Agasthiar Paarai - Unique Village Tourism in India (Erode - Tamil Nadu)

During my earlier post on Kodumudi, I was instructed by the locals on the residence of muni who is waiting at Agathiar Paarai to slap me, so not to go there alone… Errr… Hmmm… Well, the possibility of anti-social elements there, and the nearing election during that time which resulted in a good flow of money with them, I was barred by the locals to venture to the other side of the Cauvery flowing there. Plus I was told I could go there if accompanied by guys or a big gang of gals or guys.

Agasthiar Paarai near Kodumudi in the banks of river  Cauvery
Agasthiar Paarai near Kodumudi in the banks of river  Cauvery

My mind was too adamant to go there. So in came my friend and his brother and we three ventured to Agathiar Paarai. It was past noon and after lunch we headed to Kodumudi in hopes to the explore some unknown territories of the unique kind of village tourism in India.
A few steps from the Kodumudi temple and we were at the Cauvery. I was thinking of taking up the Parisil (Circular boat), when my friend said, “Why not walk it up. It’s hardly knee deep water”. Fine then, we starting walking across, following the ladies who walked to the other side and then to the village further far. We had to follow them to walk across the river as they know the shallow path, being regular commuters, and they would be well aware of the locations of swirls in the river.
It was a beautiful view underwater. The underwater plants were too good to see them sway along the current and flow of the water. 

Water Hyacinths in River Cauvery

little fishes in River Cauvery near Kodumudi

water hyacinths in river Cauvery near Kodumudi
As we walked, the water was not knee deep. It was thigh high almost hip deep. Still, it was fun… The current was not, much and it did not pull and push us. And as we reached the shore on the other side, the water hyacinths were in full bloom. 
Just along the edge, where the water was too shallow were those little, itzy bitzy small fishes. To view them taking their ‘first swim’ (That is, I was trying to get the fish equivalent of ‘The first step’ in human context).
Then it was lonnnnng walk in the other side of the river bund! I guess it was 2 to 2.5 km. The worst part was my friends’ brothers’ trouser. That poor soul was wearing an off-white trouser which became greenish with moss while walking across the river and beige-ish while walking on the sand then. Though they don’t tell me now, I am sure their mom would have blasted me while washing that trouser.
Crossing river Cauvery at Kodumudi

Village tourism in India with locals
It was a great long walk. Though I and my friend managed, his brother became a bit tired after those endless walks. Actually, this place is not the other side of the river. It’s within the river that has dried up in summer.
This place was great. A lonely, secluded stretch of land filled with fine sand and calcium rich shells. This was the first ever time, I saw white shells. It did not appear natural at all, but still it was. With days of scorching sun shining upon them mercilessly, the moisture was all gone from the shells and all that was remaining was white, ready to powder calcium shells. Further far across, the fields started and there was the next village. The tall grass was so sharp that it could slit the skin. It was so tall then humans as well.
Agasthiar Paarai near Kodumudi in the banks of river  Cauvery

South Indian rural woman Crossing the river Cauvery
After walking a stretch of almost 2 to 2.5 km we had the view of Agasthiar(Agathiar) Paarai. According to the legends, it is said that when Saint Agathiar, first saw Kodumudi, the whole place appeared as Shiva Lingam to him. So he couldn’t even place in feet on the place, as that would be like placing feet on Shiva Lingam. So, he stood upon this rock o’er here and sang praises and hymns on Magudeshwarar residing in Kodumudi temple.
Over this rock, resided the small Shiva Lingam Kannimaar Pattavarukku… and the Saptha MaadhaAs we reached the rock, I’d bet you it looked like some secluded secret beach in Thai or Australia. It was not even looking like a riverbund. The cut of the rock and the way the water had formed patterns on the rocks were beyond imagination. I loved this place more than anywhere else!
Agasthiar Paarai near Kodumudi in the banks of river  Cauvery

Agasthiar Paarai near Kodumudi in the banks of river  Cauvery
It was then the outcome of my idiotism happened. Ahem..!!! My camera’s battery dried out. I felt like hitting my head on the several rocks there. Still, my cell cam did a decent job but not as much as my digi!!! Sobs!
The water hyacinths had taken residence here and were swaying with the flow of wind and water. The water was crystal clear. Breathtaking and awesome are silly words English gives me to describe hardly even 10% of the beauty of this place.
The risks are there. The water is secluded by the rocks in this area broken from the main river. Though being clear and pure, the depth here is much. The water has very less flow and the sand almost sucks you in. 
And ofcourse, I met the muni, as described by the locals! There were 2 guys drinking. I am sure they would have misbehaved if my trip was solo!


Agasthiar Paarai from Kodumudi Cauvery Riverside:
By parisil (coracle): Can directly reach the Agasthiar Paarai
By walk across the river: Possible only when waterflow is less in summer. Have to take the shallow route (the locals will guide) and walk upto the rock in the other side

Dedicated to Arun and Praveen


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  1. so finally... u escaped from Muni... :( ... that was nice to know abt agathiyar paarai.. do write a bit histories of that places

  2. @Seenu,
    Thanks for dropping in Seenu. Para 12 has the legend of this place... :)

  3. To describe the height of the grass you put your friends there?? Nice trips. ensaay ensaay

  4. @Nags,
    Actually they themselves wanted a pic like that... :) Danke... :)

  5. as usual good one... pics are good... i love country side soooooooo much da... and yeah we have to travel together once... naan unna paduthamaten :( ena kootindu poyen pls.. i'll be a good company :(

  6. @ Sow,

    Sure ma... Nammooru pakkam engayavadhu pogalaam... We'll plan when I come thr.. :)

  7. reminded me of my visits...gud 2 c ur thirst for travellin. but always b careful in such trips, travel wit more people.

  8. great photo blog.... kalakerel bhusha...

    so this muni is a local thug ... huh

  9. @Sujay,
    Thanks dear...
    More than 3, at the max 5, becomes a crowd to enjoy the place, unless its a picnic or gala trip...
    And, its difficult to find people of my taste, to enjoy a place for its own beauty... :(

    @ Krish,
    Thanks Krish.. :)
    About Muni, not exactly... Muni is not 'one' thug, it's a general reference to all anti social elements (read: drinkers esp.) who would probably, possibly misbehave with women.
    A 'poochandi' scare to prevent women/girls from venturing alone... :)

  10. Yet another adventure. Great photos.The two guys who accompanied you dont exactly look the strong six pack types who would scare the daylights out of "Muni" ! :)

  11. @ Ramakrishnan Sir,

    They are not, I know. But they are more than enough to scare away those silly drunkards. One slap is enough to make those drunkards faint, thanks to the overwhelming alcohol content in their body... :D

  12. Good to see your blog again... Cheerio for all your efforts “n” continues adventures visits… Ok, how do you manage to travel all these places at this time less world…..?

  13. @KC Mahesh,
    Thanks dear. Glad u like my blog. And about the time, why not.? When there's a passion, things automatically happen... :)

  14. Very interesting write-up. Would be nice if someone do a write up about jeeva samadhis of great saints in and around Chennai. Great punya visiting these samadhis as one get charged with the spiritual vibration of these holy places. Hari Om.


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