Parappalaru Dam & Waterfalls (Dindigul - Tamil Nadu)

A friend was continuously telling me about this waterfall, rather a road less traveled waterfall, located near his friend’s place. Finally, one fine day, things fell in place and all three of us were free to venture to this new place.

2 bikes and 3 of us, our first target was Parappalaru Dam.

Through Vedachandhur, 14 hairpin bends led us to the hill top where a gate with a board said we were 3 km from Parappalaru Dam. Through that gate we finally reached the Parappalaru Dam. The view was great. The water was pristine. The area was vast – 266 x 83 x 123 ft in dimension!!! This river is essentially a branch of Cauvery. Cauvery comes here through via Aravakkurichi and becomes the River Parappalaru here. The place had a small government guest house, about which I have no much idea.

More than the view was the flora here. The various flowering trees here were fabulous. The water was pristine.

With the constant fall of the water in different pressure, look what unique shapes have the rocks taken here!!! Interesting, aren’t they?

Now, have a look at this pic. Ghostly??? Paranormal??? Psychic??? Yeah! Well, No!!! What exactly happened was I put my camera in the panorama mode. In the first shot, I took the scene and in the 2nd i.e., follow up shot, my friend got into the scene and this is what my camera did!!!!!

And as usual my animal luck there, this doggy, got really very friendly with us, to that extent that it became sad upon our return!!!

After spending some time there, we started to return. Downhill and further towards Palani. A small lane exactly the 2nd one after Oddanchathiram jn. towards Palani to the left. A muddy path easy to miss, with a small tea kiosk at the corner. We got into the lane and went on enquiring about the waterfalls. We were directed to go as the road took us, and we crossed a small stream. It had a few interesting, broken sculptures.

We met this old man who wanted a lift and we readily gave. It’s a specialty of people belonging to villages – they are so caring and loving. He said time and again to be very careful and return by sunset denoting a few causalities that had already happened in this falls!!!

From there, we went further and we could spot that waterfalls at a long distance. We went on and reached a mango grove as we were told. This mango grove also requires a special mention. It was so unusual. Mango groves generally have trees that are hybrid varieties that yield more. And the heights of these are not much.

But these ones here are not hybrid varieties. These were pure saplings. The trees were almost 30 ft. high. Look at their size compared to our bikes. We had to leave our vehicles here. To accept the truth, we were not really very sure of the bikes’ safety. Yet, we took the risk.

We spotted a little temple of Lord Vishnu here. I do not suspect it to be ancient. There were a few Iyappa devotees there who were enroute their pilgrimage to Sabarimala (a holy place in Kerala). We enquired them about the waterfalls and they directed us to behind the temple.

Few dilapidated statues, lot of trees and some branches and and several rocks and that what was called the route. I was fascinated and splurted out WOW!!! A small space between 2 rocks and water was sprinkling out of it. Crystal clear and wild!!! I was almost like I couldn’t ask for more. But little did I know, I had lot more to see and admire, and this was just a trailer.

We walked further and kept following the path along the stream emerging out of the waterfalls. My friend spotted a gorgeous (!) snake skin and reconsidered proceeding in that route. But his friend and I insisted on proceeding and we did.

In many a places this stream flowed over rocks and created micro, mini and small waterfalls. Doesn’t this look amazing? Something like the shots we would see in National Geographic or Man vs. Wild. I loved this place.

Well, this place was not absolutely a virgin forest. A path has been built already, a 1 foot wide brick path. I suspect this to be built really long ago, sometime during British era or so!!! It looked atleast a century old. On one side of this was the bellowing stream (a fall into it from the height – which varied from 1m to 10m – would definitely cause fracture and I had no idea of the depth of the stream. Without swimming knowledge, rather risky) and on the other side was the forest which descended to several metres. Walking on this 1ft path itself was an enthralling experience. I loved it.

Yet another mini waterfalls…

Guess, what angle this shot is taken? This is the same mini waterfalls as above, taken from the top. That 1ft path took a climb of some 15 steps vertically to reach the top of this mini falls and proceeded. I took this shot from atop. It was indeed a bit scary to climb those stairs, no side grip and a fall into the waterfall can cause severe injuries!!! At each and every one of these mini falls, I thought it was the most beautiful one until I reached the next!!!

The path further proceeded and the scenic beauty was awesome, indeed!!!

Finally at one point that 1ft path came to an end but we hadn’t yet reached the falls. It wasn’t even in vicinity!!! Did we make it to the falls finally? Wait and watch!!!

To Reach There: (near Pachalur near Oddanchatiram)

Parappalaru Dam:

From Ottanchathiram: 12

From Palani: 40

From Dindigul: 39

Parappalaru Waterfalls: A small lane exactly the 2nd one after Oddanchathiram highway jn. (locally called round-tana) towards Palani to the left. A muddy path easy to miss, with a small tea kiosk at the corner. Take the path as it takes you till you reach a small temple in the mango grove. The vehicle has to be left here and start the uphill trek from behind the temple!!!

However, I suggest leaving the vehicle in any of those houses in the village that comes before you reach the mango grove. A small amount of money to them, as a token of appreciation, I guess the vehicles would be safe for sure.

To Stay:

The nearest town in Dindigul which has low to medium level hotels. High end hotels can be found in Karur.

Dedicated to Arun and Navaneethan. And also Gopi for the extra bike.


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  1. Thats a discovery bhusha...there are plenty of such places which remain untouched..Thanks for this lovely post. And please do not keep others waiting...:)

  2. Very very beautiful and seems adventerous.. Hope you had a fabulous time :) :)

  3. Great adventure :-)
    Thanks for the tour !!!

    Kareltje =^.^= Betsie >^.^<

    ¸.•´¸.•*´¨) ¸.•*´¨)
    (¸.•´ (¸.•´Anya

  4. I like the ghost pic the most...I was thinking if you did photoshop until I read how it happened! Certainly worth trying for some paranormal effects :)

  5. neat. this was quite the adventure...i love going to these type places...neat too what the camera did to that pic...

  6. Beautiful, love the rock shapes!

  7. I'm in love with this place, really! I recalled my memories when we used to go for bike rides to such natural places. The longest we drove was 330 kilometers to see the amazingly beautiful Thoseghar waterfall.

    No doubt Tamil Nadu is way more beautiful than Maharashtra. Of course, Maharashtra has beautiful places like Bhimashankar, but at this time of the year, it's all dry and will remain dry until mid-June. It is so nice to see such greenery.

    This post made me so happy that I have shared it on StumbleUpon and Facebook. I am sure you will receive many more visitors :)

  8. Beautiful shots of the place. The place is new to me.

  9. Wow! This is fabulous! Lovely sight of waterfalls, and a great travelogue!

  10. I like the "ghostly" shot.
    The scenery is beautiful and interesting! Thanks for sharing your travels.

  11. nice post...recently i got to work on a Highway project which was from Dindigul to Karnataka border....did get to travel the road but as it was on work, did not get to stop at many places...but yes did experience the 14 hairpin bends!!!
    ur post makes me do a detailed tour!!

  12. @Blue Bottle,
    Thank you.. Guess its your first visit to my blog. Thanks for coming.. Do drop by often.. :)

    @Niranjan Das,
    Indeed a discovery, isn't it?!!! :)

    Oh yeah.. I really had a great time.. :0

    My pleasure.. :)

    @Team G Square,
    The 2nd part is on now..
    Thanks for dropping by and commenting.
    Do visit often.. :)

  13. @Siddharth,
    Do try and publish your experiments. Would love to see your trials... :)
    Guess its your first visit to my blog. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Do visit often.. :)

    Thanks dear.. :)

    Interesting shapes na!!!

    Thoseghar is just just awesome!!! I am so damn impressed!!!
    Thank you so much sweetheart for sharing in fb & stumble!! :)
    I am glad that my blog digged some beautiful memories :)

    @Magic Eye,
    Indeed!!! :)

  14. @Rajesh,
    Glad to have introduced it to you.. :)

    Thanks sweetheart.. :)

    Ha ha.. He was a friendly ghost!! :D
    Thanks love.. :)

    @Shooting Star,
    Do make a detailed tour and post it in your blog and let me know. I'd love to see your perspective of this amazing place.. :)

  15. That's wonderful! I never knew about this place.


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