Best Animal Farms/Petting Zoos easy to reach from Brussels by Bus/Train

This article first appeared in My Travelogue by Bhushavali
Growing up in the outskirts of Chennai in India, farm animals were a part of my life. No, Neither did I grow up on a farm nor did my family own animals, but where I come from, cows and goats and pigs would walk around freely in the streets. There were farms in the locality and they would let their animals go out to graze, unsupervised, and the animals would return back to the farm by themselves at sunset. These animals were a part of our lives. Sometimes some of them created a bond with us. Some cows would come to our gate and moo for us to come out and feed them! We would feed them carrots, spinach or just leaves from the trees of our garden! 
Raising Atyudarini here in Brussels in Belgium, I was actually worried about her missing out on that countryside experience. Looking for farms, I came across a few 'petting zoos' in Brussels, but as soon the pandemic began, they stopped the 'petting'; and feeding the animals wasn't permitted anywhere either - the reason is that since they're in the heart of the city, they are often frequented by many people and it would be too much let everyone pet/feed/hug the animals! It was reserved only for school visits & not family visits/general public. That's when my hunt for animal farms around Brussels, a bit farther away but reachable by public transport began. 
These are basically 'Kids Farms' and are called Kinderboerderij in Flemish (Dutch) and Ferme Pedegogique in French. So, here's the list of best places to visit around Brussels with kids and the best kid-friendly animal farms around Brussels easily reachable by train/bus/public transport!

La Ferme du Planois Petting Zoo Animal Farm Brussels

La Ferme du Planois Petting Zoo Animal Farm Brussels

La Ferme du Planois Petting Zoo Animal Farm Brussels

This was the best farm experience in Belgium, we ever had. Visiting Farm Planois was the first-ever time when Atyudarini was so up & close, hands-on with the animals. The major attraction for us was particularly the Donkey ride!
As soon as you enter the farm there are the goats. Going ahead is a small shop that sells farm produce like cheese and other dairy products, eggs and sometimes meat. Right here, is the central courtyard, where the Donkeys are located as well as the pigs. There are also a few picnic tables and the holiday home (B&B) right here. The donkeys can be taken to the wooded area about 100m ahead of the farm. Keep in mind, the donkeys stop a lot to eat the grass and leaves. Sometimes they just wouldn't want to walk at all after a while and would want to go back. Yeah, that's a part of the farm life and getting to know the animals! The first donkey Atyudarini got on, didn't want to walk after 5 minutes and we changed to another one and went on our little stroll. This fella did stop many a time along the way to graze. 
After the donkey ride, we were back on the farm at the stables of the goats. Atyudarini was super cautious, but slowly she got used to the animals and gathered the courage to pet them. Soon we headed to see the cows & sheep. By now, Atyudarini got super excited and started feeding hay to the sheep, petting them and almost hugging them! There are so so many goats & sheep. Sometimes they are here inside the shelter or sometimes they are the vast greenery behind which is accessible for them from their shed. The chickens & geese were running all over the place. In a very large open-air area on the other side are a few more donkeys and a couple of horses. It is possible to go inside this and pet the horse as well. I was actually scared to be there, face to face with a horse, with no barrier and no enclosure. But it was all ok. A sheep here gave us a head-butting though but was soon calmed down by the staff. So yeah, going inside this enclosure is purely at your discretion. 
Here are some tips: Wear boots or high-top shoes. It is mostly stroller friendly. There are no cafes or restaurants, so pack your own picnic lunch. The farm shop has some juices, desserts like fruit yoghurt etc. Since there is no entry ticket to the farm, it is a good idea to purchase something at the farm shop to show our support. If you depend on public transport, it is better to purchase goat cheese to take home, which can withstand a couple of hours without refrigeration. If not, there are also preserves available.

Where is Farm Planois (on Google Maps)? Le ferme du Planois
How to reach Farm Planois by public transport? LeTEC bus route 65 runs between Braine-le-Comte and Braine l'Alleud. This stops at Hennuyeres, just 5 mins walk away from the farm. Braine-le-Comte & Braine lAlleud have railway stations and are connected by SNCB-NMBS Trains. LeTEC bus 65 does not run on Sundays. So choose weekdays or a Saturday to visit.
Farm Planois Opening hours: 10:00AM to 6:00PM
Farm Planois entry tickets: Free
Farm Planois holiday home (B&B): Begins at €270
Donkey ride at Farm Planois: Saddle ride - €10 for 1 hour; Wagon ride - €15 for 1 hour (pre-booking necessary)
Contact details of Farm Planois: Official website of Farm Planois

Balad'ane Seneffe Petting Zoo Animal Farm

Balad'ane Seneffe Petting Zoo Animal Farm

Balad'ane Seneffe Petting Zoo Animal Farm

As the name suggests, it is not really a farm. Balad means Walk and Ane means Donkey. It is a Walk with Donkey experience. This is located in the charming village of Feluy close to Seneffe near Nivelles, just beside the 'ancient canal' that connected Brussels & Charleroi. Balad'ane is a private 'farm' with 4 donkeys which can be hired for a couple of hours, to walk along this 'ancient canal' and its 3 historic boatlifts. The whole experience takes about 2 - 2:30 hours beginning with brushing & petting the donkeys, fixing the saddle, trials and the actual walk which is 3km or 5km. In the walking trail, you're alone with the donkey! I was worried about the donkey running away, but the opposite is true - the donkey stopped a lot! At many a place, we had to cajole the donkey to walk! 

Here's a tip for you. It is not advisable to do this activity as a single adult with a small child. If your child is about 10-12 years old and can get on/off the donkey with no/minimal help and can actually help in pulling/cajoling the donkey, it is ok. If you're with a younger child, it is better to go with an extra adult. I visited Balad'ane with Ms.Stephanie and her family and I'm very thankful to them. If not for them, between pulling the donkey, making sure Atyudarini is safe and clicking pictures, I would have lost my cool!
Here are a few more tips: Do not drop in. Donkeys are to be reserved. So call Mr.Luc to book your timeslot! There are 3 dogs in his house, incl. one huuuuge Limberger/Leonberger dog. If you're scared of dogs normally, inform him that when you book the donkey!
Here's the last tip: It is a good idea to convert you Balad'ane visit to a day trip to Seneffe & Feluy with Chateau de Seneffe and a few more places to visit in Seneffe & Feluy.

Where is Balad'ane (on Google Maps)Balad'ane
How to reach Balad'ane by public transport? The nearest railway station is Nivelles Gare, connected by SNCB. From Nivelles, take LeTEC bus 74. The bus journey takes about 30 minutes but it runs only once every hour, so check the schedule & plan accordingly. 
Balad'ane Opening hours: open only by appointment
Balad'ane entry tickets€45 per donkey
Balad'ane contact number: Mr.Luc - +32 477 55 18 96 


La Ferme du Planois Petting Zoo Animal Farm Brussels

't Struisvogelnest Petting Zoo Animal Farm Brussels

't Struisvogelnest Petting Zoo Animal Farm Brussels

't Struisvogelnest Petting Zoo Animal Farm Brussels

This is humongous. Perhaps the biggest farm we've been to so far. The name 't Struisvogelnest literally means Ostrich Nest and yeah, this farm majorly has ostriches. There are also cows, donkeys, alpacas, sheep, goats, ponies, pigs, rabbits, geese, chickens and many more! Apart from these, there's also a humongous plant nursery that grows so many vegetables! As I mentioned, it is humongous!
Soon after the car park is the restaurant and behind it is the starting point of the walking path that takes you through all the animals. Some of the enclosures can be entered like goats, rabbits etc (there's a sign at the gate if it's allowed). As an adult, I haven't seen so many ostriches together in my life! Atyudarini was way too fascinated. She's really very small compared to the height of the ostriches (in fact, they're taller than me)! But then unless the staff are there beside you it is pretty much impossible to interact with the ostriches. We kept looking at them for some time before moving over to the other animals. As usual, Atyudarini had much fun petting the donkeys & ponies. 
There are some tiny tractors with pedals for the kids to ride as well as a mini playground and a bouncy castle. One of the most interesting things here for kids is the 'fake' milking of cows & sheep. These are basically cardboard cut-outs with a 'functional' 'fake' udder with a bucket of water behind. I taught her how milking is done and she did have fun trying that out. 

Here are some tips: Wear boots or high-top shoes. If it has rained, definitely wear rain boots - the place can get very muddy. The walking path inside the farm is not stroller friendly. There is a nice small restaurant in the farm where you can order some sandwiches, drinks, etc, so bringing your own picnic is not allowed here.

Where is 't Struisvogelnest (on Google Maps)? 't Struisvogelnest
How to reach 't Struisvogelnest by public transport? DeLijn Bus routes 560/561 connect Mechelen and Lier. These stop at Lier Slenderstraat which is 2km away from 't Struisvogelnest which has to be walked. The roads are good though, so you can take a stroller on this. The nearest bus stop is Lier Wolfsleikapel which is 1.6km away, but this walking trail goes a bit through farmlands and is not stroller friendly. This is connected to Lier by DeLijn Bus route 2. However, DeLijn Bus 2 runs only once every 2 hours while DeLijn Bus 560/561 run twice every hour. Lier & Mechelen have railway stations served by SNCB-NMBS trains.
't Struisvogelnest Opening hours: Weekends & holidays: 10:00AM to 6:00PM; Wednesday: 1:00PM to 6:00PM
't Struisvogelnest entry tickets: Free

Kinderboerderij de Zeven Torentjes Things to do in Bruges with kids

Kinderboerderij de Zeven Torentjes Things to do in Bruges with kids

Kinderboerderij de Zeven Torentjes Things to do in Bruges with kids

Kinderboerderij de Zeven Torentjes Things to do in Bruges with kids

Why is De Zeven Torentjes called so? De Zeven Torentjes literally means 7 towers. Why 7 towers? I have no clue! There is a historic, octagonal tower (a dovecote to be precise) on the premises, which has 8 turrets. Maybe someone miscounted that after drinking gin at the juniper distillery that was once here?! There are 7 separate buildings on the farm. Is it because of that? Maybe it is because, no matter where you stand, you can only see 7 turrets at a time (unless you use a drone!)! Maybe. No one knows! 

History of Kinderboerderij de Zeven Torentjes: Historically, in 14th C, this area was called Ter Leyen. A walled castle with a moat & dovecote has been in existence here at least since 16th C CE. By 18th C it fell to disuse and became a bit ruined. In early 19th C it got the name de Zeven Torentjes and in 1972, the remaining 3 hectares were purchased the city to set up this farm. The dovecote is the oldest part of the farm and the barn which has the year 1660 inscribed on it. The dovecote is closed for the general public, but there are 650 L-shaped niches inside for the pigeons!

Visit Kinderboerderij de Zeven Torentjes: Thanks to their Facebook updates, as soon as we came to know that the sheep, goats & chickens there have given birth we knew it was time to visit. Our first stop in here was definitely the goats’ enclosure. Though I call it an enclosure it is a very large area (as you see in the pic). Atyudarini had so much fun petting the kids (baby goats), letting them step on her and sleep on her, and I too had fun when kids thought that my shoelaces are toys! We spent more than an hour here. There are also 2 cows, a horse, a donkey, quite a few sheep, rabbits, chickens & turkeys in the farm. Touching the lambs & chicks wasn’t allowed, so we just got to see them from away. There’s a waterbody inside the farm which flows across the entire farm, so there are ducks & coots everywhere along the banks. There’s also a gorgeous insect hotel with a kids-friendly info area about the life of honeybees. There are of course several pigeons, thanks to the dovecote.
Apart from the animal areas, there is a very nice playground with slides, sand pits, swings with tires, climbing towers, rope climbers and more. There’s a cafeteria as well.   

Here are some tips: Wear boots or high-top shoes. It is entirely stroller friendly. You can bring & eat your own picnic lunch, but it nice to buy something from farm cafeteria since entry is free. 

Where is Kinderboerderij de Zeven Torentjes (on Google Maps)Kinderboerderij De Zeven Torentjes
How to reach Kinderboerderij de Zeven Torentjes by public transport? While it is a bit away from Brussels, it is very easy to reach by public transport. Take the direct train to Brugge (find ways to get cheap Belgian train tickets). From Brugge railway station, take DeLijn Bus route 2 (towards Assebroek via AZ-Sint-Lucas) which drops you almost in front of the farm. There is a bus every 20 minutes and the journey time is just 10 minutes.
Kinderboerderij de Zeven Torentjes Opening hours: 8:00AM to 6:00PM
Kinderboerderij de Zeven Torentjes entry tickets: Free
Contact details of Kinderboerderij de Zeven TorentjesFacebook page of Kinderboerderij de Zeven Torentjes
Map of Kinderboerderij de Zeven Torentjes: via Visit Brugge website (downloads/opens as PDF)

Sint-Alpaca-Rode Petting Zoo Animal Farm Brussels

Sint-Alpaca-Rode Petting Zoo Animal Farm Brussels

Sint-Alpaca-Rode Petting Zoo Animal Farm Brussels

This is the most personal farm I've been to so far. Sint-Alpaca-Rode is actually not a farm per se, but more of a B&B, camping experience! There are only 4 alpacas here and there are 2 tents that can be rented overnight. It is possible to visit them for a few hours if you don't intend to stay overnight and that's what we did. The name is creative because it is located in Sint-Agathe-Rode! 
This is owned by Ms.Kristine and she personally attends to you when you visit as a part of the Meet-Feed-Greet session. She knows English which made it easier for us to communicate. She met us at the gate and immediately she was on, to teach Atyudarini the basics about Alpacas. We first began with filling their water in their buckets (it was a warm day!) and then she cut carrots into slices, which Atyudarini bravely fed the Alpacas! She soon got super friendly with the alpacas and learnt to feed them not only carrots but also leaves and nutritious pellets! Once the alpacas got a bit used to us, we couple pet them too. After a while, the Alpacas wanted to take rest and sat down beneath a tree. There are a couple of picnic benches there and we too sat down with them. We spent a good couple of hours at Sint-Alpaca-Rode.
Apart from this Meet-Feed-Greet session, there's a regular Walk-with-Alpaca session that happens. You can hold the Alpaca with a harness and go on a small walk. This is a guided group event, so check her Facebook page for the next session. The guided walk goes through the farmlands and countryside and is about 2-3 hours long. We still haven't managed to do one yet. 
Then ofcourse there's one of the most unusual camping experiences in Belgium, here at Sint-Alpaca-Rode, where you can stay overnight along with the alpacas. There are 2 glamping tents with all the basic amenities. The toilet is located outside the tent and the shower, well, jump in river Dijle running beside you!

Here's a tip for you: Do not drop in. Since the place is a small private property managed by her and her family, it is open only by appointment. Contact her via Facebook/email and then visit. 

Where is Sint-Alpaca-Rode (on Google Maps)? Sint-Alpaca-Rode
How to reach Sint-Alpaca-Rode by public transport? The nearest railway station is Pécrot which is about 1km away connected by a well-paved, stroller-friendly road. The Leuven <=> Ottignies train S20 stops at Pécrot. The nearest bus stop is Sint-Agatha-Rode Vijverstraat which is only 500m away. This is connected by the DeLijn Bus route 349 from Hermann-Debroux metro station. It runs only about once every 2 hours. The shortest route from Sint-Agatha-Rode Vijverstraat to Sint-Alpaca-Rode is through Dijlestraat which is not stroller friendly; if you have a stroller, go on Vijverstraat and turn on Rue de Rode which is only 50m extra!
Sint-Alpaca-Rode Opening hours: open only by appointment 
Sint-Alpaca-Rode entry tickets: €30 for Meet-Feed-Greet for 1 hour (up to 6 persons)
Sint-Alpaca-Rode walking with Alpacas€14 per person
Sint-Alpaca-Rode camping experience€75 per night for 1 tent (2 persons)
Sint-Alpaca-Rode official Facebook pageSint-Alpaca-Rode

Walking with Alpaka Kessel Lo

Walking with Alpaka Kessel Lo

Walking with Alpaka Kessel Lo

I didn't manage to go on the Walk-with-Alpaca at Sint-Alpaca-Rode and luckily around that time, the last spot for Walking-with-Alpaca activity at Alpaka was still left and I booked it! It is very close to Brussels, and was relatively easy to reach there by train+bus from Brussels Central, but a bit time taking. 
The whole activity took about 2 hours, beginning with a briefing of what to do and what not to do when walking with the alpacas. Then the actual walk began. About 15 people are registered per walk and the entire group walks together along with a staff member. The whole trail is about 2km that goes partly via farmlands, partly via grasslands and partly via roads. For us, the owner Mr.Dieter, assigned the youngest Alpaca Maurice for the youngest person in the group, Atyudarini. He also attached 2 leashes on it so both of us can hold onto it. Of course I control, because, if agitated it can run at 50kmph! Atyudarini had so much fun walking with the Alpaca. At some places, the path was absolutely narrow when you have to walk behind/in front of the Alpacas, which is when she got a bit confused & scared. During that time, I sent her to hold Mr.Dieter's hand & walk. She came back to hold the leash again when the passage got wider. The walk was very slow and took 1 hour for that 2km because they stop a gazillion times to eat some fresh grass. But they also run suddenly if they realize that their pack has gone ahead and they want to go join the rest. Back on the farm, it was time to feed the alpaca with grass pellets. Then, it was time for a little treat with the local home-made icecream/gelato. 

Where is Alpaka Sport (on Google Maps)Alpaka
How to reach Alpaka Sport by public transport? The nearest bus stop is Kessel-Lo Boven-Lo is 500m (4 mins walk) away. It is connected by DeLijn bus route 3 from Leuven railway station. This runs only once every hour, so check the schedule & plan accordingly. 
Alpaka Sport Opening hours: open only by appointment 
Alpaka Sport - walking with Alpacas price€16 per adults; €8 per child (pre-booking necessary)
Alpaka Sport official Alpaca Wandelen

'T Silsomhof is more of a milk & meat shop than a farm, but there are a few animals that you can visit. There's a huge stable with so many cows & a few bulls which is essentially the source of milk & meat. I was also told, there are sheep as well, but when I went, they were out for grazing. Beyond that, in the fields are the enclosures of 2 donkeys, 2 horses and 2 goats. Like Le Ferme du Planois, it was possible to go inside these enclosures but there's no one to overlook you. Normally the animals are calm, but if you irritate them, do remember the horses have strong legs & goats have horns! Since entry is free, it is only right to make a small purchase at the farm shop. While they majorly sell meat, they also sell some conserves, jams, concentrates, juices, alcohol etc. 

Where is 't Silsomhof (on Google Maps)'t Silsomhof
How to reach 't Silsomhof by public transport? The nearest bus stop is Erps-Kwerps Olmenhoek which is almost in front of the farm. From Brussels, take DeLijn bus route 352 from Kraainem Metro station. This runs only once every hour, so check the schedule & plan accordingly. 
't Silsomhof Opening hours: Wed & Fri - 1:00PM to 7:00PM; Sat - 9:00AM to 1:00PM
't Silsomhof entry ticketsFree

Het Neerhof is small farm in the outskirts of Brussels. There are 2 donkeys, 2 horses, a couple of rabbits, a few cows, pigs, sheep here. It is only possible to enter some of the enclosures here like pigs. But the main reason I include it here is for its amazing playground which also has a zipline for kids which Atyudarini just loved! Watch the Instagram Reels video we shot here. There's also a farm shop here that functions only in weekends on Wednesday afternoons.

Where is Het Neerhof (on Google Maps)Het Neerhof
How to reach Het Neerhof by public transport? The nearest bus stop is Itterbeek Boudewijnlaan which is about 4mins walk (350m) away from the farm. It is connected by DeLijn buses from Brussels Midi as well as Sint-Guido metro station.
Het Neerhof Opening hours: Keeps changing. Check the official website of Het Neerhof for the day's timings
Het Neerhof entry ticketsFree

Ferme de la Vallee in Wallonie, Boederij Zeven Torentje in Flanders are some other places in my list of farms to visit around Brussels by train/bus. I will keep updating this article as & when we get to visit them. So bookmark/pin this page for future reference.


Though those farms above are absolutely awesome, if you depend on public transport, they are pretty much a day trip from Brussels or at least a bit more than half a day. So, if you're looking for a quick visit here are some farms within Brussels. As I mentioned earlier, feeding/cuddling isn't allowed in any of the Brussels farms when you visit with family (allowed during school visits / internships), you may pet the animals if they come close to the fence of the enclosure. We have visited them often during school days as a Wednesday afternoon activity in Brussels. There are a couple more farms also which almost entirely shut their doors for families and are open only for school visits & camps since last year. So here are some farms within Brussels, which are ofcourse the best things to do in Brussels with babies.

Ferme Nos Pilifs Petting Zoo Animal Farm Brussels

Ferme Nos Pilifs Petting Zoo Animal Farm Brussels

Roodebeek Petting Zoo Animal Farm Brussels

This is the best of the animal farms within Brussels. This is huge! We've been here quite a few times. Being a farm inside Brussels, as mentioned above, you can only pet the animals when they come near the fence and feeding them is prohibited. But they literally have everything from horses, cows, donkeys, pigs, rabbits. hens, even a pond filled with frogs! When we went here once during the frog mating season and Atyudarini got to see the singing frogs complete with their necks ballooning! On one of our visits, we just sat beside the pig enclosure and Atyudarini was 'talking' with the pig for a very long time! Watch the video! 
This is not just the largest farm in Brussels, but also has a restaurant, a really big shop of fresh farm produce and a huge garden nursery. This is the best place in Brussels to buy fresh honey and the best place in Brussels to buy plants and garden equipment. Since the entry to this farm is free of cost, buy something. Supporting Nos Pilifs farm is necessary not only because it is free, but also because they are socially conscious and most of their staff are differently-abled.

Where is Ferme Nos Pilifs (on Google Maps)? Ferme Nos Pilifs
How to reach Ferme Nos Pilifs by public transport? STIB-MIVB Bus route 56 stops at Nos Pilifs bus stop which is 5 mins walk from the farm. This bus connects Brussels-Schuman and Buda. It is possible to get this bus the farthest at Van Praet tram stop connected by STIB-MIVB Tram route 7.
Ferme Nos Pilifs Opening hours: Weekdays: 10:00AM to 5:00PM; Weekends: 9:00AM to 6:00PM (3:00PM on Sundays); Mondays holidays.
Ferme Nos Pilifs entry tickets: Free

This is a charming little farm with just 2 donkeys, a cow and several sheep, but surrounded by quite a big wooded area. Uccle Farm is located inside Fond'Roy Park. Like other Brussels farms, you can only pet the animals when they come near the fence. But there are organized walks on certain days when handling of animals under supervision is allowed for kids (details below). There's a walking path in the parc that also goes through a small portion of wooded area including some waterbodies. There are a few picnic benches on the farm and many more in the grasslands & orchards behind the farm in the Fond'Roy park.

Where is Uccle Farm / Ferme d'Uccle (on Google Maps)? Ferme d'Uccle
How to reach Uccle Farm / Ferme d'Uccle by public transport? The nearest railway station/bus stop/tram stop is Saint-Job. STIB-MIVB Bus Route 60, Tram Route 92 and Belgian Train SNCB-NMBS lines IC S5, S7 and S9 have a stop at Saint Job / Sint-Job
Uccle Farm / Ferme d'Uccle Opening hours: Always open
Uccle Farm / Ferme d'Uccle entry tickets: Free
Uccle Farm / Ferme d'Uccle Life in a Farm guided walk: €2.5
Uccle Farm / Ferme d'Uccle Life in a Farm guided walk reservation: via official website of Uccle Farm

Roodebeek Animal Farms Petting Zoos Brussels

Ferme Maximilien Animal Farms Petting Zoos Brussels

Ferme Maximilien Animal Farms Petting Zoos Brussels

ferme pédagogique maximilian kinderboerderij

It was so surprising to see such a big farm in the heart of the city, very close to a metro station! While you can't compare it to the size of 't Struisvogelnest, this being in the city centre, it is huge! The first time we went here was when Atyudarini was less than a year old and then we've been here a few times. They have everything here as well - ponies, donkeys, sheep, goats, chickens, rabbits, turkeys, alpacas and on one of our visits we even saw a pair of peacocks walking around freely! There's also a small waterbody inside the farm which also has some very interesting sculptures and art from around the world!

Where is La Ferme Maximilien (on Google Maps)La Ferme Maximilien / De Maximiliaan boerderij
How to reach La Ferme Maximilien by public transport? 4 mins walk from Yser Metro (STIB-MIVB Metro Line 2/6).
La Ferme Maximilien Opening hours: Monday to Saturday 9:30AM to 5:00PM (10:00AM to 4:00PM in winters)
La Ferme Maximilien entry tickets: Free

We've also been to Roodebeek Animal park (Jardin Zoologique de Roodebeek) and the Domaine Huizingen Animal Park, but these are more like a zoo for farm animals plus some exotic birds as well incl. Indian Peacock. 

Btw, if you're kid is 4 years or older, it is very much possible to register for a camp at most of these farms. Check their official websites / Facebook pages a month before the holidays. They're called Stages d'Ete / Zomer Stage in summer vacation; Stages d'Automne / Stage Herfstvakantie in autumn holidays and Stages de Printemps / Stage Lente for spring holidays. Usually, they're a week-long and full day long. You drop your kid in the morning and pick them up in the evening. Like everything else, these are in Dutch/French unless the farmer herself/himself knows English, which quite often they do! There are a few farms that also have weeklong family volunteering which adults can also attend with the children.

My initial fear of Atyudarini missing out on farm life - How is it going now??? Well, she just made a drawing at her school about her future ambitions (well, we're talking about a 3yr old here), she drew herself with a mommy pig and 3 baby pigs. She's gonna be a farmer, wearing red boots and raising pigs. So yeah, I don't have FOMO anymore!

Kinderboerderij Ferme Pédagogique Brussels Belgium Kinderboerderij Ferme Pédagogique Brussels Belgium

Kinderboerderij Ferme Pédagogique Brussels Belgium Kinderboerderij Ferme Pédagogique Brussels Belgium

Kinderboerderij Ferme Pédagogique Wallonie Belgium Kinderboerderij Ferme Pédagogique Flanders Belgium

Belgium Children Farm Kinder Boerderij Pinterest Belgium Children Farm Ferme Pedagogique Pinterest


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  1. What a lovely post on animal farms across Belgium. Kids really love the sight of animals and interacting with them. Loved the beautiful pics of the farm location.

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  7. Wow! It is nice to know that there are many petting zoos near brussels. My daughter loves animals so, I am pretty sure she'll love it here. The milking activity will definitely be memorable despite being fake. :)

    Thank you for sharing with us your wonderful experiences.

  8. Wow! I didn’t realize it was possible to develop a relationship with farm animals, I love that the cows would come moo for you. It’s awesome you have found places in Belgium for Atyudarini to have similar experiences. Sint-Alpaca-Rode is my favorite, they are so adorable

  9. What a wonderful family friendly way to spend your day. I’m sure the tradition of you growing up in the countries, with farm animals, is being extended to your daughter even if it’s just a visit. So important for their growth to be around different farm animals.

  10. OMG! What a fun and cute post it is. Atydarini must have loved the donkey ride the most. And definitely she's going to be a nature lover when she'll grow up. It's a good idea for all parents out there to take their kids to such places instead of taking them to fancy malls or artificial play-zones.


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