Hotel Le Vieux - Best of Durbuy Hotels (Wallonia - Belgium)

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First of all, Durbuy being the smallest city in the world, is an over-night stay at Durbuy even worth it? The answer is a very big yes! While Durbuy is the smallest city in the world, which can be visited quickly as a day trip from Brussels, you'd need to dedicate a day for Durbuy Adventures and another to visit the little towns & villages near Durbuy. So a 1 or 2 night stay in Durbuy would make the trip complete. 

Durbuy is filled with very many hotels in the comfort to luxury range and ofcourse there's also the concept of Glamping at Durbuy Adventures. Our stay in Durbuy was at Hotel Au Vieux, which is a part of the Maison Caerdinael Hotels. 

Hotel Victoria Durbuy - Best Durbuy Restaurants to eat
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Le Vieux Durbuy best of Durbuy Hotels

Hotel Victoria Durbuy best of Durbuy Hotels

Hotel Victoria Durbuy best of Durbuy Hotels

Le Vieux Durbuy best of Durbuy Hotels


Hotel Le Vieux is one of the 4 hotels under La Maison Caerdinael, which is run by one of the oldest hotelier families in the city, currently in its 4th generation. Infact Durbuy's 5-star luxury Hotel Les Sanglier Les Ardennes belonged to them before they sold it to Marc Coucke, the Belgian billionaire businessman. 
The first ever hotel, was a little inn opened by Lea Caerdinael, several decades ago in mid 1900s. Today her grandson Frédéric Caerdinael and his wife Caroline, create a beautiful balance of the old world beauty and the modern facilities in all of their hotels. Their 3 new properties Hotel Victoria, Restaurant Le 7 by Juliette (7 is pronounced in French as se(p)t to rhyme with Juliette!)  and Louise Gallery have been named after their 3 daughters, the 4th generation. 

La Maison Caerdinael has 3 hotels within Durbuy. The main hotel is Le Victoria Hotel which houses the reception and breakfast buffet for the guests of all the 3 hotels as well as its restaurant Le Victoria. Being a 3 star hotel, the reception is not 24x7, however the staff at the restaurant can help with check-in for late-arrivals. 

The hotel we stayed was Hotel Le Vieux Durbuy. This is a renovated historic hotel but complete with all its beautiful vintage charm. The rooms have wooden ceiling, wooden flooring, wooden cabinets and vintage decor. The room has a convertible sofa that can be opened as a bed for kids. It is a stark contrast between the main room and the bathroom. The moment you get into the toilet is feels so modern with clean tiles and modern plumbing, complete with bathtub as well as shower. There are toiletries & hair-drier as well. Hotel Au Vieux Durbuy has all the basic amenities like TV, Wifi etc. There is no mini-bar or coffee machine though. The staircase is wooden as well and the decor in the lobby area is vintage as well including wooden trunks, carpets of the yesteryears, candelabra, some small machinery & equipment used decades ago. 
This whole building is so charming and the entire place can be privatized for an event or for a group of friends with their families visiting Durbuy together.

Le Vieux Durbuy - Historic Hotels in Durbuy

Le Vieux Durbuy - Historic Hotels in Durbuy

Le Vieux Durbuy - Historic Hotels in Durbuy

Le Vieux Durbuy - Best Hotels in Durbuy

Le Vieux Durbuy - Best Hotels in Durbuy

The Guest House is the other hotel with just 2 rooms in it with facilities very similar to Hotel Au Vieux. The main hotel, Hotel Le Victoria Durbuy has 13 rooms in 2 levels. This is a bit more sophisticated than Hotel Au Vieux & The Guest House. The facilities in Le Victoria Durbuy include Mini bar, coffee machine etc as well. The best room here is ofcourse the Panoramic Terrace Suite located in the attic with its large, splendid balcony that looks over the entire old town and the mighty Belgian Ardennes. The other rooms here include luxury, deluxe and junior suite. 

Breakfast buffet of all 3 hotels happens at La Victoria. I expected the breakfast buffet to bein La Victoria restaurant, but no, this is inside the hotel behind the reception. The breakfast buffet was simple and filling, and as usual without many options for vegetarians except bread.  The setting is cozy and feels private. The decor is intimate with moss & greenery & animal heads, giving it a very forest-y feel!

Victoria Restaurant is one of the best places for a nice sit-down dinner. It is recommended to book your tables in advance. The outdoor seating arrangement was nice with the handmade wicker basket type lampshades and some nice heaters to make the place warm even if starts getting colder as the sun goes down. Even the furniture are woven wicker chairs and wooden tables. 
As usual, like most European restaurants. the menu didn't have many vegetarian options. The existing ones were also starters. So while we had those, the chef tried his hand in making something new for us.
Our starters were crackers with guacamole and hummus. I tried a new flavour of gin & tonic for the first time - Rose flavoured gin with hibiscus flavoured Schweppes tonic! I have never even considered something hibiscus flavoured would exist, that too as a cocktail mixer! It was amusing but the taste was incredibly refreshing. It was served with a few dried rose petals in it, making the taste all the more yummy and revitalizing after our long day. Also when in Durbuy, tasting the Durboyse beer is necessary! It comes in brown (Durboyse brune - 6.5%), blonde (Durboyse blonde - 6.5%) and triple (Durboyse Triple - 8%). We tasted Durboyse Brune which is the perfect beer for any coffee lover like me. 
Finally our main course arrived and it was a vegetarian Sorghum dish. The base was Sorghum (Jowar) topped with asparagus, chicory, cherry tomatoes and yellow capsicum complete with a generous serving of cheese! The whole dish was mild and very filling, so much that we skipped dessert! 

Hotel Victoria Durbuy - Best Durbuy Hotels

Hotel Victoria Durbuy - Best Durbuy Hotels Breakfast Buffet

Hotel Victoria Durbuy - Best Durbuy Hotels breakfast buffet

Durboyse beer - Durbuy brewery

Hotel Victoria Durbuy - Best Durbuy Restaurants to eat

Location (On Google Maps): Hotel Le Vieux Durbuy
Hotel Le Vieux Durbuy is located in the heart of the city located just 1 min walk away from Le Victoria and 2 mins walk away from Durbuy Tourist Office.
Nearest railway station: Barvaux

To book online: Maison Caerdinael
Hotel phone no: +32 8621 2300
Room rates begin at €120 
Breakfast isn't included in room rates can be added while booking the rooms at €15 pp. 

Top 10 things to do in Durbuy incl. Durbuy anticline, Durbuy old town, daytrip to Hotton etc

P.S: I was invited by Wallonia Tourism to experience the region & the activities for review purposes, however the opinions are my own and this post does not to advertise the product/service.

Hotel Le Vieux Durbuy Hotels Pinterest Hotel Le Vieux Durbuy Hotels Pinterest


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  1. This sounds like a great place to stay in this city and I like that it is still a family run establishment. You often get more of a personal touch when it is family owned. I like the sound of Rose flavoured gin with hibiscus flavoured Schweppes tonic for an evening aperitif - lovely!

  2. Looks great. Thanks for the details post. Beautiful pics.

  3. You found a great hotel in the middle of nowhere which has charm and looks so delightful. A decent night sleep is expected on a stay here. I never even heard of Durbuy and I go to Belgium quite often but this region, I very rarely visit. Looks like its ideal for families like myself as well, which would be awesome if we came to this area. Great write up and loving the decor of the rooms.

  4. Family-run hotels are charming. They are cosy and welcoming. And if they have a history, that makes them even more interesting. This one looks so quaint and attractive too with its old wooden staircase. I love flavoured gins too.

  5. Fascinating to know about Durbuy that it's the smallest city in the world! How cool is that! And I think you trip here was absolutely worth it. Are you a vegetarian? As you've mentioned in your article, there were not so many food options for vegetarians except bread. It's nice that you included this so that vegetarians would be aware. But, for me, I love all breakfast buffets especially when it's cozy and private. It'd make my breakfast more relaxing. Lastly, Belgium must a charming country. My Filipina friend actually lives here! Probably time to visit her! Oh, when the pandemic hopefully ends soon!

  6. We'll definitely be staying in a hotel the next time we visit Durbuy. Since we would like to do a longer trip than just seeing the main town (maybe doing some hikes and visiting the foliage) an overnight stay is indeed a great idea. Also love the family heritage of this hotel! Thanks for the suggestion, saving this for later.

  7. Really great work, please update your blogs in future so we can read the blogs whenever I free.

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  8. This hotel is a great place with lots of history. No wonder you enjoyed staying with them, and made an awesome review. I am now adding this place to my Google Map for our future visit.

  9. Never heard of Durbuy but it sounds like you found a great place to stay. So nice that Hotel le Vieux is run by 4th generation now, that's really a family business. You must feel the loved welcome as soon as you walk in the door.

  10. I've never heard of Durbuy before, but if you say it's the smallest city in the world, then I must visit it! That looks like a lovely stay. It's so sweet that the chef prepared something off the menu for you. And I'm curious to know how hibiscus flavored tonic tastes like as I love most flower-infused drinks.

  11. I have never heard of Durbuy to be honest and that its the smallest city in the world but that in itself makes it exciting to be put into one's bucket list! If you say its worth spending a night then I take your word for it, I see you have recommended a hotel, Le Vieux and their restaurant, Victoria as well, which is great because if I do make it there someday, at least I know where to stay!


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