Hogenakkal Falls, Dharmapuri (Tamil Nadu)

I was in Dharmapuri for a month-long project. It was a Friday for the weekend, 2 of our project-mates went off to meet their friends and relatives in Bangalore. Dharmapuri is one of the perfect weekend trips from Bangalore and obviously vise-versa. Just 2 of us, we were trying to make something fruitful out of the otherwise boring weekend. Then came to our rescue, a friend who is a local, who suggested Hogenakkal and other nearby temples.

Hogenakkal Falls - Weekend getaways from Bangalore

Hogenakkal Falls - Weekend getaways from Bangalore

Early in the morning, 3 of us started off to Hogenakkal Waterfalls. We took a local bus and as I reached there the high mountain filled completely with greens, captivated my senses. But what was not captivated was the cell phone signal, which went off completely. But that was blessing in disguise; I could enjoy the trip without any disturbance. The climate was great, the breeze was cool and there was water everywhere. As soon as we went towards the falls, we realized our big mistake – not getting a spare garment. If we got wet, we had return back with that only. So somehow, I tried to control the desire the jump into the water. But on seeing those several youngsters jumping and diving was so overwhelming, that I too jumped. All our cameras and wallets were on a rock above water level and we had a nice time in water.
A specialty here is that this place looks like a mini Niagara Falls. The height is not much. But the density of the water and the force is quite high. Being located in the junction of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, this is a popular tourist place. The river Cauvery falls down here as Hogenakkal falls. Being one of the places near Bangalore for a weekend trip, it is often filled with tourists on holidays. 

Dharmapuri Village Tourism in South India - Sugarcane plantation

Dharmapuri Village Tourism in South India

There are a few specialties of Hogenakkal tourism. One is the Ayurvedic Massage. There are several masseurs along the pathway that leads to the falls, but mainly men. It’s hard to find women masseurs. There’s an overall herbal aroma all over the place. But the problem is, with all these massage oils all together have made the rocks and water pretty much oily. The water at the falls is great but as it flows down as a river, it gets oily.
The second specialty is the parisil or Bamboo coracle that takes the visitors right under the falls for a good drench. The shrieks of the tourists with adrenalin rush of being just below the water falls was quite audible from above the rocks. Unfortunately we couldn’t venture into it as we were just 3 and couldn’t leave our cameras and other valuables anywhere.
The terrain was quite rocky and it was almost a good trek on those rocks. We reached this place to get a perfect view of the falls from an altitude. The places to visit in Hogenakkal incl. ofcourse the waterfalls & boating, then there is the Hogenakkal dam, Suspension bridge over the waterfalls & Crocodile park.  We sat there for quite some time and enjoyed the scenic beauty of Hogenakkal, or fondly 'Niagara Falls of India' and then started back.
This is a haven for meat eaters esp. fish eaters, with the freshly captured fishes cooked as Bajji’s (fried fishes with wheat dough) and served hot on the spot. The smell can be a bit overwhelming for vegetarians and it did for me. My friends had a great time. At the entrance/exit was this fine hotel. I was trying to find a decent vegetarian hotel but in vain. So, I too ended up in this hotel. But the hotel’s style was so good to help vegetarians to survive. The trick was having just a single non-veg dish – a fish curry, placed centrally on a huuuuge bowl. If you are a veggie, they spare that dish and serve the rest and if you’re not they serve it as well. Thank god. I survived. And we returned.

Village Tourism in South India at Dharmapuri - Cattle in households

Rice fields in Dharmapuri, South India

A family in the a South Indian Village near Dharmapuri

Next day, we opted to visit another friend’s house and farm in a tiny little village in Dharmapuri itself. It was around 6 am and the winter’s chill breeze was fierce. On a bike, 2 of us and our friend whose farm we were venturing to, started off, only to find myself sitting at the last and struggling to keep myself warm. Finally we reached his home and farm and there I was spellbound.
The whole place was green and fresh. The cows and calves lived in peace with the hens and roosters. There was a huge land of sugarcane vegetation. Their family was more than hospitable. All together, I enjoyed to my heart’s content. 
On another day I managed to visit 2 temples in & around Dharmapuri - Sri Mallikarjunar Temple and Chennaraya Perumal Temple. Will share in detail about those places soon.

Tradtional wooden doors of South Indian villages

Hogenakkal Falls, weekend getaway from Bangalore Hogenakkal Falls, weekend getaway from Bangalore

On Google Maps: Hogenakkal Waterfalls, Dharmapuri

From Dharmapuri: 42 km
From Salem: 85 km
From Bangalore : 143 km
From Mysore: 194 km
From Kovai: 211 km

Dedicated to Devan 'cheta', Sankar, Arunachalam, Balakrishnan and family


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  1. India is such a fascinating country. I hope I would have a chance to visit her someday.

  2. Hi ...One more nice article...have u not tried a parisals(bamboo boats) travel which is quite famous there....keep writing ..take care bye..

  3. Good that you had great time da :)
    loved ur lucid style of narration :)

  4. Hi Friend!
    Wonderful pictures! Lovely post!
    Congrats on your award!!

    Blogtrotter is leaving Iceland, but before departing it shows you the incredible Blue Lagoon. Enjoy and have a fabulous week!

  5. The falls look wonderful! Wish I was there! :-)

  6. hmm looks like you had a great time, nothing beats being close to the nature, nothing. BTW where is that picture i asked. ;|

  7. @Ocean Girl,
    Do visit India, dear.. U'll fall in love with this amazing country... :)

    I've tried Coracle (Parisil) in Thalakkadu, (remember the movie Mudhal Mariyadhai!!!). Couldn't try it here due to the camera reason.. :)

    Thanks sweety.. :)

  8. @GMG,
    Thanks dear... :)

    Do visit the southern part of the country on your next visit to India.... :)

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  9. I have not been to this place yet, seeing your pics, I am tempted to make a trip soon.

  10. @Indrani,
    This place is not very far from Blr... U can make a weekend trip... Do visit and share ur pics... :)

  11. Really a nice time you had bhusha. When you visited hogenekkal and which month is the peak season for the falls.

  12. It looks like a wonderful trip. I especially like the waterfalls. Unlike here, weather looks cool and calming there..

  13. @Nags,
    Definetely Nags. I had a nice time, esp with my dear bro. :)
    I went on the month of December. And the best time to visit is indeed rainy season. :)

    It was indeed a great trip. Glad you like it dear.. :)

  14. Hi

    Good writing... I liked the photo which has the cows..

    And didnt you see those little kids who will jump from the top of the falls to water for 5 rupees.

  15. me from salem only...have only once in my childhood:(...need to go out often there...nala soningo...cyu around:)

  16. Very informative. I have heard lot of nice things about this place. But your post has convinced me to make a rip to this place very soon.

  17. I want that Fish Bajji.....Surely i will visit Hogenakkal to taste these fishes..

  18. Mini Niagara'va...Ithellam romba over...

  19. @Mega,
    Thanks dear...
    OMG... Jumping down from thr for 5 rs, I dare not ask anyone to do that...

    Being in Salem, been thr only once..!!! Why Hary, why..???!!!!!

    Thanks dear. Its pretty near from Blr. You could plan a weekend trip I guess...

    Adappaavame... U wanna go thr for that Fish Bajji.. Idhudhan romba over...

  20. Yes i did accept your award see my blog

  21. I happen to see ur blog in indiblogger and really liked the way it is presented :)

    btw.. since even I keep travelling and currently in Bangalore. You travellogue will really help me with some nice places here :)

    Keep travelling :)

  22. The falls are wonderful :))
    I wish I was there so beautiful!!!
    Fantastic post my compliments ....
    ( Sorry I am late because a was a few days to the beach :))))))

  23. sounds like a lovely place...great motorcycle shot...great post..I have to visit India again

  24. heyyyyyyyyyyyyy enaga ooooooooooooooor.. when i was studying in dharmapuri we kept visiting hogenakkal at least twice in a month.. it was our most favorite place.. particularly the parisal travel.. wow.. it was amazing.. u have written too good about our area.. thanks pa.. :)

  25. //Sathish said...

    Mini Niagara'va...Ithellam romba over...

    hello boss .. enna over? neenga visit panni irukingla? there r totally 5 falls.. one of them is Main Aruvi. it looks like niagara only.. poi parunga boss.. :)

  26. @Venky,
    I saw... Congrats sweety...

    Thanks for dropping by and commenting dear... Glad to know that my travelogue is of some use to you... Do drop into my blog often... I'd love your visits and comments and followups..

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    Btw.. Have voted for ur blog on BCA too as I am also a member but not very active. All the very best for your blog :)

  29. Hai SanjaiGandhi...

    I never gave negative comment on Hogenagal falls. But no one can compare it with Niagara...

    For your information the total Power produced in Niagara by using only 75% of its water is producing 4500MW of Elecricity. It is 4% of Indias needs.

    The water(330million cubic feet/hr on average) from Niagara is enough for the drought hit West & South India without no other source.

    Ur district dharmapuri is also drought hit district. Let Hogenaggal satisfies the water demand on ur district first...Then u can also be proud as it is a mini Niagara...

  30. yes mitr.. even now i m going to dharmapuri only. :)

    sathish .. cool dear.. if i say that sathish is like mahatma, then ll u compare u with mahatma gandhi point by point? :)

    anyhow.. thanks for ur detailed info about niagara.. cool pa.. :)

  31. @Vineeta,
    Thanks a lot for following my blog dear... Also, thanks a ton for the vote... Luv ya..

    Ishwara... Thappi thavari 'mini niagara'nnu sollitten.. Mini'nnu dhane sonnen, I didn't say its Niagara itself... Ok, 'Micro' niagara'nnu vechuppom. Ok..???

    Cool... Enjoy pa... Post ur pics of ur visit...

  32. Nice natural place. I visited this place many years ago.

  33. My interest in travelling south has doubled after reading your blog. Great pictures and very nice information!

  34. where r u getting the distance to go to these places.. its by google na...

    i wonder whether u note down the kms that the driver has driven before and after the journey and do the calculations with the help of a calculator.. :D

    anyways went to the falls.. semmaya irrundhuthu..

  35. @Krish,
    Very small villages and some interior temples are my own observation and local enquiries.
    Popular destinations are ofcourse Google'd... :)
    Nice to know u've been to the falls. Why dont u upload those pics in ur blog...???!!!!!

  36. Kovai pakkam vanthaa sollunga.. romba nallave eluthiyirukkeenga! Gud stuff. (Came thru Sanjai's Posting!)

  37. Hi Chella,
    Sure solrean... Thank you for dropping by and commenting... Do drop in often. Would love ur visits n comments.. :)

  38. Thanks you Vinesh. Thanks for dropping by. Do drop in often.. :)

  39. Thank You for sharing your experience...Your blog cleared my doubts about Hogenakkal...Going this weekend..:)

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  41. @Prasad, Glad I was of some help. Enjoy your trip.
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