Mayanur (Karur - Tamil Nadu)

A friend bought a brand new Apache RTR 160cc and I asked him the perfect treat for it - A ride. Came a Sunday and an evening we took off to Mayanur.

Mayanur Karur

Mayanur river Cauvery

Mayanur Check dam
So what’s so special about this place and how did I find this place? During several of my trips in an around Trichy, Karur, Kulithalai etc, I’ve spotted this place several times early in the morning as the bus or train crosses. A place so serene. A railway track, then a small serene stream, then the road with lots and lots trees. Now does that sound absolutely picturesque. Yeah, and I am used to watch this great scene during several of my early morning travels. And everytime, I crossed this place, I started to yearn more and more to visit the place just for the place itself. And now came the perfect way to visit the place. A bike ride…

So off we went and tried to find the place and we did. There was the beautiful little stream running just parallel to the road and a location where there was a small bridge that connected the road and the railway track with a small path on the other side. We left our bike there and crossed the track and went to the other side. There was the vast Cauvery flowing down in its full grace and I was overwhelmed.
Though this place is not one of the tourist places to see near Karur, it is one of those unique, picturesque places and an ideal place to experience village life in India, the rural life in India.

Just as I enjoyed the river, I noticed a temple there. I enquired the locals and I found that it was the Chellandiyamman Temple. In all Amman Temples it is a practice of having month long celebrations in the Tamil month of Aadi. And the time we ended up in the temple was very much Aadi. The celebrations were in full swing. 
This temple is considered to be built 2500 yrs ago by all the 3 kings of the Chera, Chola and Pandya Kingdoms. She is called the Madukkarai Chellandiyamman. The king of the Chola Kingdom, prayed to the Goddess here to make the Kingdom fertile. So the Goddess here, has her head tilted to the north east. She is a special towards wedding problem, child birth issues, property issues. The present construction of the temple is not ancient. We took a circum-ambulation of the temple and came out.
Several festivities were happening in the riverbed. We witnessed some of them and proceeded to a structure that attracted us.
Mayanur Karur

Mayanur Madukkarai Chellandiyamman Temple

Mayanur Dam
It is called the Thaduppu Anai or the Check Dam. Its not a proper dam, but a dam like construction which is created casually by dropping in several boulders and rocks across the length of the river.

I badly wished I was with someone who knew to swim, so that I could literally jump into the river. However I got hold of my temptation and started our journey back. Same bike. Same race!!!

On Google maps: Mayanur
From Karur: 19 km towards Trichy.
From Trichy: 60 km via Kulithalai
From Kulithalai: 23 km towards Karur
Nearest Railway station: Mayanur

Dedicated to Diwesh
Mayanur Images Photos Pinterest Mayanur Images Photos Pinterest


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  1. Ivvolovukkum karanamaana antha Apache Bikeoda photo onnu pottirukkalam...

  2. Beautiful place, very scenic. A boat ride there in the water will be fun.

  3. Hai, lovely place, once i too visited, i like Karu very much,i was there for two years 1993 & 94, thanks to u to remember my olden days,,

    is there the famous cock Fight celebrated,,


  4. Wonderful scenery, thanks for taking us there..

  5. Very beautiful! Have you seen your photo in my last post?

  6. Hello greetings:)

    From this trip of yours I come to understand that there are innumerable lovely places nearby where we can visit and get the first hand feel without much expenses. I think I should try to visit some places interior near the place where I live.

    Lovely photos with interesting write up.It is amazing that the temple was built 2500 years back.

    Best wishes:)

  7. WOW ,at first sight thought this was some place in Kerala :)..
    Will definitely refer ur blog if i'm planning a trip :)

  8. woww...been to karur years ago..:)

  9. @Jij,
    Coming soon with another post in same bike. Will put the pic in that post!!! Neenga solli kekama iruppena? :)

    They do have some coracle ride for functional purposes and not for tourist purpose. We didn't venture anyways!!! :)

    Nice to see someone from Karur. Welcome to my blog dear.. :)

    Its my pleasure sweetheart.. :)

    Thank you so much for the posting in your blog.. Love you dear.. :)

  10. @Joseph,
    Definitely. There are actually so many paradises all around us which we almost never realise... :)

    Its a compliment that you would refer my blog on trips.. Thanks sweetheart.. :)

    That's wonderful. Hope you enjoyed your stay here ages ago!!! :)

    Hmm... Kerala is an awesome nature smitten place. And ya, belated Onam Aashamsagal!!! :)


    Since you are interested in Temples, I thought i thought of sharing the above link. Maybe you can contribute to this site as well, with your temple Photographs & Route Info

  12. i am proud of the fact that you have captured mayanur in its true rich heritage this happens to be my native place u have brought it to the world outsude thank you
    kathir,mullai,sam and varun

  13. @Senthil,
    I'll visit the site soon. Thank you... :)

    @Mullai Kathir,
    Its my pleasure. Your village so picturesque that I was compelled to come there. Do preserve the nature!!! :)

  14. Hi,

    Thanks for posting nice article on my native place.. You could've been to other part where you will find all the channels (The photo you have posted are of only channel of the river) are diverted/started from the main cauvery river. Don't miss when you visit the next time. i have created wikipedia page for mayanur. let me add some more photos for you soon..

    Welcome to Mayanur,


    1. Hi Arun,
      Glad to know its your native place. It was a very beautiful, picturesque place...
      I saw the Wikipedia page on Mayanur. Thanks for the link! :)


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