Airspace Indoor Skydiving Charleroi, Belgium - A Review

This article first appeared in My Travelogue by Bhushavali
Celebrating my birthday at Airspace Indoor Skydiving Charleroi

Readers of my blog, know about my daughter Atyudarini. She's still too young to do skydiving at SkydiveSpa. However, whenever she sees our video of skydiving, she gets super excited. So I really wanted to get her started on it. So, why not indoor skydiving?!

Indoor Skydiving happens inside a vertical wind tunnel. Basically, you're standing on a mesh. From underneath the mesh, the wind blows at high speed. There's no visible fan but the wind comes in through slots on the sides. The speed of the wind is continuously controlled by the staff seated just beside the tunnel who are continuously supervising the tunnel and reading the cues of the pro-diver (instructor). There is a huge display inside the tunnel that mentions the wind speed in km/h as well as the ambient temperature in °C, and the time left on that particular flight.

Best Indoor Skydiving experience in Belgium | Airspace Indoor Skydiving Charleroi Review

Best Indoor Skydiving experience in Belgium | Airspace Indoor Skydiving Charleroi Review

Best Indoor Skydiving experience in Belgium | Airspace Indoor Skydiving Charleroi Review

Best Indoor Skydiving experience in Belgium | Airspace Indoor Skydiving Charleroi Review
As soon as we went in, our names were checked out by the receptionist and the package we selected was entered into the system. A group has about 10-12 people makes up a batch under one instructor. The first step is, of course, a safety brief. The signs that the instructor might use during the flight are explained and very soon, it is time to get ready.
We had to store away all the belongings in the locker and wear the overalls. Then, the helmet, earplugs, and glasses are given and you're ready to fly! The instructor takes you inside the wind tunnel's corridor and immediately I realized the need for earplugs; the sound of the wind is so much! We were seated on a bench in the corridor. The number mentioned on the helmet is important because that's what is connected to your name, your fly package, your photography package, etc. Then one by one we go into the wind tunnel.
At the door of the wind tunnel, you just have to fall face forward into the tunnel! Thanks to the wind, you won't fall, but begin to float! The wind speed is very gradually increased. Don't worry, you will not suddenly go to the ceiling, you'll float just at about 5 feet above the mesh. Since the wind speed is constantly monitored and adjusted, no matter what your weight is, you're still gonna be floating at about 5 feet.
As soon as I went in, I tried to 'fall' down but I was a bit too away from the door and I wasn't really falling. But my instructor, Mr. Cedric Hoex pulled me in and soon I was floating. It is a bit different from actual sky diving primarily because of the wind noise (and of course the view from atop!). While floating, Cedric pulled me from one side to another and twisted & turned me around. When my foot touched the glass wall, I pushed on it to fly ahead! The diameter of the wind tunnel is not much, so you're going to constantly going to go round & round. 
Soon it was time to reduce the speed of wind, so I was almost, but not, touching the mesh! Then Cedric told me to turn my wrists to point downwards. With that action, I was 'arresting' the wind and thereby gaining altitude. Then Cedric told me to turn my wrists to point upwards. With that, I was letting the wind go and thereby losing altitude! Well, I actually felt like a bird! Learning how to 'navigate' while floating in the air!!! This was a super cool experience. 
After flying for 60, 90, or 120 seconds (as in the package that you choose), the wind speed is reduced greatly, and you're back down again. At this point, you can also try to get to your feet, against the wind and walk out!!! That was another interesting experience: As I walked out of the wind tunnel, the sudden feeling of gravity was quite an amusing feeling.
I was back on the bench and after the rest of the people in my group finished this first flight, it was time for my 2nd flight. Yes, every participant gets to do it twice! I had opted for the HighFly option in my package. That means, at the end of the 2nd flight, the instructor held me, and the wind speed was greatly increased so we went to the topmost part of the tunnel. Then, the wind speed was suddenly reduced making you fall - that's the true Skydiving effect! You are not only so high up but also swirl round and round as you fall! When you reach about 5' height wind speed is maxed suddenly and you're shot up and then again you're falling down and again up and again down! That's thrice, flying up & falling down while swirling! That's one awesome feeling, absolutely fantabulous!

Yes! Children above 4 years of age can do Indoor Skydiving at Airspace Charleroi and that's the very reason we chose to go there with Atyudarini. To begin with, they get to choose their gear and that could range from simple green or pink or Spiderman or Superman or a few more!!! Atyudarini chose the plain pink suit. Kids are, of course, given a helmet of their size!  
As I mentioned above, the wind speed is continuously supervised & controlled; so when it was Atyudarini's turn, Cedric Hoex put his arm around Atyudarini, holding her, while the wind speed was reduced greatly by the staff outside. Atyudarini was gently floating in the wind. I could see that it was more fun for Atyudarini than for us! Why? Because there was such much space for her to float around. Cedric even made her do somersault mid-air! Cedric pulled her from one arm to another arm while she was floating. Her body was perfectly banana-shaped with a backward bend. Again I tell you, the wind tunnel is soooo much more fun for kids than adults! 
I was doubtful about how she'd react to it, so I hadn't booked for the Highfly option for Atyudarini. I told the receptionist & instructor that we could decide once Atyudarini was inside the tunnel and if she'd like the activity at all. She did very much and she had so much fun flying that Highfly was later added on to her too and she too did the whole going up & falling down thrice!!! She absolutely loved it too!!!

Whether you choose a package with or without photography in the main section of the website, you'll still have the option to add photos/videos before check-out. It is possible to take either photo or video or both. There are 2 video cameras (one above and one below) inside the tunnel and 1 photo camera. The whole flight is recorded by the video cameras and the instructor points you to the photo camera for the perfect shots of you flying mid-air. 
That said, the tunnel is transparent glass and it is possible for visitors to take photos/videos themselves. If you're going with someone who isn't flying they could take photos/videos too, but it won't be as perfectly focused as the official photos, because those are inside the tunnel. 
It is not allowed for flyers to carry any gadgets on them. You'll be packing them away in lockers. So even if you have your own GoPro, you'll not be able to fly with it! 

There is a little eatery inside Airspace Indoor Skydiving. That said, you're just beside Charleroi Airport and there are quite many places to eat inside the airport!

1. If you're taking kids, make sure to show them a couple of videos of what it is and what to expect during an Indoor Skydiving experience. 
2. Don't eat too much or things that might make your stomach feel funny! Here's the thing, in actual skydiving, if you vomit or sh*t yourself, the whole sky is available to deal with it. But here, if someone vomits inside the wind tunnel it pretty much spoils it for the upcoming set of people. As I mentioned in an earlier point, Indoor skydiving is very mild and you will not feel scared or definitely will not faint. The instructor can keep the wind speed mild if communicate your fear.
3. If you have long hair try to fix it as a bun or at least a ponytail, otherwise your hair covers your face & eyes in the wind!!!

Birthday at Airspace Indoor Skydiving Charleroi Belgium
I was filled with immense joy when I saw this on their display board!

Birthday at Airspace Indoor Skydiving Charleroi Belgium
...with our Flight Instructor Mr. Cedric Hoex

Best adventure things to do in Belgium with kids | Airspace Indoor Skydiving Charleroi | Experience & Review

Best Indoor Skydiving experience in Belgium | Airspace Indoor Skydiving Charleroi Review

There are various packages at Airspace Indoor Skydiving Charleroi. The 3 packages for adults are Discovery Pack, Advanced Pack, and Xperience Pack. Everything is similar in all 3 except for the time you keep afloat in the wind tunnel - The Discovery pack has 2 flights of 60 secs each; the Advanced pack has 2 flights of 90 secs each; the Xperience pack has 2 flights of 120 secs each. The Discovery Plus pack is the same as Discovery Pack but with photos & videos included in the pack itself. It doesn't matter because you can anyways add one later on on the next page, no matter which pack you choose.
Kids have 3 package options - Kids Pack, Kids Xperience, and Fly Like a Pro Child. Everything is similar in these 2 packs too like the adult packages. Kids Pack has 2 flights of 60 secs each and Kids Xperience pack has 2 flights of 120 secs each. Fly Like a Pro Child pack is special with 5 flights of 120 secs each! 

Packages for adults (13yrs & above):
Discovery Pack - €59
Advanced Pack - €79
Xperience Pack - €99

Packages for kids (4-12 yrs old):
Kids Pack - €49
Kids Xperience Pack - €89 
Fly Like a Pro Pack - €150 

Add-ons on all packages
Photo & Video - €15
Highfly - €10

Booking can be done online through the official website of Airspace Indoor Skydiving Charleroi.

Unlike actual skydiving, Indoor skydiving is entirely indoors, in a manually controlled space. So whether the weather is rainy or windy or sunny doesn't matter, Airspace indoor skydiving will definitely happen (except in case of extreme weather with an orange or red warning)! So book the timeslot as you prefer. 
Located very close to Charleroi Airport, look into Google Maps (or Flibco if you're using it)  to calculate the time to reach there. If you take public transport or Flibco - add about 30-45 mins to it! More on that below. in the 'How to reach Airspace Indoor Skydiving' section.

Best adventure things to do in Belgium with kids | Airspace Indoor Skydiving Charleroi | Experience & Review

Best adventure things to do in Belgium with kids | Airspace Indoor Skydiving Charleroi | Experience & Review

Best Indoor Skydiving experience in Belgium | Airspace Indoor Skydiving Charleroi Review

Best Indoor Skydiving experience in Belgium | Airspace Indoor Skydiving Charleroi Review

Read carefully if you depend on public transport!

Located just beside Charleroi (CRL) Airport it can be reached by any mode of transport that goes to the airport. While taking the Flibco is the direct bus from Brussels option, we opted to go by train to Charleroi Central (prev. Charleroi Sud) and take the LeTEC Bus Route A to the Charleroi Airport. Here's the tricky part that you should know.
While 'technically' Airspace Indoor Skydiving is located just 450m (5 mins walk) from the Charleroi Airport bus stop (which is right in front of the Terminal), the Charleroi Airport secured perimeter begins about 1.5km from the bus stop inside the airport. It means you cannot walk across the street to your destination from the Airport bus stop, even though it is pretty much in front of you. There is a high, secured fence between the bus stop and the street you need to take, to go to the Airspace Indoor Skydiving Charleroi. 
The only 'proper' way is to walk back that 1.5km to the starting point of the secured perimeter of Charleroi Airport (close to Parking 4) and walk another 1.3km in the street that's pretty much parallel to the street you just walked (via Ibis Budget)! So, be prepared to walk that 2.8km (30 mins walk) extra, if you take a bus (may it be from Brussels or Charleroi Central). You have to count on this time taken when you book your timeslot at Airspace Indoor Skydiving Charleroi.
There's another way too, in which you walk just 1.2km. This is to walk further away to the back of the airport (the route in which the buses go out). In 400m (4 mins walk) you'll reach the back exit revolving door which may or may not be open! If it is open, well and good, go out. If it is not open, wait... Buses go out through this gate every 20 mins, so when the gate opens for the bus, use the opportunity to get out! Airspace Indoor Skydiving Charleroi is 800m (9 mins walk) away from this gate. This is perhaps the easiest & best option to reach Airspace Indoor Skydiving Charleroi.

Here are 2 things you could do as well...
1. You could 'request' the bus driver to stop just at Ransart Cimetiere, the bus stop just before the bus enters the secured perimeter. This bus stop is technically not served by LeTEC Bus Route A or Flibco Airport shuttle. But you could tell them that you're going to Airspace Indoor Skydiving and not the Airport itself and the driver 'might' stop for you. A very big 'might' it is, which is entirely the driver's discretion.
2. If you're coming by train, you could hire a taxi from Charleroi Central (prev. Charleroi Sud) to go to Airspace Indoor Skydiving directly. This isn't economical, but a viable option if you cannot or don't want to walk the distance and you're going on a weekend.

That said, there is a way to directly reach Airspace Indoor Skydiving Charleroi by public transport. Take LeTEC bus Route 68 from Charleroi Central (prev. Charleroi Sud) railway station and get off the bus at Gosselies Bolland. This is just 650m (7 mins walk) from Airspace Indoor Skydiving Charleroi However, this bus doesn't run on Sundays and there are only 4 buses that run on Saturdays. So, keep a tab on the timings.


Photo credits: All photos inside the tunnel were taken by Airspace Charleroi

Best Indoor Skydiving experience in Belgium | Airspace Indoor Skydiving Charleroi Review Pinterest Best Indoor Skydiving experience in Belgium | Airspace Indoor Skydiving Charleroi Review Pinterest

Best Indoor Skydiving experience in Belgium | Airspace Indoor Skydiving Charleroi Review Pinterest Best Indoor Skydiving experience in Belgium | Airspace Indoor Skydiving Charleroi Review Pinterest


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