hotels of all price ranges is Karur.

Ph. No of Kalyana Venkatramanar Temple Priest: +91 94429 57143, +91 99659 96100 (Mr.Sridhar Battar)

Some oncoming imp. dates to remember:
Feb 3 - Thiruvona Nakshatram Pooja at 6 pm
Feb 16-22 - Laksharchanai


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  1. Wonderful shots :-)
    Thanks for sharing the beauty from your country !!

  2. Beautiful description. Liked the historical and mythological significance of the title of the place.

  3. splendid stuff dear... You have become a master at temple travelogues.


  4. India is a religious land. Ever since the dawn of civilization, India has been the birthplace of many religions. Being so, the country boasts of a lot of pilgrim destinations within its precincts. Rich in mythology, it has a number of temples, mosques, monasteries, churches and gurdwaras, which attract lakhs of devotees every year. Pilgrimage tour India

  5. Hi Friend! Would love to have some time to get to India this winter...
    Lovely shots!!

    Thanks for your comments at Blogtrotter Two, where Egypt 2010 ended up in magnificent glory for Ramses II at Abu Simbel! Enjoy and have an exceptional weekend!

  6. Lovely pictures , nicely written .

  7. Hi Bushavali

    Interesting stories about name of the place

    good text and pics

    thanks for sharing

  8. @Anya,
    Thanks a lot Anya!!! Its a pleasure doing that!!! :)

    Thanks a lot dear!!! Guess its your first visit here!!! Do drop by often!!! Would love your visits & comments!!! :)

    Ha ha... That's a compliment... Thank you so much.. :)

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  10. Mohanur was rally interesting. One would fall in love. The photographs are amazing.

  11. @PNS,
    Thanks a lot... :)

    Yeah, isn't it awesome and so ecofriendly too!!!

  12. Hi,

    An excellent post!

    I hail from Mohanur, and enjoyed reading your post! Wish you had come there a week before - I was there for the Radha Kalyanam festival.. :)

    Another temple I would suggest you to visit(next time) in Mohanur is the Navaladian Temple, which is very famous.


  13. @Sridhar,
    Thank you so much dear.. :)
    Nice to meet someone from Mohanur. Yeah, I missed Radha Kalyanam...
    Thanks for the extra bit of info.
    Will visit Navaladian temple on my next trip to Mohanur. :)
    Do drop by often. I'd love your visits and comments.. :)

  14. You have described this temple very beautifully. I really liked the part where you have explained the mythological significance of the temple.

  15. @Vacations India,
    Thank you so much dear.. :)

  16. hey my native is namakkal. now i am not in india, i have gone to mohanur so many times. but when i see through ur camera, its more beautiful.thanks

  17. @Boopathi,
    Great to meet a native of this place. Am glad you liked my post dear. Do drop by often... :)

  18. Ph. No of Kalyana Venkatramanar Temple Priest:97 94429 57143 Sri. Sridhar Battar Alais Shrinivasan.

    the above Mob.No.9842396719 is not myselvs Please Edit this Mobile No. your uploaded. thanking you.

  19. Dear Sir/Madam There is a small mistake happened in this given information. From the above given Contact phone number you have to call only to Sri Sridhar Bhattachariyar, Mobile Number - 9442957143. Do not contact Sri Kumar 9842396719. By Kumar, Agraharam, Mohanur, Tamilnadu, India.

  20. Mohanur it was an amazing place to travel. I went last year it was a wonderful trip in my life time.


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