Mudhaliyar Kuppam & CCD Mahabalipuram (Kanchipuram - Tamil Nadu)

A recently married friend of mine came back to Chennai for a vacation and we decided to meet up, Suddenly we thought, why a gals gang meet up when we can pull in our hubbies too!!! And that's exactly what happened. 2 couples couldn't make it and we were 7 of us for that day. First we thought, any 2 of us should get our own cars, but then we decided it would be more fun if all are in the same car and we didn't have the pressure to ride our own vehicle. So we hired a Tavera and we were off. We had a whole day and a couple of options - either hit ECR and see some places or hit Pulicat!
Finally decided on ECR with Dakshinchitra, Mudhaliyar Kuppam, Nettukuppam & sunset at Alamparai Fort. Anyways, we started incredibly late by almost noon and had time only for Dakshinachitra & Mudhaliyar Kuppam. 
Mudhaliyar Kuppam is promoted by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Dept as Raindrop Boat House. Coz of that parking is absolutely not an issue, space is available. Varieties of boats are available. From 2 seater paddle boat to 16 seater house boats. We took a 8 seater. 
Just boating is available for 20 mins and for 40 mins, a trip to the island on the other side can be made with half an our stay at the island. 2 hr stay at the island is also available. The place does Kayaking & Speed Boats  too if you're not in for a lazy, relaxed day. 
After 20 mins ride we were dropped off at the island. Not exactly an island, very similar to Manori, Gorai or Madh, its a bit of land segregated from main land by backwaters. Without bridges, boating is the only way to reach here, apart from going all the way around to where the backwater begins!!!

Yet another extremely beautiful secluded, secret beach!!!!! First place is my heart would always be for Thiruchopuram Beach. I must say, Mudhaliyarkuppam won over the 2nd place!!! 
There were 2 fishermen when we dropped there. They went out of vicinity and there was no one else except us 7 in the whole of the beach... It was pristine with no trash or filth and infact no broken bottles too!!!!! 

It had been long since we, as a gang, ventured out to some place other than mall or movie and this was awesome!!! 
We did take a bit longer than half an hour to get completely drenched in waves and get witness a beautiful sunset!!! All I could think was, why should I even spend through my nose for high-end hotels with private beach when here at fraction of the price, I did enjoy the same!!! See the pic below, the tiny people there are my friends and do you see anyone else at all in this beach???!!!!!
It was a rainy season and it had rained cats & dogs the previous day. However it was pretty pleasant without rain on the day we ventured out. By the time we were back to main land, sun was down and whether had turned chill and we were literally shivering with the drenched clothes. 
There on the beach, spotted this corroded, fallen palm stem and loved its texture so much that I had to click it! Later on the way back to the boat, spotted Mr.Orange Crab safe into its shell, taking his evening walk!
We stopped at CCD, Mahabalipuram for a coffee and I was pleasantly surprised. 2 of their employees were partially blind!!! Hats off to them for the inclusive model with differently-abled people!!!!! 

From Thiruvanmiyur, Chennai: 80km on ECR via Mahabalipuram
From Pondicherry: 61km on ECR towards Mahabalipuram
From Mahabalipuram: 39km towards Pondicherry

Dedicated to Magi, Babes, Ani, Satish, Thomas & Venkat!


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  1. Awesome, I have never heard of this beach before

  2. You are a treasure trove of secluded places. Awesome post, Bhusha!

  3. i have been to muthalaiyar kuppam, but not to the island. hope u enjoyed the pristine shore

  4. such a beautiful place and a very informative blog...I actually love traveling blogs and this is the best one of them.....

  5. Good share, looks awesome!

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