Day-Trip to Kodumudi temples & Muthur Soliswarar Temple (Erode - Tamil Nadu)

Karur is one of the cities closest to my heart - I majorly began solo travel when I was in Karur, I began this blog when I was in Karur. So yeah, I have so much to share about Karur. My weekends were busy with exploring the outskirts of this busy textile export town.

Kodumudi Magudeswarar and Veeranarayana Perumal temples.

Muthur Noyyal River

It was a fine Sunday morning and after a relaxing head bath I headed to Karur Bus stand. I saw the town bus to Karur Bus stand, leaving the bus stop. I had to catch it or spend 25 bucks for auto. I almost ran and boarded the bus just after it has started or as it is told in local slang, I boarded it in running, very much to the astonishment of those guys hanging onto the footboard. I suddenly realized I was in Karur, and not a city, to find girls in footboard of public transport systems. Well, too late. Those guys couldn’t help but staring this ‘unique’ girl. Then I reached the bus stand and took the bus to Erode, which halts at Kodumudi.
It was a, not so good ride, with the Tamil movie ‘Saamy’ blasting my ear drums. An half-an-hour ride to reach Kodumudi. As usual the curious lady sitting beside on the bus, asked, “Are u a muslim or a hindu..???”. Why am I targeted..??? I asked “Why?”. She said “Your bindi is contradicting with the scarf atop the head.??”. Oh my, I said, “The scarf is to protect my crowning glory”. She said “OK”.

As soon as alighted at Kodumudi, as usual I asked the nearby shopkeeper, “Where is the temple.????”. That sweetheart directed me well. I had to walk up in the road opposite, and across the Kodumudi railway crossing and further down and then take a left. On the way, I asked another person, “Where is the temple..???”. He said “Straight and then left. Any pariharam..????”. Errrrrr.. Hmmm….. I said “No.” and continued on my way. Yes, Kodumudi temple pariharam is why this temples is very popular and one of the Erode tourist places.

Kodumudi Magudeswarar and Veeranarayana Perumal temples.

Holy dip in river cauvery at Kodumudi near Magudeswarar and Veeranarayana Perumal temples

Bell tower of Kodumudi Magudeswarar and Veeranarayana Perumal temples.

Brahma Vishnu Sivan temple at Kodumudi. Vanni Tree sthalavruksham

As I reached, I could feel the positive vibes of this great Trimurthy Sthalam (Place of 3 Gods). This is why Kodumudi temple is special. Though its mentioned as 'temple', singular, it is actually 3 temples in the same place. As the name denotes, this temple has the shrines of All 3 major Gods of Hinduism, Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. It was so pleasing to see 2 huge entrances with the hoardings “Om Namah Shivayah” and “Om Namo Narayanayah”, just besides each other. 
Kodumudi temple story is that it was here the great Saint Agasthiyar sang upon the Magudeswarar (Shiva) here. Agasthiyar stood on the nearby rock located within the Cauvery River and saw this place. The whole place appeared as a huge Shiva Lingam to him. He decided that, placing his feet on the land would equal to placing his foot on the Lingam, and sang from the rock itself. This rock is still there to be called as the ‘Agasthiar Paarai’. It could be easily reached from Kodumudi temple via ‘parisil’ – circular boat. But the gentle man oarsman there said, “Come with few more guys and gals, coz it isn’t safe for a girl to go alone. The ghost Muni living there, would slap any gal who comes there alone”. Ok. I couldn’t force him. I asked another lady there who said, “There might be anti-social elements there. Don’t go alone there”. Well, no choice, I returned into the temple.

I went in to meet Ishwaran (Shiva) first. He was so gratifying to just look at him. The speciality is that he is a ‘Suyambu Lingam’ – Self emerged. Since, Saint Agasthiar touched Shiva Lingam and prayed here, till date, his finger prints can be seen on this Lingam. I couldn’t see the finger prints clearly, so I asked if I could come in and see, the priest said, “You’ve to get the Special Darshan ticket”. It was just 10 bucks and I could see the finger prints in close-up. Great Darshan.
I came out and did Pradakshinam – circumambulated. On the path are, Cauvery kanda Vinayagar, Dhakshinamurthy, Agasthiyar Lingam, Murugan, Durga, Chandigeshwarar and unusually perhaps, Brahma as well, apart from usual Nalvar and Nayanmars. And the Bronze sculptures of Kunchitha Pada Natarajan (Dancing Shiva) without Muyalagan is a treat to eyes with his Chathurmuga (Legs forming a square) Thandavam. Other bronze sculptures are of Bhikshadanar, Chandrashekarar, Uma Mageshwarar and Thripurasamhara Murthy.
The specialty of Cauvery kanda Vinayagar is, as the name says, was found in Cauvery River. The Dhakshinamurthy here sits on Rishabam with Muyalagan beneath, very much unusual. The inscriptions of King Sundara Pandiyan could be observed. Agasthiyar Lingam was a little corroded lingam and Lord Muruga here sits on the peacock which faces the direction, opposite than usual. All the shrines have something unusual in it. And that’s what I love about it.
Then, I came out to meet his consort, Vadivudai Nayagi on his left. This way of the presence of Nayagi to the right of Shiva is called ‘Kalyana Kolam’ i.e ‘Marriage pose’. Apart from Madurai Meenakshi this is the only place where she is to his left. As I circumambulated her, I met Vallabai Ganesan with his consort, Chandigeshwari, and Saptha Madha.
This temple is one of the most important and popular temples of Lord Shiva. It is one of the 256 paadal petra sthalam, meaning, its been mentioned in the Thevaram hymns of the saivaite saints.

Then I came out and went to meet Veeranarayana Perumal. Vishnu here is in Ananthasayanam with head at north, just like as in Sri Rangam. As a matter of fact, he is 1’ longer than he is in Srirangam, but his bed of Adhiseshan has just 2 rounds here, whereas it has 7 rounds in Srirangam. His consort Thirumangai Nachiyar is in a shrine to his left.
Another specialty here is the Sanishwarar shrine here. Sanishwarar here is seen sitting on the crow, facing east, whereas in Thirunallaru itself, he is standing facing the crow. Also seen here is a Hanuman shrine.

Holy dip in Cauvery river near Kodumudi Magudeswarar and Veeranarayana Perumal temples.

Cauvery river near Kodumudi Magudeswarar and Veeranarayana Perumal temples.

Climbing trees at Muthur Govt. High School

Alumni student at Muthur Govt. High School

Then just below the Sthala Vruksham – Vanni Tree is the three-faced Brahma. The fourth face is considered to be the tree itself. This tree doesn’t bear any fruits or flowers, so the offspring of this very tree isn’t anywhere. Half of the tree has thorns whereas the other half doesn’t. This is to understand that both Brahma and Saraswathi are together here. It is said that this tree is living ever since the times of the Pancha Pandavas. Every ‘Kalasam’ – holy container of water that goes from here to Pazhani to bathe Lord Muruga there, is further blessed with the leaves of this tree.

The River Cauvery here takes a turn to east after flowing south wards until here. And its said that a holy dip here can remove all sins. 
This sight of an albino kid with a black skinned kid was also unusual and I had to get it into my frame. The sight personifies the belief, that Cauvery removes all sins, that of our mental block about skin colors and that everyone is the same in the eyes of God...

After obtaining the blessings of all the lords and gods, I walked my way back to the bus stand. I took the bus that goes to Pollachi that passes through Muthur, my next destination. It was a small sweet village, and the bus ride to Muthur was a great relief to the otherwise rather computerized eyes. I alighted at the Muthur bus stop to meet my friend, waiting for me there. I went to his place. It was a beautiful little home with my all time favourite, Kayathu kattil that replaced the sofa there. That's the charm of rural tourism, of village tourism, in India. 
I rested for a while before we left to the decade’s old Muththur Govt. School. It was here, where not only he studied but also his dad. Sudden nostalgia spread all over me and I missed my school days as well and got reminded of all those lovely days, of playing around the trees and climbing them and last row pranks and the great teachers. I miss them all. I love them all.

Noyyal River Dam near Muthur, Erode

Honeybee comb on Noyyal River Dam in Muthur, Erode

Muthur Chozhiswarar Temple

Muthur Chozhiswarar Temple

Then we returned back to his home for a sumptuous meal. An authentic south Indian village meal with rice, drumstick sambar, rasam, curd, carrot-beans fry, with 3 varities of bajji’s as well. I loved it. And her hospitality was at its max and ate my heart’s content. Hospitality of the authentic south Indian rural households has to be felt to be understood. It cannot, be explained in words. That is why rural homestays are the best way to experience the villages of India. You need stay there, eat their home-cooked meal with fingers, just like how they eat...    

After a little nap and chit chat we left to the Noyyal River Dam. It was sad to see the present state of the place. The water was almost black, thanks to the dyeing units in Erode. The river is damaged to such an extent. Still, seeing the brighter side of every place, I loved the huge honeycombs here. They say the sting of 3 of these mountain honeybees is enough to kill a person. I dunno the truth behind it, yet I took the courage to stand below it for a shoot. Well, the shot came out good, courage pays...

Then we went to the Ishwaran Koil in the Muthur as it is in every other place. In Muthur he is Soleeswarar or Chozhiswarar. It must be an age old temple, the flooring and bits and pieces of inscriptions proved it. Yet in the year 2000, it was completely demolished and rebuilt with tiles and cement and the temple doesn’t have the old charm anymore. But contrary to the outside world, this temple had lovely pigeons and doves all over. I was lucky to see a pigeon drinking water for a pretty long time. Lovely sight, it is.

We then went to shop opposite to it called Selvam Cool Drinks. This place is so well known here and always too crowded. It has been functioning since 1975! The specialty……… Home Made Icecreams, a local produce from the village of Muthur. We had a cup of it and it could not be differentiated from any brand, except for the packaging. I loved it, and their presentation of it with tutee-fruity atop was further enhancing the feel good factor. 

Noyyal River Dam

It was evening 6 by then, and I caught my bus back to Karur with the blessings not only the Lords and Gods, but also my friend’s old granny. 

Karur to Kodumudi: 26 km. Any bus that goes to Erode passes through Kodumudi, apart from Kodumudi buses.
Erode to Kodumudi: 38 km. Any bus that goes to Karur passes through Kodumudi

Kodumudi to Muthur: Buses that go to Pollachi from Kodumudi passes through Muthur

6:00AM to 12:00NOON & 4:00PM to 9:00PM

Kodumudi Temples, Muthur Village ErodeKodumudi Temples, Muthur Soleeswarar Temple

Dedicated to Arun 


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  15. Nanjai Pugalur my native village is very near Kudumudi, birth place of the immortal singer K.B.Sundarambal and if I am not mistsken the Divine Avadutha (meaning one whose soul has attained salvation) Sadasiva Brahmendra
    Thank You & God Bless You for the beautiful and painstakingly taken photos.

  16. @Seenu,
    Hey, so nice to meet someone from Kodumudi. Nerur is where Sadashiva Brahmendral attained Salvation. You may even find my post on Nerur in this blog!!! :)

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  25. @Arun,
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  26. Hey nice blog ... We are planning to reach there tomm morning .. We are coming from Coimbatore .. So should we take a bus from CBE to Erode and from there to Karur !!! Your guidance on this would be very much appreciated !!!!!!! Many Thanks in advance ...

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    On reading your article, I observed the following.
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