Dakshina Chitra - Part I (Kanchipuram - Tamil Nadu)

One of previous posts was about Tholu Bommalatta at Dakshina Chitra. I had mentioned there that Dakshina Chitra is a cultural hub of Chennai. So here cometh the proper post on the place.
One of my dearest friends had this long time wish to go Dakshina Chitra and one fine Saturday we started off; A bus to ECR and another bus to MGM; A mini walk to Dakshina Chitra. My friend was too hungry after she skipped her breakfast (She was way too busy talking to someone special early in the morning that she forgot breakfast!!!). As soon as we entered we asked where is the restaurant and I said let’s first atleast get the entrance ticket and soon we were at the restaurant hogging onto some food.
Every other structure in Dakshina Chitra depicts some tradition and heritage of the southern region of our nation. The restaurant itself was no bar – the pillar here was a wooden pillar with gorgeous sculptural work. After our stomachs were satisfied we headed to the various sections here, segregated according to the different states of India.
The state we first reached was Karnataka. This was represented by the Ilkal House, the traditionally built house of the Kannada speaking people (trust me, the highly cosmopolitized Bangalore does not give any scent of the tradional Karnataka!!!).

This house is built traditionally with granite and seen here is the kitchen with the traditional brass utensils. Saw those vessels on the ground? Yeah, tradionally everywhere in India, cooking is done seated on the floor!!!
From Karnataka, we ventured to Andhra Pradesh.

The main hall of Andhra styled home depicted the rich textile tradition of the state. Infact a weaver was there seated on a loom and weaving a saree!!! There was a masterpiece of Telia Rumal just behind him.

On the side was another room with a display of Cheriyal Dolls. This is the Mandabeccu is a ritual of the Golla Caste of the Telengana Region in Andhra. All these dolls depict scenes from the Katamaraju Katha – the epic of this caste.

This is a typical backyard of many South Indian houses with a small passage with Tulsi plants on either sides.

Dakshina Chitra has several small huts like structures where you can just sit and chat or lay down for a breath. Anyone who has been in Chennai on a summer will understand what I am referring to!!! Its way too humid and sweating!!!

Some terracotta heads and a human head with it! Lolz!!!

The traditional fishermen hut in Andhra Pradesh.

From Andhra our next venture was Tamizh Nadu. Remember my trip to Arunattan Malai where I tried to decipher the ancient Tamil script? Here is a board with a step by step era wise slow change that occurred in the script. Pretty useful na? Next time I explore a place like Arunattan Malai, I should carry a copy of this pic.

This is a typical Chettinad House of the Karaikudi Location in South Tamil Nadu. It typically has a square shaped sky open area with these gorgeous pillars in the centre of the house with corridors that surround it and rooms all around.

Next to it, we ventured to the Religious Art Gallery. While I let you enjoy the sculptural grandeur of the hand crafted and carved wooden door, I’ll say a small bye now and come back with the rest of the glory of Dakshina Chithra.

Dedicated to Vaishu.


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  1. This place seems awesome. Got to visit it the next time am in Chennai, Thanks for ,Bhusha.. Waiting for the continuation on this.


  2. Thanks For the Dedication...

    I was skipped my breakfast because I was talking with my female cousin who is in America :P Anyways thanks for mentioning it Bhush!!!

    Loved the whole of DakshinChitra.... My long long wish coming true.... Thank you so so Much!! :)

  3. There are alot of typos in my previous post please forgive me, I am in a hurry typing my comment... Chorry!!!

  4. I have visited Dhakshin Chitra a couple of occasions & I was planning to write a post for a while now..!.
    I liked visiting it through this good post!

  5. Wow , rightly said that cosmo bangalore doesn't represent the traditional karnataka . Nice to know about this place .

  6. Hi Bushavali

    good photos with narration

    Is Kerala State is there ?

    thanks for sharing....

    my new post http://krishnasepages.blogspot.com/2011/04/kovalam.html

  7. oh lovely!! you've had a gorgeous time! I've never been to chennai.. hope to travel there some day!!

  8. Hello,

    Very informative and lovely photos. These are places which most people don't see.

    The chettinad house looks more like nalukettu in Kerala.

    Best wishes,

  9. I love the old fashioned kitchen and the fantastic collection of dolls.

  10. Interesting topic, couldn't spend much time, but i will be back soon. Thanks for your wishes at my site.

  11. The terracotta heads are fantastic!

  12. Lovely place and beautiful photos!

  13. @Niranjan Das,
    Its one of the places in Chennai, where you'll forget you're in Chennai. Do visit and am awaiting your post on this place!!! :)

    Female cousin?????????? Ok ok!! :P

    Awaiting your photos and post on this place!!! :)

    @Team G Square,
    I am glad that I introduced this place to you... ;)

  14. @Krishna,
    Part 2 is coming with the Kerala spots in Dakshinachitra!!! :)

    Do visit Chennai. Its a beautiful place!!! :)

    Thanks Cheta!!! :)

    Thanks love.. :)

  15. @Indrani,
    Do come back soon!!! :)

    Thank you so much... :)

    Thanks a lot sweety... :)

  16. Wonderful post. Very nice way to be in touch with traditions.

    Poetry in Stone - 2

  17. Hi there,
    Got here while looking for blog posts on DakshinaChitra.
    We were there last year and absolutely loved it.

    We had loved the Chettinad House and the various Kerala Houses !!

    DakshinaChitra is a very unique and interesting concept. Hope they are able to replicate it for the other regions of India.

    Here are the pictures we took when we were there just in case you'd like to give it a look.

    Take care and safe Travels!


  18. Hi Madhu,
    Thanks for dropping by my blog.
    Yes, Dakshinachithra is indeed a unique place and I loved the place.
    Thanks for your link. I've bookmarked you.
    Will visit you often.. :)


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