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Yes, I was MIA here for a few weeks now. Sorry! Got held up in something else.... Anyways back here with some more interesting Nature Shots from Gujarat... Check out my last post for my Bird Photography there.
Spotted these guys at Lakilusa. 

Mr.Squirrel at Modhera!

Nice big turtle in the stepped well of Modhera!

More from Modhera. Several, several bats hangning from the ceiling.

A majestic, manly bull near Dholavira!

I've seen heck a lot of bullock cards. Here are some camel carts!!

Lansdcape filled with beautiful green fields and transformers!

Bright yellow flowers of the mustard plantation.

A very beautiful Gujarati Woman balancing 2 pots of water.

That's at a small town called Siddhpur. 
See the building behind me? That's actually 3 houses with only color difference. They all look almost alike built in late 19th C. They belong to the Dawoodi Bohra community people and are called Vohravads. The houses are row houses with almost similar architecture throughout the town. One of the specialties is the windows and one building is believed to have 360 windows. No, I did not sit & count. Lolz....
At this very town in an ASI site called Rudra Mahalaya temple of 12th C, which was in absolute security and no photography was allowed. It was an amazing sculptural marvel equivalent to Modhera Sun Temple. Sadly this is under severe legal issues as well coz there's a temple and a mosque within the same premises and the scene isn't peaceful... 

At the last town before the Pakistan border, on the way to Dholavira. 
There are a few little villages after this till you reach Pakistan!

And with that, re-stating the wish to go to Pakistan as a tourist, some day, let me wrap up the Gujarat trip posts... Here's the list of all posts in this series:
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And here are some posts from my earlier trip to this state:

Dedicated to Prof. Swamination & Co...


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