Thalakkadu / Talakad (Mysore - Karnataka)

What are the sand places in India? - Thar Desert, Beaches, then??? Thalakkadu. Located near Mysore, on the banks of Cauvery, this huge landscape is just drowned in sand.
Why? The legend goes that this place was cursed by a widow Alamelu Mangamma of the last king of Vijayanagara Empire, Sriranga Rayar, who was killed during the war with the Mysore Empire of Wodayars. She cursed that this place would be filled with sand always and that the Wodayars will have no sons to carry forward their empire.
There are about 30 temples here which are being excavated little by little. Thanks to the curse, the overwhelming sand always delays the efforts taken by the Archaeological Survey of India. 6 of them are now well excavated and are regained regular worship.
There are 5 temples here dedicated to Lord Shiva collectively called the Pancha Linga Kshetram. They are Akkeshwarar (worshipped by Sun God), Padhaleshwarar (worshipped by Vasuki - The Snake), Sykatheshwarar (worshipped by Lord Brahma), Mallikarjuneshwarar (worshipped by Arjuna) and Vaidhyanatha Swamy with his consort Manonmani Ambal. Vaidhyanatha Swamy temple is the only Shiva temple which has Swarga Vasal, a common phenomenon seen only in Lord Vishnu Temples. In Vishnu temples the Swarga Vasal is opened on the occassion of Vaikunda Ekadesi. Here it opens during Pongal. On either sides of the entrance of this temples are the relief sculptures of Thala & Kadu.
Apart from these 5, there is 1 more temple here dedicated to Lord Vishnu, called the Keerthinarayana Temple, where Lord Vishnu is in Ananthasayanam or Sleeping Pose with his consort Lakshmi near his legs. This temple also had shrines of Lord Ganapathy and Goddess Lakshmi.
After a trip to all the temples, it is then the time to to move to the water from the sand - Coracle ride in the Cauvery river!!!
I could definitely give you a couple of tips. Wear sturdy footwear which either closes your foot completely or almost totally open. Its better to venture in cooler months of the year, so the sand doesn't kill your feet!!! Apply loads of sunscreen, and carry loads of water.
P.S.1: Those who are aware of the Tamil Film Industry would definitely remember the legendary movie 'Mudhal Mariyadhai'. The scenes of the coracle ride with the heroine were very much shot here!!! 
P.S.2: Yes, its the age old me, when I was 12 yrs old!!! :)

From Mysore: 50km via Duddagere and T.Narsipura
From Bangalore: 140km via Kanakapura and Malavalli

Several hotels and dorms at all price points are available at Mysore. 

Dedicated to Mom & Dad


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  1. Its a lovely place and as you rightly said, the sands are very hot during the day time. nICE POST.


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  4. Good coverage of the dynasty which progressed with discovery of Gold in its terrain

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