FlowerTime 2017 (Brussels - Belgium)

Last year in August I was in London. A few months earlier, I had applied for the Schengen Visa (yeah, Indians in UK need a Schengen Visa to travel to Europe!) to explore Europe and I timed my visit to Brussels, to coincide with the biennial Brussels Flower Carpet 2016 event! This year, by chance, I’ve moved to Brussels and am here in August! However since Flower Carpet is a biennial event, every alternate other years, the Flower Time event happens! Unlike Flower Carpet which has been happening since 1971, this Flower Time event is only the 3rd edition. This year, the theme is, Urban Gardening & Farming.
The location is exactly the same! The spectacular UNESCO site of Grand Place in Brussels. But unlike flower carpet which happens in open grounds, this happens inside the Brussels City Hall! Which is this place? It’s the place which opened only its balcony for viewing the Flower Carpet from atop! Now, during Flower Time, several rooms are open to public for viewing (yes, there’s a guided tour of Town Hall which I haven’t been to yet!).
Several rooms are so gorgeously decorated not just with flowers, but also with vegetables & fruits! 19 Floral artists from all over Belgium have arrived here to make this Floral Magic happen! There’s also a Flower Nights even happening from 7PM everyday that combines ‘Floral Tasting Menu’ prepared by Belgian Masterchef Claude Pohlig. I can’t comment on this as I went on a day time to just see the floral arrangements!

As soon as I entered was the masterpiece of Geoffroy Mottart whose specialty is to dress up existing statues in flowers. The main artwork was very organic and kinda resembled a Rafflesia flower; and there in the inner courtyard, all the cherubs had a floral cap! On a different note, on these days, the Mannekin Pis also has a floral cap!
Within the building, at the entrance hall were the works of Sofie Reyns, and Homage to Stijn by PTI Kortrijk and Fred Verhaege. The next stop was at the first floor and the staircase was made stunning by the talent of Anne Guns! With the mix of white anthurium, violet orchids and red chillies combined with green bamboo, this was stunning!!!
Just before the balcony, in the Wedding Room was the work of Natalia Sakalova. With the exquisite wooden carvings, golden ceiling, natural light through the windows, the simple display totally made a statement!

In the first floor’s Grand Lobby were the works of Chantal Post, Stijn Cuvelier and Audrey Leboutte. Surrounded by stunning paintings and vintage furniture and doors gilded in gold, the placement of these were stunning. In one of the side rooms here was the work of Dieter Vercoutere. In the dark room with the back lighting from the windows and the lighting on his work, it was just so gorgeous!
Further ahead in the corridor of Galeria Grange was the work of Ness Klorofyl! Looking at that work, all I could think was ‘how awesome would it be to have a church wedding décor like that’!!!

The way the whole place is set up, is that every next piece is more awesome and elaborate than the previous! From Galeria Grange, as I entered the Council Chamber and witnessed the stunner of Jolien Vanderstappen, I was just awe struck! I mean, look at it!!! The large mirror in the background is the perfect addition to make her work look all the more expansive! Among the flowers, did you notice the bell peppers?

As I said, the next was Stephane Brassart’s work in the Maximilian Room. It’s the dining room of the Town Hall complete with its long dining table and chairs! Carved turkey on the table? No, its all wood, flowers and vegetables!!! Don’t the wooden rings give an impression of carved turkey?!!!!

The next was the elegant works by Sebastien Dossin followed by Mark Colle’s vast garden like display in the Antechamber of Mayor’s Office. The next was Joelle Ghion’s corridor and Samantha Authelet’s staircase with a tree like decor. The setting of Joelle Ghion's presentation with the painted ceiling, it was just splendid.
The finale completely floored me! This was in the Gothic Room and was the brainchild of Tom Nackaerts with Upcoming Florists of Leuven! With a rotating platform and the tall hollow Christmas tree like structure on it with several décor all around it! With the room’s architecture, sculpture, art noveau paintings, tapestry etc, this was the perfect finale!!!

While seeing these masterpieces is a ticketed event, there’s also 3 little carpets in the square, which is free for all to enjoy! These were made by 60 children, who may soon become masters of the craft and showcase within the Townhall! This is ofcourse surrounded by stalls that sell seeds and plants, and ofcourse food!

To Get There:
Grand Place Brussels: Refer to my earlier post
Flower Time 2017 Brussels is happening till tomorrow night 10 PM (last entry 9:30PM). 
Tickets can be bought online on their website.
Exhibition tickets are priced at €7 and with the dinner its priced at €35.
P.S: I was invited by Flower Carpet, Brussels to attend the event for review purpose, however the opinions are my own and this post does not to advertise the product/service.


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  1. looks very exotic and inspiring

  2. The Council Chamber and the Gothic room look unbelievable! I remember visiting the Grand Palace in Brussels, but never knew about this! Thank you for bringing it to my attention.

  3. I bet the smell from all of the flowers and topiaries was simply delightful! They're all beautiful and I would love to see them in person. I think it's interesting that they also include fruits and vegetables, not just flowers. So cool to see this!

  4. I have heard about this festival on the news! It is so cool that you were able to go and witness this festival! The Grand Place is amazing too, and since it is a UNESCO site, I have it on my bucket list now!

  5. Beautiful pictures! I'd never heard of this festival before but it looks lovely. I've never been to Brussels but I might have to time it for when this is on :).

  6. The theme is unique and refreshing. Using fruits and vegetables as decors are exceptional. And what I appreciate all the more about this, is the involvement of kids. They must have had the time of their lives.

  7. The flower display in Brussels Belgium is really impressive. It's refreshing and pleasing to look at and appreciate.

  8. I love flowers!! This is definitely something I would want to see in person! I'm planning to go to Europe soon so I should consider this when we go.

  9. I have never heard of the Flower Carpet or Flower Time in Brussels, not in any other blogs or even in the news. There has been so much detail put in the flower displays. The view out of the window of the Brussels City Hall must be stunning too.

  10. My friends just came back from a year in Brussels. It seems beautiful, with the flowers and colors and architecture.

  11. Very nice flower arrangements indeed. Belgium is a place in Europe that I have yet to visit. Looking forward to visiting, but August is such a hot summer month there? What is the other time of the year with this flower festival?

  12. These guys sure know how to use the flowers in the most creative of ways. I am so glad you have shared this - it is so refreshing and creative. I have only see the city hall from the outside (yes, I just passed by ;-() and now I know how much I have missed it.

  13. I've never seen flowers so beautiful! The designs are so intricate, I would have loved to see them in person. What a grand venue as well, how awesome that they were able to have the event at an UNESCO site.

  14. I didn't know about the Brussels flower carpets. I love Brussels as a city. So much to see and do. These flower displays make me think of my time in Guatemala where they have colourful carpets made from sand for Holy week. the designs were amazing just like the ones in your photos. So much detail. I love the use of vegetables along with the flowers.

  15. Flower art is such an underestimated art. Most of us take it for granted, but putting together flowers skilfully takes so much vision and creativity. Your post brings that out very well.

  16. A lot of work goes into events like this. Working with flowers is not easy. But the outcome is so worth it and so beautiful.

  17. Wow!! Such a beautiful flower arrangement it's really impressive and creative. It's really hard to work and arrange flowers but it's all worth it, the beauty of the outcome.


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