Novotel Hyderabad Airport - A Review (Hyderabad - Andhra Pradesh)

As I said in the last post, here's my view of the hotel we stayed at - Novotel Hyderabad Airport. There are 2 Novotels in Hyderabad - Convention Centre & Airport. To begin with the best thing was its access... 

At just 5km from the airport, located in the outskirts of Hyderabad, its perfect for business travellers. However for tourists it may not be that convenient coz from the hotel, the city is about 20km away. Free shuttle was available almost twice an hour all day to & fro Airport. The free wifi had a reasonable speed and high speed wifi was available upon an extra pay! 

With a neutral brown & beige palette and red accents, visually the hotel was subtle yet striking. The main lobby has these unique '8' shaped seats and some circular foam seats as well. 
Apart from this another unique here was these huge bed like seating arrangements. See, the check-out time is 12 noon, however the luggage can be left in cloak room for the day. After getting back from work/sightseeing, these lounges can be used to rest for a while before heading to airport!!!

On either side of the reception are the restaurant 'Square' and a smaller banquet hall with open garden to its side. The food was just impeccable. When you're in Hyderabad, you have to have the authentic Hyderabadi Dum Biriyani. I'd rather say you haven't had a life if you haven't tasted an authentic Hyderabadi Dum Biriyani and here it was awesome!!! It was the 2nd best I've ever tasted (the best was at Nizam's Kitchen in Bangalore). 

The hotel's buffet was really good with a range of salads and papadoms (crisps). The mains of-course has to begin with the Biriyani and gravies and subjis to accompany. The live counter has naan and roti made on order. During dinner the live counter also churns out some Italian and Chinese cuisine as well! 
And when in Hyderabad dessert would definitely mean Shahi Tukda and Double ka Meetha! There weren't any eggless cakes though. I know I have some high expectations!!!

The open bar is located on the way to the Square restaurant and later in the evening it comes alive with live music! Esp for the Tata Hexa event, 3 new cocktails were served. There is a spa within, but I didn't check it out. 

The in-house pool is large and beautiful surrounded with all greenery. With a room at 5th the view was splendid.  

I stayed in the Superior Room with twin beds with the lovely blogger Sharu. It was rather funny to see the closet that could be accessed from both the room and bathroom. Though its a very creative & convenient idea, I could't help but think of accidents that could happen when by chance 2 people open both the doors at the same time and if the one in the bathroom isn't clothed!!! Water, coffee powder, tea bags, creme kettle etc were provided. Somehow I dunno why, the mini fridge was locked! 

The shower is in a glass cubicle within the washroom. The essentials in the washroom included Shampoo, Conditioner, Shower gel and soap. Dental kit & shaving kit were available on request (remember the situation in Novotel Ahmedabad?). I was pretty much amused to see that there wasn't any bathrobe available. Also there weren't any body lotion or comb available, now that is something that's a definite negative!!! However, the rooms are provided with hair dryer and iron box.

P.S: I was invited by Indiblogger on behalf of Tata Motors to experience Tata Hexa and stay at Novotel. However the opinions are my own and this post does not to advertise the product/service. A very big thanks to Indiblogger for this wonderful opportunity.


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  1. Nice coverage. who is that popular blogger sleeping in the lobby?

    1. Don't you know him? He's the world famous blogger Shrinidhi!!! :D :D :D

  2. It's the perfect place to wait for your flight. Their place is cozy and you can really relax here.

  3. How coincidental that my family and I also just spent a night at a Novotel, but of course here in Quezon City. I guess the standard of quality for this chain of hotels should be consistent all over the world.

  4. The desserts look colorful and tasty. I like that the bar is open until late at night. It's a cool hangout place to destress.

  5. Is it weird when I say the chairs look delicious? Yes, you see it right! Unless those aren't chairs, the 4th photo do look like chocolates and candies! Cute~

  6. Beautifully written! I loved the hotel too!

  7. Both doors opening at the same time... you can make even hotel reviews so full of intrigue and excitement! :)

    Arvind Passey

  8. Wonderful review. You've actually mentioned exactly the same thing I wondered about the Closet ;)

  9. Wowowow! I've seen a few Novitel Hotels from the outside but I've never really stayed in one because they're usually beyond my budget. It's no wonder because from your review, the place really seems wonderful and the buffet... I'm salivating here! Hahaha! I hope I get to treat myself in one of its branches someday. I will definitely try everything they have to offer. :)

  10. I wouldn't mind waiting for a delayed flight if the place is this lovely! Wow! I love how the place looks and it's definitely perfect!

  11. the interior is lovely. also, that food looks so delish. the dessert is nicely presented

  12. Wow. What a great arena to wait for flight. Who cares, in as much as the place is conducive waiting for the flight will be endurable.

  13. Wow, look at all those desserts! I love this airport, it looks so accommodating!

  14. I didn't know Novotel is an international hotel! I find their hotel really comes in high class ambiance. I haven't visited yet the place but with the recent posts I have seen from my cobloggers' blogs, no wonder why it is the hotel that is mostly featured today.


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