Adventure Zone at Horsley Hills (Chittoor - Andhra Pradesh)

K. Now who is Badhri.? (If u don’t relate to it check out the last post!!!). Badhri  is the guide at the Adventure Zone in Horsley Hills Resort - a place that has some adventure games, in simple words - it’s my place.  While Horsley Hills sightseeing is one this, this adventure zone is what that made my Horsley Hills stay, a very memorable, fun-filled one. It has 5 paid games and 5 free games and 4 group activities. 

Let me start with the paid ones first. First things first. All these games are at a height of 30 feet from the ground. So if you're not afraid of heights, this is one of the top things to do in Horsley Hills.
The first one is the Horizontal Ladder which is basically a ladder like thing, tied up horizontally between two trees. The distance between each plank is about a foot and there is a rope atop with a pulley to hold. And know what Badhri does when you’re half the way – Madly shaking the base. I shrieked out only to find that it’s a part and parcel of the game!!!
Horsley Hills Resort Adventure Zone

Horsley Hills Resort Adventure Zone
The second one is the Burma Bridge which a bridge itself with wooden planks as the base. There are 2 ropes on either sides to hold while walking. It’s like a typical rope bridge or hanging bridge is in some mountain regions. The third one is the Burma Loops which is similar to Burma Bridge except for the base wooden planks. It just has another rope at the base and knots in it that connects to the hand-held ropes to place the foot and walk. This is the longest of them all; guess was about 10 feet long.
The fourth one is Earth Quake. This is like Burma Bridge in which the wooden planks in the base are not connected to each other. So when one leg is taken off to place on the next wooden plank the one behind moves backwards with its own mind and the one next moves forward with its own mind!!! I love this to the core. This was my fav!!!
The fifth one is the Horizontal Rope which is nothing but a rope with a rope at the top with a pulley to hold. Walking has to be done sideways, like a crab. Not very impressive for me!!! Now each of this is 100 bucks.  Then the free ones are there as well. 
Horsley Hills Resort Adventure Zone

Horsley Hills Resort Adventure Zone
The best of course, Spider Man and Free fall together. Spider Man is a vertical mesh in which I had to walk up the mesh to reach the top and when I reached there, Badhri asked me to leave my legs and hands and turn around. I did. And then came the adrenalin rush. He just dropped me down when I expected the least and held me at the last moment when I was about to touch the ground. Wow!!! That was the best. My dad was taking a video and like me, he too didn’t expect Badhri to drop me and the last part of hitting the ground went out of the frame. So day 2 too, I did the same Spider Man and Free Fall to get a better video.

Then there are some tent mesh, rope ladder, tyre ladder etc which were free to try out. Apart from these, there were Zorbing which is walking inside a giant balloon (a Close-up toothpaste ad featured it some time back I guess) and Bunjee walking which is similar to Bunjee jumping but has walking instead of jumping and you have to pull yourself forward as much as possible before the elastic cord pulls you back. Then there were Mountaineering and Rappelling which is reverse mountaineering where you have to descend the rocky terrain. But all these 4 are group activities which have to be planned in advance and with a minimum of 20 people.

The safety is absolutely great. I just didn't worry about falling down or breaking my head. Of course, I had a bit of slits & scratches - but what is adventure without even these!!! I loved it all so well. The adrenalin rush escalated my mood so much and I wanted to try it out all again on the second day too when mom controlled me somehow!!!
I should mention again that a good pair of shoes is a must!!! An umbrella too coz rain pours out every now and then. And cash – coz atop the mountain there are no ATM’s!!! And PLEASE SAY NO TO PLASTICS!!! It’s a beautiful nature’s gateway. Please don’t pollute it, for God’s Sake!!!
Horsley Hills Resort Adventure Zone


APTDC (To arrange group activities): 9912727463, 9912728724
Mr. Badhri (For individual activities): 9951611046
Update June 2020: This has now been taken over by an organization called Freakouts. The same activities are still available but booking procedure & prices are different.

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