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I've been wanting to visit Adventure Valley in Durbuy since a couple of years now, but since Atyudarini was very young, we didn't. It really wouldn't have made sense to try to keep my her relaxed while we try to take turns and do some adventurous activities and be outside all day long, without breaks & rests. I would have definitely lost my mind if I had tried to pull that off. So almost when she turned 3, finally, I gathered the courage to visit Durbuy Adventures, the best Adventure Park in Belgium.

The whole of Durbuy Adventure Valley is spread across 6 different locations in and around Durbuy where several activities can be done. The main premises is called the Adventure Valley Parc and this houses the most number of activities, is the largest and has the most adrenaline pumping activities.
There are 2 major types of tickets of Durbuy Adventure Valley Parc - Adventure Pass & Fly Pass. While most of the activities are included in the Adventure Pass, Fly Pass constitutes of the 3 most awesome things to do in Durbuy Adventures. Apart from these 2, there are also other activities which could be individually purchased like Laser Game, Escape Rooms, Kayaking etc. Then, there's also the Visitor Pass for €5 for people who wouldn't do anything (kids younger than 4 years, accompanying nannies, elderly people etc). 
We had one day to spend at Adventure Valley Parc Durbuy and we chose to get both Adventure Pass & Fly Pass. 
Durbuy Adventure Mega Zipline

Durbuy Adventure Ziplining longest in Benelux

Durbuy Adventure Fly Pass Free Fall

Durbuy Adventure Fly Pass Free Fall

The most fascinating aspect of the Fly Pass is Ziplining! The zipline course in Durbuy is 1km long and is the longest in the whole of Belgium, Netherlands & Luxembourg! This is in 3 sections and starting point & ending point are very close to each other. It is so long that you go over the Tubing slide, across the car-park and so far away and return over the little waterbody and kids playground!!! Half way through the ride, it is possible to feel never-ending!
The 2nd most fascinating inclusion in the Fly Pass is the Free Fall 32. The first part of it if ofcourse climbing up the 32ft. If you have time (and you're up for it), go up on one of the 4 rock-climbing routes of Via Ferrata, if not just go up on the dirt track and from atop there, jump! There is a harness, so you're safe and reach the ground gently. But making up the mind to jump, leaving the ground beneath you, feels dreadful! 
The 3rd thing that you can do with Fly Pass is called Big Air It is something like a bouncy castle, but just the floor part and much much much bigger! The task is jump on it from atop a tower without any harness! The jump is solely trusting the 'big-air'! This is, in a way, scarier than others, coz you know, at the back of your mind, that there's no harness!!!
Watch the video above for the video of all these 3 shot both from away as well as a POV video shot with the GoPro fixed on the helmet!

Ziplining Ticket: €15
Free Fall 32 Ticket: €10
Big Air Ticket: €10
Fly Pass (combined ticket of all 3 activities) - Durbuy Adventure Ticket: €25
Where is Adventure Valley Parc Durbuy (on Google Maps): Durbuy Adventures Main premises

The things to do at Adventure Valley Durbuy with Adventure Pass is so so many and can take up an entire day! The best things to do are Via Ferrata, Tubing Slide and Tree Top Adventures. 
Via Ferrata is located close to Ziplining & Free Fall 32 (which can actually be reached by climbing on Via Ferrata). Via Ferrata is essentially rock climbing where you're harnessed to the rock itself, so its safe, but pulling yourself up traversing through the face of the rock, is really really hard! Click & Climb is located just beside Via Ferrata and is an easier version and do-able by pre-teens & teens too. Under this area is the Speleo which is an underground cave trail where you enter from one side and manage to get out on another (there are 3 trails - easy, medium & difficult). I would have loved to do it, but it was closed when we went! 
Also Read: If you love going inside a cave, check out Grotte de Lorette in Rochefort, Grotte de Hotton & Grottes de Han when you're in this Famenne-Ardennes region. 
Just before reaching this area, is the Bike Parc! This is an variety of biking paths with obstacles & slopes. Its one of the best things to do in Adventure Valley Durbuy with teenagers. Almost at the other end of the park is Tubing Slide. Its the good old, sliding with inflated tyre, but the length of this is 200m and that's looooong! 
If you've already seen the video above, you would have already spotted the Via Ferrata & Tubing slide in it as well. 

Adventure Pass - Durbuy Adventure Ticket: €37 (Adults); €32 (6 to 12 years); €25 (4 to 6 years)
Where is Adventure Valley Parc Durbuy (on Google Maps)Durbuy Adventures Main premises

Durbuy Adventure Rock Climbing Via Ferrata

Durbuy Adventure Rock Climbing Via Ferrata

Adventure Valley Durbuy with kids Click and Climb

Adventure Valley Durbuy with kids Click and Climb

Best Adventure Park Belgium Durbuy Bike Park

Close to the entrance of Via Ferrata is the Kids Adventure route. Its a series of things to do for toddlers and young kids (from 4 years of age). There are small challenges including a couple of small climbing courses & slides etc. Atyudarini has super fun here trying to climb of the different courses and she got a bit competitive too when another kid of almost same age joined in! 
In this route, further ahead is the 3D Labyrinth which is a maze with ladders and stairs to go up & down in 3 levels . To begin with, its entrance and setting looks boring after doing Fly Pass activities. But... take the chance and go in. A part of this maze is a sky-walk! You look down into the valley while being inside the maze! It is simple and doesn't have a harness and you're practically inside a cage!
Almost at the end of the Kids Adventure route is the Tree Top Park. This is a series of 8 tree-top rope adventures in 3 different heights from the ground, including suspension bridges, spiderweb bridge, barrel bridges, mini ziplines and so much more. 2 of the trails are meant for toddlers and 4 can be done by slightly older kids.
Also Read: Tree-top Adventure activities at Horsley Hills, India.
Very close to the entrance is the Kids Playground for toddlers & young kids. It is a typical one with swings & slides & mazes & tunnels etc. Atyudarini's dad, put her on the swing when I was off to do the Tubing Slide. After I was back, she was still not done with the swing and refused to get down! 

These activities also come under the same Adventure Pass as above. 
Adventure Pass - Durbuy Adventure Ticket: €37 (Adults); €32 (6 to 12 years); €25 (4 to 6 years)
Where is Adventure Valley Parc Durbuy (on Google Maps)Durbuy Adventures Main premises

While it is possible to hire cycles & e-bikes in Durbuy city centre, it is also possible to hire in Adventure Valley Durbuy itself, which is a good idea esp., if you love cycling, because using the Bike Parc inside Adventure Valley Durbuy is possible only with their bikes and not your own bikes (or bikes hired somewhere else). It is possible to take these bikes outside the main premises to explore Durbuy and nearby towns & villages too.

Bike hire location in Durbuy (on Google Maps) - Adventure Valley Main premises 
Refundable deposit for bike hire at Adventure Valley Durbuy - €150
City-Bike rental at Adventure Valley Durbuy - €19 (Half-day); €27 (Full-day)
E-Bike rental at Adventure Valley Durbuy - €35 (Half-day)
MTB Bike rental at Adventure Valley Durbuy - €19 (Half-day); €27 (Full-day)
E-MTB Bike rental at Adventure Valley Durbuy - €35 (Half-day)

Challenge Park Durbuy is in a different premises and this specializes in the Tree top rope adventures. There are 6 tracks with 100s of obstacles and there's also there's a super cool duo-zipline. This is undoubtedly one of the best things to do with pre-teens & teens in Adventure Valley Durbuy.

Challenge Park Ticket - Adventure Valley Durbuy: €27
Where is Challenge Park in Durbuy Adventure (on Google Maps): Challenge Park

Durbuy Adventure Valley things to do with kids

Durbuy Adventure Valley things to do with kids

Durbuy Adventure Valley 3D Maze Skywalk

Durbuy Adventure Valley 3D Maze Skywalk
Pic Courtesy: Adventure Valley Durbuy

Things to do with babies Adventure Valley Durbuy

Possible from 5 years of age. So yes, I still haven't done this! The starting point of the Kayaking is very close to the Challenge Park. Though this is the starting point, you don't begin kayaking here. This is where you park your vehicle and take the shuttle bus to the kayak staring point as chosen by you which is Barvaux, Noiseax or Hotton. From there, you can row your boat, gently down the stream for 4km - 23km till Durbuy! The ending point is back at the starting point!

Durbuy Kayak Tickets - €10 - €27 
Where is Durbuy Adventure Kayak (On Google Maps) - Durbuy Kayak

There are a few activities that are neither included in Adventure Pass nor Fly pass and is located in a different premises as well. While just 2 people can play this, Escape Rooms are more suitable for larger groups of 5-6 people (friends or team building activity for colleagues) because it is priced at per room basis, so it works out cheaper when you're in a larger group. 
Escape room is one such. Escape Rooms are located a bit away from the main area, infact it is on the way from Durbuy even before you reach Adventure Valley. As the name suggests, Escape Room is a room (you can select one of the six available), in which you'll be locked and within 1 hour, you'd have to escape the room by finding  the clues in the room and figuring out the answer and way to escape! The very thought of being locked up in a room with 3yr old toddler, and trying to use the brain to figure out how to escape, seemed impossible. So I still haven't done this! 

Escape Rooms Tickets Durbuy Adventures - €100 per room per hour
Where is Escape Rooms - Adventure Valley Durbuy (On Google Maps) - Escape Rooms

Laser Game is another activity not included in either of the passes and also located a bit away, in Barvaux. It is a bit similar to Paintball game but with infrared laser guns! So again, while just 2 people can play this, the more the merrier! Works out better for group of friends or colleagues.

Laser Game Tickets Durbuy Adventures - €16 (Adults); €12 (8-12 years)
Where is Laser Game - Adventure Valley Durbuy (On Google Maps) - Laser Game

I really wanted to try Glamping (an upcoming concept of Glamorous Camping where its a cross between the wilderness of camping and luxury of a comfort hotel), but unfortunately on the days that we went, it was all filled up! I hope I would be able to visit Durbuy again to experience Glamping and review it for you guys. But for now, here's the basic information. There are Shaka Tents (luxury) which can accommodate 4 people and Bali Tents (comfort) that can accommodate 4-8 people. There are 14 Shaka tents and 28 Bali tents for 4-6 people and 15 Bali tents for 8 people. The prices vary from €100 to €220. Apart from Glamping there are also Chalets & Gites (holiday homes) available that can accommodate from 6 people to 60 people! Are you thinking what I'm thinking??? Destination Wedding Venue in Belgium for the adventurous couple... The entire wedding party goes to jump on the Free Fall  32 and Big Air!!! One of the shots of the post-wedding photoshoot would be the Bride & Groom on duo zipline! Bride would need a suitable wedding gown though!!!

Adventure Valley Durbuy Tubing Slide

Adventure Valley Durbuy Tree top park adventures

Adventure Valley Durbuy Tree top park adventures

Best Adventure Park in belgium Adventure Valley Durbuy

Best Adventure Park in belgium Adventure Valley Durbuy

The easiest way to reach Adventure Valley from Durbuy is with the tourist train that operates once a hour from Durbuy city centre (opposite to Durbuy tourist office). A free shuttle bus also operates regularly from Durbuy City Centre. Another option is ofcourse to hire a cycle or e-bike from Durbuy. 

It is possible to buy all the tickets in advance on their website. The best part is it is even possible to by a 2-3 day ticket selecting particular activities that you'd want to do, as you can see that 1 day is just not enough! 

Durbuy Adventure Tickets: Official site of Adventure Valley Durbuy

Here's what you can do if you have 1 day in Durbuy Adventure. First is the realization that you cannot do it all in one day! 
They open at 9:00AM. Get in as early as possible and head directly to Via Ferrata. The later you go, the longer the queue becomes in this area. Climb up the Via Ferratta and jump down with Free Fall 32. Proceed to walk up again and go on the longest Zipline. Its end point is close to the Big Air. Climb it & Jump! For the rest of the day figure out which of the other adventures you'd want to do. If you like climbing too much, go on the Click & Climb & Tree-top adventures. If you like cycling, try your hand in the slopes & slides of Bike Park. If you have toddlers with you, go on the Kids Walking Trail which also includes 3D maze & Kids Playground. Finally wrap-up the day with Tubing Slide. 

Has Adventure Valley opened in 2021? Durbuy Adventure Valley is opening on May 8th 2021. All outdoor activities only are open. Indoor activities yet to be opened after closure for the pandemic.

Option 1 (more suitable for families with kids)
  • Day 1 - Do all (or most) activities with both Adventure Pass & Fly Pass at the main premises of Adventure Valley Durbuy.
  • Day 2 - Kayaking and Tourist Train (can also include Laser Game if you're alteast 4 people above 8 years of age)
Option 2 (more suitable for groups of all adults)
  • Day 1 - Challenge Park activities (incl. Duo Zipline) & Kayaking
  • Day 2 - Fly Pass activities in main premises & Escape Room / Laser Game
  • Day 3 - Hire MTB bikes (or city bikes / e-bikes) and explore the region!

Ofcourse it is possible to stay in Adventure Valley Durbuy's Glamping tents. But if its filled up on the days you visit, Durbuy city centre has very many hotels in comfort & luxury range. My review of Au Vieux Durbuy Hotel Durbuy where we stayed is coming up soon. Stay tuned.

Durbuy Adventure Valley Belgium Pinterest Durbuy Adventure Valley Belgium Pinterest

P.S: I was invited by Wallonia Tourism to experience the region & the activities for review purposes, however the opinions are my own and this post does not to advertise the product/service.


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  1. This looks like a lot of fun but gets my nerves going at the same time! I love that they have some things for the younger kids to do. Most of the time I am traveling with my 6 year old, so it is always great knowing there's something for her to do. I have always wanted to try zip lining but have yet to do it. It looks like so much fun! Glamping sounds like so much fun as well, I'm sorry you didn't get to experience this time, but something to look forward to! It is still on my bucket list to do.

  2. I love to do extreme sports. That Ziplining looks awesome. Nicely edited video. Would like to visit the adventure valley durbuy. Hopefully, on my next European trip!

  3. Adventure Valley Parc Durbuy looks impressive. I'm not sure if Via Ferrata, Tubing Slide, and Tree Top Adventures are for me. But it looks like a fantastic adventure. Maybe I try it one day.

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  6. Oh my God I loved this post. These are the activities that I would totally do and enjoy. Durbuy Adventure Valley seems like a place for me. I love ziplining and I try to do in every place that I visit if that place has ziplining.

  7. Oh my God I loved this post. These are the activities that I would totally do and enjoy. Durbuy Adventure Valley seems like a place for me. I love ziplining and I try to do in every place that I visit if that place has ziplining.

  8. I was supposed to be in Belgium in 2019 and it was canceld. However, no way I am hitting this park lol - way to extreme for me. I am scared of heights and then some:) PS, I did zipline in Costa Rica and let's just say that finished all my attempts at overcoming heights. Nikki

  9. Good to know there are so many adventure activities in Durbuy, Belgium. My boys would love it and also all are so close to nature. I am little bit afraid of zip-lining but would surely go for escape rooms. Laser game too looks interesting for my boys and good you specified that it is not included in pass. Even going for glamping here must be interesting. Good they have many things for newly-wed photo shoots.


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