Aadi Masam - A month of all prayers & no marriages!

The month of Aadi is considered an auspicious month in the Tamil calendar, infact the whole of Hindu Calender. So, what’s so special about this month. Aadi month is the Tamil month that is from mid-July to mid-August. More than telling that it is an auspicious month, I could say it’s a holy month. Aadi is called Aashadam in Telugu and Ashada in Kannada & Hindi. Let's see about the significance of Aadi month.

This month is special for women. You could literally see women in every other big to little temple completely involved in every other type of devotional activity. Esp. the activities happen in the Kali / Amman temples. The activities are generally rather too fierce that would include, walking on hot charcoal, walking around the temple carrying a pot of fire, body piercings etc. And in the midst of all these, quite a number of women are seen getting into a trance state and dancing. Every Friday is very auspicious and is called the Aadi Velli; the new-moon day is also auspicious and is called Aadi Amavasai; the 18th day of the month is auspicious and is called Aadi 18; yet another day Aadi Krithigai is also very auspicious. People are constantly occupied by religious activities.

Serial bulbs decoration of Gods in Aadi month in Tamil Nadu

All the temples are seen decorated to a great extent. Here are some huge hoardings of Figures of Gods lightened up in full glory. The specialty is these serial bulbs / serial lights / fairy lights light up in a consequence, giving the whole hoarding, a lot of movement. 

As time went by, nowadays with a commercialization of everything, the whole auspiciousness of Aadi has been commercialized as well. Why not go to the temple, dressed in your finest? Clothing shops & brands began monetizing this month and in course of time the concept 'aadi offer' and 'aadi sale' has taken over the scene now....

Well, though considered so auspicious, no weddings fall in this month. Now there’s the catch. That’s the specialty of Indian traditions - there is no tradition or festival without any meaning (yes, in course of time, some meanings do lose relevancy and some practices do become mere rituals!). When this month is considered so very auspicious and devotional, and is filled with a gazillion religious practices to be observed everyday, there's hardly any mood for intimacy! The newlywed couples are kept separated. Even otherwise, with several devotional proceedings on and religious carnivals, couples do not sleep together generally, in the whole of this month. With that said, it is understood that pregnancy is avoided.

Serial bulbs decorations of Gods in Aadi month Tamil nadu andhra

Aadi Month significance, prayers, marriages, offers Pinterest

Now, the question is, why to avoid pregnancy for a whole big month??? That’s because, no child is born in the month of April-May which is the hottest month here with the temperatures soaring up to even 45°C these days. Infants would be very very very uncomfortable in that weather, not to say it is to some extent dangerous & risky to the health as well. Traditionally, since the era before the advent of any electric or electronics, without an AC (obviously before the invention of contraceptive devices), how could a baby bear that temperature?

Now, does the whole concept of the Aadi Month make sense? Every other festival and celebration and ritual in India has its own hidden meaning behind it. That’s why its called Mystical INDIA!!!


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  1. This are the reason why Indian is a land of mysticism and I just love being a part of this country. It just blow you away thinking what our country has to offer (excluding corruption)...

  2. Gud 2 c u know the reason.. but certain things to mention.. the latter part shd have come first..now having said tht.. it changes the perspective totally. In order to avoid a baby being born in Apr/May, pregnancy was to be avoided in Jul/Aug.. n hence marriage.. hence the mood to shop for / start new things.. Hence like every other "custom" they created this goof up an "inauspicious" aadi..n divert them to religious poojas n stuff.. however in due course of time..like in every other custom..ppl forgot wat this is all abt.. n the ever wily ch..t..iars.. created this "aadi discounted sale" n it caught fancy among ppl..n so became wat it is today.. a gala time ti shop.. wow ..kewl "push" mktg strategy.. thts been fooling ppl for generations

  3. @PN Subramanian,
    Thank you!!! :)

    Ha.. :)
    Lets forget those corruption etc for some time!!! :)

    When Valentine's day which is supposed to be in the memory of a saint who died to help weddings to happen, is commercialized to this extent, Aadi is no exception!!! :(

  4. @Phivos,
    Thanks sweety.. :)

    Guess you're dropping in here for the first time. First lemme invite you. Thanks for dropping by and do drop in often!!!
    It is true that the blaring speakers do cause inconvenience. The authorities may not poke their nose into it to avoid any religious conflicts. Hope the people understand!!!

  5. Hi

    good and informative post.

    In kerala aadi(karikkidakam) also a holy month.
    Reading of Ramayana done in temples. It is also
    good for Ayurvedic treatment. This month also
    called "Panjj Masam"



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