Thanthonimalai Kalyana Venkatramanaswamy Temple (Karur - Tamil Nadu)

At a point of time when I was working in Karur, a friend from Mumbai, who was a native of Tamil Nadu, dropped by to meet me. So, I had to entertain my friend for a whole day. Sounds simple isn’t it? Nothing should be a problem, right.? Wrong!!! Situation was not that easy as it sounds, because, my friend was a ‘he’. Even now, what’s the big deal!!! 

Karur is a small town where there are no multiplexes, or malls, not even a CCD (Café Coffee Day) or Kwickys. So what, why not take him home? I was living in a room, and it’s a big taboo to take in a guy in a gal’s room, when there are no elders present, because it’s a small close knit town where people always know very well about their neighbours and even the people who visit the neighbours!!! So if I take him home, I will have to face a range of questionnaire from my neighbours!!!!! Now, does the issue sound complicated enough?????
Still no complaints… It’s a blessing in disguise many a times. Any time, I can just get into any of my neighbours places for any kinda favours and it’ll sure to be done. And risk factor is so very low as neighbours are really caring enough!!! I just had to put up with that day!!!!!
Early morning I went to the bus stand and welcomed him. After a simple breakfast in a local hotel, I took him to Pasupatheeswarar Temple. After showing him around the temple and all the specialties of it, we sat there below a tree in the temple. Most of the ancient temples, have a huge frontal area for the devotees to sit and relax or meditate or even study in the peacefulness of the temple. I found a nice place below a tree and we were there chatting for a few hours, till it was lunch time!!!

Then I took him for lunch to once of the biggest restaurant in Karur. It was a sumptuous 3 course meal. It was delicious!!! I thought, like in the coffee shops, I could spend atleast an hour home in that restaurant even after completing food. But my guess was rather wrong. After some 10 mins after the food, I was requested politely by the waiter that they had to clean up the restaurant. Well, that was a polite way to say, ‘Get out!!!’. It was around 3 or so. I had a few more hours to pull. I thought of getting back to the Pasupathiswarar Temple. But being a lunch temple, it would be closed for Nadai Moodudhal, the regular noon closure. I seriously didn’t know where to go, when Thanthondrimalai, locally called Thanthonimalai Temple struck my mind. This one, being a cave temple on the top of a hillock, wouldn’t be closed for noon. So we took a bus to Thanthonimalai and we were there in front of Kalyana Venkatramanaswamy Thirukoil, one more of the famous temples near Karur.

The God here is Swayambu, which means the God’s structure here formed by itself, or by nature. Well, there has been serious doubts about the residing deity here. I’ll say about it in detail soon.
Where we alighted was the base of the hillock. A flight of steps, I guess would be around 70 took me to the entrance of the temple. There was the main deity in the Sanctum Sanctorum. This deity here is considered as Lord Shiva due to the presence of Bootha Ganam (flying cherubs) along the ceiling entrance. This styling of Bhootha Ganam is seen only in Shiva Temples. But Sadashiva Brahmendral of Nerur considered the Lord here as Lord Muruga (aka Karthikeya – Lord Shiva’son) and performed prayers here. Some say its a Jain temple. However the most accepted version is that the Lord here is Kalyana Venkatramana Swamy, a incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Well, this place is again a wedding specialty temple like Thiruvidanthai. No, again ‘No’. I am not in any plans to get married soon.
Like any temple that has 'wedding' as its specialty, this too automatically became one of the famous temples in Tamil Nadu as well as one of the important places to visit in Karur.
Karur Thanthonimalai Temple of Kalyana Venkatramanaswamy
The lore and legend of the place goes such that, a child less person called Somasharma, was guided here by his instincts, where the local people (of Thanthondrimalai - Locally called Thanthonimalai) asked to the help in the construction of a temple for Lord Vishnu. Somasharma helped the locals to build the Kalyana Venkatramana Swamy Koil. As soon as the temple was completed he brought his wife and both were blessed by Kalyana Venkatramanar with a baby. From that day on this temple is also called Then Tirupati, which means Tirupati of the south (For those who don’t know Thirupathi, it’s a temple located at the southern border of Andhra Pradesh in India with the presiding deity Venkatachalapathy and Padmavathi Thaayar. This temple is the 2nd world’s richest devotional place, next only to Vatican). 

On the left is the shrine of Garuldazhwar, Vishnu’s Vahana and to the right is a huge mandapam which is used for the Radha Kalyanam, Sita Kalyanam (These are the marriages held between the God and Goddess. Regular readers may remember the Radha Kalyanam I attended in Manathattai Agraharam) and also regular marriages of common people who prefer to get married in this temple taking the blessings of Kalyana Venkatramana Swamy.

After offering prayers, we came to the base of the hillock and sat there and chatted for a few more hours, until some 5 or so. Then we caught a bus back to Karur he headed back home.

From Karur: 4 km
Regular Bus Services available. Auto could also be taken for around 100 to 120 bucks.

The sanctum sanctorum is open between 6:30AM to 12:00NOON and 5:00PM to 7:30PM
Otherwise the whole temple is open all day long, without noon closure.

Temple Ph. No: +91 4324 257531

Hotels in Karur is available at all price points. There are several lodges and budget hotels in Karur that are very economical. Some higher end, comfortable hotels include The Residency Karur & Hotel Hemala Karur. For luxury hotels, you may have to choose one of the hotels in Coimbatore which is the nearest large city.
Karur Thanthonimalai Temple of Kalyana Venkatramanaswamy Pinterest images
Dedicated to Rathish


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  1. You are such a Lady Mitr. {:)

  2. Adjust the date setting in your camera....Or remove the date display...

  3. So cafe day illaina, koil kulama suthuveenga right???....Athu irukkattum, who is that he???

  4. Namoorla cofee day irukko illayo....TASMAC kandippa irukkum...

  5. Get out 'nu sonnathala Restaurant pera mention panna maatiya??? I guess its Nandhini or Aristo...

  6. Sari eppo than kalyanam pannika pora????

  7. Wine taste eppadi theriyum???? Ithukku munnadi Kudichirukiya???

  8. After Nithyakalyana Perumal (ECR), now Kalyanavenkataramanar Temple. Nadakkattum; nadakkattum; nallathu seekkiram nadakkattum.

  9. Nice way to spend time ,may be i should give this a thought :)
    a great hobby u have that entertains us :)
    cheers !!!

  10. Jij,
    Ennachu...??? Why so many questions...???

    Ok.. Date setting removed in cam...

    Vera vazhi... Idhukkuthan kadaisi line varai padikkanumgaradhu... That 'he' is Rathish, an ex-colleague of mine.. Whom did you think it would have been.???!!!

    That's true about Tasmac..!!!

    Same reason, why I didn't specify the Hotel's name.. Both Nandhini and Aristo are gone... Today where Nandhini stood, stands Chennai Silks..!!!


    Ayyayyo!!! Yean vaaya kelararinga!!!

  11. @Roy,
    Thank you sweetheart.. I'm flattered!!!

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    Ha ha... You should have.. But never too late.. Give it a thought now!!!

  12. Sounds like you came up with a great idea to keep your friend entertained on his visit. Fun post!

  13. One of the holliest places in Nepal is Swayambunat (Kathmandu); same god right?

  14. @Rajesh,
    Thank you dear...

    Swayabhu means self created that means no man actually carved it. It was created by God or Nature. The Deity can be anyone. I've been to many Shiva Temples which have Swayambu Lingam. Here it is Lord Vishnu as Venkatramanar. Most probably the Swayambunath that you visited in Nepal would have been Lord Shiva... :)

  15. Thanks for the wonderful post...This perumal is our kula deivam(ancestral god).I was disappointed to find no blogs about this perumal until i found yours...Thanks a lot...Will to promote this site

  16. @Sangi,
    I am glad that you liked my post and you were happy to see your kula deivam temple in my blog. :)
    Do share and spread the happiness... :)

  17. Nice blog ... Kalyana Venkatramanaswami is my kuladeivam as well. Incidentally for my wife's side also. In fact about 12 of us are planning to visit karur on 30th Jan '13 for my brother in law's son's first tonsure ritual, as it is customary in our family that every kid's first tonsure is offered to the kula deivam. I visit Thaanthondri malai regularly, at least once a year and this year fortunate to be there 2 - 3 times.

    When i was working in karur ... way back in 1995, i used to go the temple early in the morning with my room mate, where only 50 - 60 people will be there, but now ..... wow .... it is crowded always, mmmm .... that's the power of the perumal ...

    Keep up the good work, i will circulate the information that you have put up in the blog...

    Nice way to occupy yourself usefully...


  18. Kalyanavenkatramanaswami is my kuladeivam and i regularly visit the temple. Incidentally it is the kuladeivam for my wife side as well, in fact about 12 of us are planning to be there in karur on 30th Jan'13. My brother in law's son's first tonsure is being offered to the perumal as is customary.

    I used to visit on saturdays when i was working in karur ... ( way back in 1995 ) along with my room mate, where 50 - 60 people would be around in the early morning. But now .... wow - it is crowded always, it is the power of the perumal who has drawn every one towards him.

    Good information abour the temple , keep up the good work. Nice way to occupy yourself in a useful manner.

    Good luck


  19. @Seshadri,
    Hope you're having wonderful time at Karur! Its one of the best places I've lived in. Located centrally in Tamil Nadu, the places you can go around Karur are so many!
    Glad you liked the post! :)
    Do visit my blog often!!!


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