Novotel Luxembourg Centre Hotel - A Review (Luxembourg)

I've already been in Novotel twice earlier in Hyderabad and Ahmedabad, both in India, but so far, never outside of India. Here's my first stay in a Novotel, here in the tiny (27th smallest) country in the world - Novotel Luxembourg Centre. That said, big or small, India or Europe, the standard and quality of Novotel is always the same. The color concept is also the same - cream & beige with accents in orange!

For me, what matters so much more than quality is personalization. When I checked-in there was an envelope waiting for me, inviting me to Luxembourg with a map of the city and a booklet with a small gist about the places of interest, again customized for me, incl., pictures from my Instagram! How personal is that??? I was totally floored by this gesture of the hotel! Ofcourse there were some sweet treats!

The Superior room was relatively big for a city hotel. The television in the room was perhaps one of the biggest I've seen in a city hotel! It comes with aromatic toiletries supplies that are made of Fair Trade Cane Sugar. Instant coffee, tea bags are given, however there is no coffee maker. Things like dental kit, iron box etc are provided upon request. The rotatable table was just perfect. It didn't occupy space when folded but was very very spacious and serve as an office table for a business guests. 

The executive room is just - perfection! It comes with bathrobe, bath slipper, ironbox, iron table, coffee maker etc. It even has a free minibar!!! There are a couple of rooms which are accessible for differently-abled guests. There are online check-in and fast check-out options as well.

The ground floor has the Red Square Restaurant & Bar which serves as the dedicated breakfast area in the mornings and a restaurant by itself for the rest of the day. The breakfast was an interesting mix of both wow and oh-no! Here's the 'wow' part - make-yourself counters of waffles and pancakes!!! Yeah. There's batter and waffle iron and you can make it yourself to the size that you want and top it with whatever you want from maple syrup to powdered sugar to nutella and more. The mini pancake making machine is beside it and you can watch your pancake getting made!!! 

Here's the 'oh-no' part. There wasn't much options for vegetarians. The 'cooked/prep-ed' things in breakfast included very few items including eggs, hot dogs, bacons, potato chips, baked beans etc. I would really appreciate it if there were some more stuff like steamed/sauteed vegetables, corn & mayo, mashed potatoes, quinoa or hummus salad, pies etc. Ofcourse, there were the usual meat & cheese varieties, fruits, cereals etc.

Its truly a family hotel. Guess what's all here? A gaming area, complete with a PS4 and cute seating arrangements. Guess where I saw the same exact couch - Novotel Hyderabad Airport, India!!! That's the ultimate, of keeping everything exactly the same across the world!

There is also a small stationary corner where you can get stuff like playing cards, selfie stick, reusable bag etc and there's also a copier machine. There's a small fitness area called 'In Balance' with few equipment. There are 3 meeting rooms, one of which even has a side bar!

So, why did I stay here? Ofcourse, the Old Quarters and Fortifications of Luxembourg are enlisted as UNESCO World Heritage Sites. So more about that coming up soon, in the next few posts. Stay tuned. Located at a walkable distance from all the historic & heritage sites of Luxembourg City, with all its absolute comforts, indeed Novotel City Centre, Luxembourg was a pleasure to stay in. 

To Get There:
Nearest Airport: Luxembourg
Nearest Railway Station: Gare Luxembourg
From Luxembourg Railway station: 850m (< 1 km)
From Luxembourg Airport: 8 km (15 mins connection by bus)

To Book online: Novotel Luxembourg Centre
Room rates begin at €123 for superior rooms
Hotel Ph no: +352 248 781

My complete Luxembourg City travelogue: coming up soon...

I was invited by Luxembourg Tourism to experience the city for review purposes, however the opinions are my own and this post does not to advertise the product/service.


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  1. You had me at free minibar! That's a pretty good perk for a Novotel. It's been a long time since I stayed in one, and the service looks great. I love you can make your own waffles too, how cool!

  2. I was actually reading about how Luxemboug has free transportation looks like cute hotels too. I really need to visit as I have been putting it off now for a while.

  3. Jane Dempster-SmithApril 5, 2019 at 7:03 AM

    I haven't travelled to Luxembourg yet and would consider staying here if we did. My only concern, same as yours would be not enough vegetarian options for breakfast. What a lovely welcome you go from the hotel! It is such nice gesture when someone goes out of their way to welcome you.

  4. As always, you write another great Hotel review. I love the fact that they have this kind of personalization sense, which I guess has made them very unique. The Superior room looks like the kind of Hotel room, I always love to have a good rest. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  5. This is a perfect city hotel! The preparation they made for you when checking-in was amazing! That's what we called first class client service. You got me with the waffle and pancake breakfast. I saw that pancake machine once and wish to have one at home. lol.

  6. It's those personalized touches that definitely make your stay. I can't believe there was a free minibar! Those are like unicorns! Plus you had me sold on Novotel at the make-your-own pancakes and waffles.

  7. I had visited Luxembourg last year and stayed at a Hilton hotel. It was very similar to Novotel in terms of the size of the room and breakfast options, like having the option to make-your-own waffles. I believe Luxembourg hotels have a pretty good standard!

  8. Novotel is always consistent, this is why we choose this hotel when we have the choice. And that waffle maker, love those. I've not seen the pancake maker before, I will have to look closer next time. I really love a hotel that is clean, pretty and cozy. Novotel has it all.

  9. I love that the hotel customized a letter for your arrival. That's such a sweet and personal touch. Also the map and suggested areas to visit was a handy yet thoughtful touch. I think this hotel would be great with kids because they obviously care about their guests. I'll definitely look them up when I'm in the area.

  10. WOW, you had so much fun at Novotel hotel. I loved the facility! Excellent facilities in the room and lobby. The room looks tidy and clean, with a comfortable bed. I think The buffet breakfast is very good, and lots of selection.

  11. I haven't been to Luxembourg but when I eventually make it here, this definitely looks like a great hotel. Very modern and the fact there are waffles is a definite bonus. Thanks for the great post.


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