Unusual Things to do in Brussels, Belgium

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Gare de Merode Railway Station Murals Propaganza Graffiti

Gare de Meiser Railway Station Murals Propaganza Graffiti

Gare du Vivier d'Oie Railway Station Murals Propaganza Graffiti

While some metro stations, have some nice art installations, for some exquisite murals you've gotta head to the railway stations. Smaller railway stations like Meiser, Merode, Vivier d'Oie, Moensberg, etc have such stunning graffiti that I've visited these railway stations, just to take some pictures! Guess what, all of these railway stations were decorated by the same team of artists - Propaganza! It is a small team of artists managed by Julien Piloy. 
I had crossed the Gare du Vivier d'Oie railway station several times while traveling by train, but once, I got down there, just to look at the art - the Gare de Vivier d'Oie murals, and that's when I got to know about Propaganza. Then, I checked their website and got to know that they've created their masterpieces in quite a few other railway stations too. Vivier d'Oie is one of their earliest creations (2017) and covers an area of 1800sqm! 
One of their recent creations (2021) is Gare de Merode Railway Station murals (not the Metro station). The whole underwater feel with sharks & scuba divers in the underground passages is stunning. Atyudarini's favorites are those laughing rocks though. The approaching train mural at Gare de Meiser Railway Station is stunning as well.
Gare de Moesberg railway station murals are unique in the sense, that they're not walls, but rain shelters for passengers that are decorated with water-themed designs. Similar rain shelter murals are also in Gare de Holleken railway station, Gare de Linkebeek railway station, and Gare de Forest Midi railway station that I haven't been to still. 

How to visit all railway station murals in one go? Take the SNCB-NMBS Train Route S7 from Meiser that goes via Merode, Vivier d'Oie, and Moensberg. Take a DeLijn bus from Moensberg to Holleken (10 mins ride). Take the SNCB-NMBS Train Route S1 from Holleken that goes via Linkebeek to Forest-Est. Walk from Forest-Est to Forest Midi (1 km).

The View Brussels Ferris Wheel

Poelaert Viewpoint Brussels Free things to do

Poelaert Viewpoint Brussels Free things to do

I have an emotional connection to Poeleart Viewpoint. I was looking at the sunset from the Poeleart Viewpoint, the day before Atyudarini was born. I went to Poeleart Viewpoint from my place which was then, about 1km away, for my evening walk. 
It was surprising for me. I hadn't seen an elevator being used as a 'public transport system' till that point of time (I did see it in Luxembourg City later on though). If this sounds strange to you, let me explain. This is one of the points where the city changes its altitude. The altitude suddenly dips here. The street adjacent to it is at a lower altitude. If you have to walk, it is a hike on a 350m very steep, zip-zag road! So instead, you take an elevator, to quickly go up or down. The elevators are large enough to fit 2 bikes or 8-10 persons at a time. This is like a public transport system, free of charge. Just go there and take the elevator!
Since the altitude of the city dips here, automatically it creates a beautiful viewpoint, perfect to just sit and watch the cityscape, on a sunny evening. To aid the relaxing evening, there are a couple of waffle vans here and a pop-up bar in summer. You can even see Atomium, very well from here. 
If you're looking for more views of Brussels city, there's also the Brussels Ferris wheel here called The View (this isn't free though). With 42 cabins and a capacity of 6 people per cabin, it is definitely worth it to see the sparkling city lights of Brussels nightscape. Btw, this is also where the War Monument for Belgian Infantry is, and just beside it is the Palais de Justice

Where is Poerleart Viewpoint (on Google Maps)Monument à la Gloire de l’Infanterie Belge
Where is Poerleart elevator (on Google Maps): L'Ascenseur
Poeleart elevator (L'Ascenseur) tickets: Free
Poeleart elevator (L'Ascenseur) timings: 7:00 AM to 11:30 PM everyday
The View (Brussels Ferris Wheel) tickets: €8 for adults; €5 for children
The View (Brussels Ferris Wheel) timings: 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM everyday
How to reach Poerleart Viewpoint & Brussels Ferris Wheel: Nearest metro - Louise (STIB-MIVB metro lines 2 & 6); Nearest tram - Poeleart (STIB-MIVB tram lines 92, 93)

Ferme du Parc Maximilien Farm Brussels

Ferme du Parc Maximilien Farm Unusual Things to do in Brussels

Ferme du Parc Maximilien Farm Unusual Things to do in Brussels
Photo by Ms.Gabriella Civico

I've been to Maximilian Farm a few times now. The first time was when Atyudarini was not even a year old. While we have been to a dozen other farms in Belgium, this is a bit closer to my heart because this was Atyudarini's first-ever farm experience when she was about 10 months old. She wasn't even walking then and I brought her face to face with a pony! She was definitely confused at the least! 
Since then, we've been here quite a few times including once for volunteering work. Even though I've been to many farms after visiting here, this still does surprise me, I mean, you're in the middle of the city, 5 mins walk away from a metro station, and it feels like another world, altogether. With sheep, goats, rabbits, ponies, alpacas, chickens & more, and peacocks that freely roam about, it feels totally cut off from the busy city that surrounds it!

Keep in mind while visiting Ferme du Parc Maximilien: Visitors are not allowed to feed the animals.  Visitors are also not allowed to get into the enclosures of the animals. You could do these if you're there for volunteer work or as a part of an organized, guided educational trip. If the animals themselves get to the edge of their enclosure you could touch/pet them through the fence. Sometimes the animals want it and sometimes they don't! It's your luck! There are benches here where you could sit and have your snack if you're hungry! There is no eatery inside this farm, so bring your own snacks & water.

Where is Maximilian Farm (Ferme du Parc Maximilien) (on Google Maps)La Ferme Maximilien - De Maximiliaan boerderij
How to reach Maximilian Farm (Ferme du Parc Maximilien)Nearest metro - Ijser/Yser (STIB-MIVB Metro line 2 & 6. Nearest Tram - Ijser/Yser (STIB-MIVB Tram line 51)
Maximilian Farm (Ferme du Parc Maximilien) ticket prices: Free
Maximilian Farm (Ferme du Parc Maximilien) timings: Mon to Sat 9:30AM to 5PM

Belgian National Orchestra BOZAR Brussels

Belgian National Orchestra & Hugh Wolff  ©Veerle Vercauteren
Pic Credit: © Veerle Vercauteren. Used here with the permission of BOZAR

Attending a real orchestra had always been something I wanted to do. Much recently when Atyudarini learned about what an Orchestra is, at school, of course, I played some videos of an orchestra on YouTube, but then, I started looking at the possibility of actually taking her to one, without breaking a bank (normal ticket prices of an orchestra varies from €25 to €50 pp)! 
Guess what?! Every time, only when the Belgian National Orchestra plays at Bozar, there are these cheap orchestra tickets in Brussels that cost just €10! Of course, the €10 seats are a bit away from the stage, on the mezzanine floor. The good seats are obviously expensive. Mostly these concerts begin at 8 PM and end at 10 PM with a 20 min break in between. So we went! I made sure Atyudarini took an afternoon nap in order to keep her active at night till late. 
She loved it. Before the concert began, as the musicians came in and settled with their instruments, it was my job to tell her what those instruments were. I had chosen a concert that also included vocals and Atyudarini was absolutely mesmerized by the lead lady's voice & performance! 
The photo above of Atyudarini was shot before the show began (explaining the empty seats!) and photo/video during the show is not allowed. 

Tips for taking children to an orchestra: It's not easy! The first time I took Atyudarini to a live performance was a disaster! I was literally told off by another spectator! But that was 2 years ago when Atyduarini was much younger. Now, I sat her down and explained it with the help of YouTube videos! I told her that it is a live event where you need to maintain pin-drop silence! It was actually a success. I had made up my mind that the money I spent on tickets might go down the drain if she starts talking to me or gets restless. In fact, I had chosen a seat closer to the exit for that very reason. But somehow, she actually stayed quiet through the show. She did occasionally whisper something into my ears, but otherwise, she behaved!!! In fact, she was the only child in the whole hall during that concert!!! Money well spent!!!!!

Where is BOZAR (on Google Maps)? Bozar
How to reach BOZAR? Nearest metro - Centrale (STIB-MIVB Metro line 1 & 5. Nearest Tram - Palais (STIB-MIVB Tram line 92 & 93)
BOZAR Orchestra Calendar of Events: via the official website of Bozar (search for Belgian National Orchestra in the list of events)
BOZAR Orchestra ticket prices: €10 to €46 (while Bozar exhibitions are included in museumPASSmusées, concerts are NOT. You need to buy tickets for those).
Buy BOZAR Orchestra tickets online: Tickets are specific to each concert, and specific hall & seat. After deciding on the concert using the Calendar of Events link above, choose the seat and buy your ticket online. The price of the chosen seat would show. There, find the €10 ticket. 

Unusual Places to visit in Brussels Cemetery

Unusual Places to visit in Brussels Cemetery Battle of Waterloo Memorial

Unusual Places to visit in Brussels Cemetery Burials Tombs

This may seem strange! Why would you visit a cemetery? To begin with, visiting a cemetery wasn't new to either me or Atyudarini. We've been to several World War Cemeteries to pay our respects to the Indian soldiers who died here. 
The reason we visited the Brussels Cemetery was that I came to know that it is not only the final resting place of many important Belgians, but also, a natural spot, the green lungs of the city. When I went there, the first impression was that it didn't feel like a solemn cemetery at all, but was serene, filled with trees & moss growing over everything. 

Important Burials of Brussels Cemetery: As strange as this may sound, there is a self-guided walking map of the Brussels Cemetery. The physical map can be obtained from the cemetery's office as well! 
The first, most important burial is of Adolphe Max. He was the 10th Mayor of the City of Brussels who died in office! He's celebrated for his services to the city, esp., how he handled the city during WWI. This burial is in a central spot with paths going in all 8 directions from here. This spot is surrounded by many other important burials incl. Charles de Broukere, Jules Anspach, etc. 
Further ahead is the collective memorial for the victims of the 1967 L'Innovation department store fire which cost 251 lives! Further ahead is the Common Wealth War Graves. Of course, this cemetery does not have any burials of Indian soldiers of the First World War (& Indians didn't serve this region during WWII).  The entrance to this plot is a memorial by itself for the Belgian soldiers who died in the 2 World Wars. As I continued, after crossing the burials of a few more important people, there's the monument to the English soldiers who died in the Battle of Waterloo. This looks majestic with a woman standing atop and 4 lions in the 4 corners. 
Some of the tombs were very interesting in terms of their architecture & sculptural details like Paulette Verdoot which looks like a Sphinx; Jonathan Raphael Bischoffsheim & his family which looks like a Greek temple, Jean Volders which has a sculpture of a family on it - a tired, mourning man with a woman laying her head on his shoulders while a baby breastfeeds! 

Where is Brussels Cemetery (on Google Maps)Cimetière de Bruxelles
How to reach Brussels CemeteryNearest bus stop - Begraafplaats van Brussel (STIB-MIVB Bus lines 63, 66 & 80) 
Brussels Cemetery tickets: Free
Brussels Cemetery timings: 8:30AM to 4:00PM everyday (there are closures when it is too windy)

Brussels Cemetery Adolphe Max Burial Pinterest Belgian National Orchestra BOZAR Pinterest

Gare de Merode Railway Station Graffiti Art Propaganza Pinterest Unusual things to do & places to visit in Brussels Pinterest

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  1. It's nice to read some unusual things to do in Brussels. The station murals and fun and colorful and the farm looks like a great place to take young children. I love sunsets, so I know where to see one when in Brussels.

  2. I love exploring cemeteries! So, the Brussels Cemetery would top my list of these unusual things to do in Brussels. I'm happy that they provide a map for a self-guided tour. It looks like there are many beautiful monuments and a lovely place to walk. Thanks for this tip!

  3. I love the combination of natural and cultural aspects of visiting Brussels. I would love to visit that cemetary and then watch the orchestra at night time and probably squeeze a sunset view before nightfall. Murals are always a favorite spot for me to check out and I'd probably be on the lookout for perfect IG moments like this also. All in all, a fun and cool city to explore overall.

  4. You are right, these are some unusual things to do in Brussels. I hadn't heard of the Poeleart Viewpoint and really wish I had before I visited this city. Also, I love walking through old cemeteries. There is something so quiet and peaceful about them. Thanks for the inspiration of new ideas for the next time I might be in Brussels.

  5. I wish I has known about these especially stopping by their murials outside the train station. We stopped here for a couple of days during an interrail trip. The Bozar would have also been fantastic to enjoy the orchestra

  6. Having never been to Brussels I would have no idea what to see and do. So fun to start with a look at some of the more interesting things. The railway murals would absolutely be on my list. I can see why you would return again and again to Maximilian Farm. Fun for kids of all ages! We always plan to see a formal show when we travel and often put it off. Seeing a real orchestra might be a good rainy day activity for us in Brussels.

  7. I’m the type who appreciates street art and murals so I’ll definitely give the railway’s stations murals a go. It’s amazing that you can find farms closer/in the middle of the city. A walk to a cemetery seems odd, but I won’t mind trying it, especially, if it has historical value.

  8. It's great that you show less popular places in Brussels that are worth seeing and in addition some of them are free. It is essential because Brussels is not a cheap city. I am delighted with the pictures of murals you show. I haven't heard of these places before. I would love to visit some of the train stations you mentioned, like Meiser, Merode, Vivier d'Oie, and Moensberg, to discover murals and graffiti. I would love to see the sunset from Poeleart Viewpoint too. You have a beautiful memory of this place right before the birth of your baby. For sure I add Brussels Cemetery to my list, as the monuments are beautiful.

  9. I have never been to Brussels but hopefully we get to go this year. We always love to see murals so that would definitely be on our list. The ones you found are beautiful! We are also in for any other adventures that are free so I will definitely save this post for our future travels.


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