Hotel Dream, Mons - A Review (Wallonia - Belgium)

Mons is Magical!!! Its a lesser known gem of Belgium!!! I just kept wondering how it isn't as popular as Bruges or Antwerp. Its the paradise for any heritage enthusiast. There is so much to see in Mons, that I managed to just see exactly the list I wanted to, and didn't have time to explore in 3 days!!!!! There is so much to see and so much to do in and around Mons! Its so awesome that it was titled the European Capital of Culture in 2015.... When you're in such a fabulous heritage town, it only makes sense to stay in an equally fabulous heritage hotel!

Guess what? We're not in a church here, in this picture, I'm at a hotel - Dream Hotel, Mons. Its a 19th C Neo Gothic Church converted to a hotel. Today the hotel has 62 rooms of which 1 is Suite Royale, 1 is Junior Suite, 17 are Suites and rest are classic and deluxe rooms.

The hotels is in 4 floors and most of the magic happens in the 3rd floor. Each room in this floor follows a Belgian special theme and each room looks so different from others! The various themes include Tastes of Belgium, Carnival, Art Nouveau, Magritte, Manneken Pis etc. Of these, one room is the fabulous Royal Suite called Cinq Sens, which has a huge church window, as its window, overlooking the belfry! Now, that's called a room with a view!

The really fascinating part of the whole thing is - every article in the room matches the concept, not just wallpaper and bedding, but even chair and carpet and bath tub. For eg., the Art Nouveau room has wrought iron chairs whose back rest is art nouveau design and the bath tub is painted gold!!! The cushion on the bedside table of Tastes of Belgium room looks like a macaroon!!! The chair of Magritte room is made of transparent, colorless acrylic to match the surrealism!!! The carpet in Carnaval room had the pattern of cobble road filled with multicolored poppers... If you're going with a toddler, you may want to choose the BD Belge room with Comics theme. 4th floor has some aparthotel rooms which is include its own microwave oven, stove top etc.

The corridor is plain to balance the craziness of each room, but there are black and white wall art throughout corresponding to the theme. At the end of the corridor is the frontage of the hotel which is a stunning stained glass window, restored from the original church!

Only the Junior and Royal Suite rooms have bath tubs while the rest all have showers. The bathrooms are provided with shower gels and shampoos in non-removable dispensers. Rooms are also equipped with hair dryer, locker, towels, and bathroom slippers. There are no kits kept by default in the room, everything has to be requested if needed. There is a mini bar and cafe with kettle. Some rooms have the bathroom & toilet attached while some have it separate. Quite weirdly, a room which had separate toilet, didn't have a wash basin in there!!!

Throughout the hotel the reminiscence of the church can be seen. A pillar base of the church now serves as a central bar table, the gorgeous windows are used in several rooms, some frescoes can be seen in the meeting rooms, the pillars can be seen everywhere including some weird placements in the rooms (the pillar in carnaval room is fitted with a lifesize mirror and surrounded by wall on all sides), but that can be forgiven coz obviously, the current building is only built following the cues of existing building.

Also throughout the hotel, the heavy influence of the Doudou festival (a UNESCO recognized annual event) can also be seen. Even the wallpaper and curtains at the Mezzo restaurant are Doudou themed.

There are fitness room, sauna, spa, hammam etc which are complimentary for the guests but has to be booked in advance. There is a bar and restaurant in the ground floor. Breakfast is at an additional cost. The variety is not much, but whatever was there was really really delicious. Don't miss the apple pie and fruit platter with maple syrup!

To Get There:
On Google Maps: Hotel Dream, Mons, Belgium
Nearest Airport: Brussels South Charleroi
Nearest Railway Station: Mons
From Mons Railway Station: 1 km
From Brussels Central to Mons: 77km (intercity trains are available and takes about 1 hr) 

To Book online: Hotel Dream, Mons
Room rates begin at €58 for classic double rooms.
Breakfast - €12.50
Hotel Ph no: +32 (0) 65 32 97 20

My complete Mons travelogue: coming up soon

P.S: I was invited by VisitMons and Wallonia Tourism to experience the city for review purposes, however the opinions are my own and this post does not to advertise the product/service.

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  1. The Hotel dream in Mons Belgium match well with the name! It is truly dreamy and unique! The stain window are truly beautiful! I don't think I have seen something quite like Hotel Dream before! And Mons sound exciting, now I am curious about this city!

  2. Mons looks like a truly beautiful town. I have been to many of the European capitals, but the memories I cherish the most are when I have left the cities and started to explore the countryside. The cathedrals and people I meet there are so charming.

  3. Clarice Lao | Camping for WomenMay 18, 2018 at 10:35 PM

    Looks like a nice place to stay. I love the wall art. It is beautiful. I am actually of making a similar one on our study nook. Thank you for the inspiration.

  4. I am very fond of heritage and culture of any place I travel. So Mons seems to be an interesting place for me. Staying at a heritage hotel is always a great option. The Hotel looks so classic and I would definitely use the spa, sauna and fitness rooms.

  5. Dream Hotel at Mons! Its a dream come true. I have never been to any hotel which served as a church. Belgian special theme for each room on third floor! Wow!

  6. Wow, what a very impressive hotel, it really looks like a "dream" so the name fits! You are right about the 3rd floor, seems to be the ultimate goal to stay in a themed room like this. The love for details is really impressive. Thanks for sharing this great review!

  7. The hotel seems to be a lovely place for a staycation. There is a restaurant here in Dublin which has been converted from a church. The wall art looks amazing. Also the room prices seems to be decent. The views from the rooms is also amazing.

  8. That hotel looked wonderfully accommodating. They had everything! I am glad you enjoyed your stay.

  9. Looks pretty awesome
    Guyz check my blog also

  10. Great Blog! Its really helpful Blogging is an amazing skill with which you can share your thoughts online.Love your ideas keep up the good work!

  11. A Neo Gothic Church converted to a hotel?! Interesting. I am always intrigued to stay in unusual places. I can imagine how amazing could be to wake up in the morning in the Cinq Sens room with a big church window.

  12. This seems like a comfortable stay option. I really liked the idea of thematic rooms and especially love the vibrant walls. It really adds lot to the room and gives it a very colourful and local city like feel

  13. What an awesome hotel! I love reading about places that are not always on the map I had never heard of Mons before. Love the culture and beauty that has been mixed with modern art, looks like a great little city to explore

  14. Nice, hotels in old buildings hold so much authenticity. That's kind of place I would prefer staying. And this one also has a gym...

  15. Ive never heard about Mons and I haven't visited Belgium yet but it seems like a lovely place! The hotel dream looks really cool! I love the building, the original rooms, and great decorations ! I enjoy stay in places like that when I travel so I am gonna check it out when I go there one day!

  16. Mons looks like an interesting place, and the hotel concept having different kind of rooms is something I have heard for the first time and it is very interesting and different. I say, do Mons on Monday to get rid of Monday blues ;)

  17. Wow, Mons is really interesting and i'm glad that you were able to see and visit exactly all in your list. I love that the Hotel you've stayed is a heritage Hotel with so much to offer. The fact that throughout the hotel the reminiscence of the church can be seen, which seemed to be really interesting. Not only that, Each room in every floor follows a Belgian special theme, which looks so different from each other. I love the idea behind this theme. Thank you so much for sharing this.

  18. Can’t believe I’ve never heard of Mons before! I love hotels with complimentary spa features and the ones here sound heavenly! Thanks for sharing about this lesser known gem :)


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