Musings at Magical Mons! (Wallonia - Belgium)

I was in Mons for 3 days and all I could do was to just finish what I had originally planned and didn't have even half a day to stroll around... Mons is a tiny little gem that totally took me aback and the major reason is I didn't expect it to! I had read hardly any blogs on Mons and as a heritage enthusiast, this city has so much to offer. We took a day to see what the city of Mons has to offer. 

Our first stop was the Town Hall. Though when compared the Brussels Town Hall, nothing else brings that majestic awesomeness, this one is small and has its own charm. This was built in 1458-77 but the watchtower was completed only in 1717-18. That charm begins right at the entrance - the door handle and outer wall. On the outer wall is a super cute iron monkey. Its doesn't originally belong here and has been brought here and been attached here. No one actually knows the origins of this monkey. Its believed that it was once used as a 'Dunce' corner for kids who did petty crimes! Nowadays, its believed to bring luck when you touch its head with your left hand! Today, its head is so corroded and polished, thanks to the constant swiping!

The door handle of the Town Hall is a miniature version of the Town Hall entrance itself, complete with watch tower and a guard atop the watchtower and a dog at the entrance symbolizing fidelity! Today a few rooms of the town hall are accessible through a guided tour. One of the rooms is called the Wedding hall which has a painted ceiling of 1682 and getting married here is considered special and I came across 2 weddings in that weekend! Every year, during the Doudou festival, the balcony of the Townhall would become the viewing area for the VIP guests & Mayor.

From there my next stop was the St.Elizabeth Church. The weekend I went seemed to be a wedding special weekend! That church was also getting ready to host a wedding. The current church was built in 1715-32 at the site of an older church. Today its unmissable thanks to the contemporary art made of 30000 wooden planks, in front of it, by Arne Quinze called Passenger. Its quite a stark difference when compared to the historical charm of the locality. 

Another hidden special spot in Mons is the Mayor's Garden, located inside the Town Hall premises and should be accessed through an 'underground' street! This was built in 1930s and the view of the Belfry from here is rather interesting. Don't miss it, if you're here in Spring. We saw some gorgeous tulips too!
That underground pathway is called the 'Luftschutzraum' which is German means Bomb shelter... a reminiscence of World War! 

Don't miss to spot this graffiti - they all are looking at the Mayor's house!!! There are some tiny little streets here that are so well decorated with graffiti & murals, thanks to the efforts in 2015 for the Cultural Capital of Europe Title! That's our city-tour guide Ms.Alice Abels, in front of one such graffiti! That wraps up Mons in My Travelogue. But I do have to visit Mons again, esp for Pairi Daiza, to introduce animals to my Atyudarini.

To Stay:
Hotels and B&Bs at all price points are available in Mons Town Centre.
Here’s my review of Hotel Dream where I stayed.

To Get There:
On Google Maps: St.Elizabeth ChurchTown Hall (Monkey is located close to its door to its right and the Jardin du Mayeur is inside through Luftschutzraum).
To reach Mons: Refer to my earlier post

Entry Ticket & Timings:
Entry at all places are free.
Town Hall is accessible only through a guided tour through official city guides.
Contact of our city-guide Ms.Alice Abels:; +32 4855 71338

P.S: I was invited by Visit Mons and Wallonia Tourism to experience the city for review purposes, however the opinions are my own and this post does not to advertise the product/service.


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  1. How cool! A part of Belgium I haven't visited. Those murals are so awesome looking, I'm all about street art and would love to explore and see them in person. Sounds like you had an awesome trip!

  2. Pretty cool that you wrote about Mons. I was watching the World Cup and thinking about Belgium, so it's perfect! I love the picture in the Mayor's Garden and think it would be a relaxing place to visit!

  3. The underground passageway seems so mysterious and interesting! I love finding bits and pieces of history scattered around the city. I would love to explore the small streets and find cool graffiti and street art like the one you have in your last pic!

  4. Sounds like you had an amazing time! Good to know that Belgium is not just all about beer and waffles haha. I'm digging that graffiti wall you took a picture of- so simple and yet unique!

  5. Belgium is indeed so beautiful. Loved visiting it. I too was intrigued by the mayor's garden. It was an interesting place.

  6. I have never been to Belgium or even considered going there, probably that is why I haven't heard of 'Mons'. The architecture looks pretty amazing especially of the Brussels Town Hall and I love how the door handle is designed like a min version of the building itself! St Elizabeth's church also looks quite interesting. Mayor's Garden seems like a good place to enjoy a walk and some sun :)

  7. Clarice Lao/ Camping for WomenJuly 2, 2018 at 8:53 PM

    I remember our trip there and I fell in love iwht the graffiti. It looks so fun. I remember taking a lot of photos using it as a backdrop.

  8. What a hidden gem and one you would never find out about unless you are told about it. Moms surely is a great plane to visit and for me the door of that town hall is one of the most interesting things. The underground passage way is mysterious yet fun. This is surely a place to visit in the summer where you can enjoy the outdoors as well. Thanks for sharing a great post. Amar Singh

  9. Mons is indeed an hidden gem, which I never knew existed, and that too in Belgium, which is so near to the UK. Thanks for bringing this quaint town on my radar, where I am definitely dropping by on my next trip.


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