Rani Ki Vav - Part 1 (Patan - Gujarat)

First when I saw Dada Harir ni vav I thought it was magnificent. Then when I saw Adalaj Vav, I thought it was much more than magnificent. And now, when I visited Rani Ki Vav, I almost fainted!!!
As my friend rightly said, Rani ki Vav (The stepwell of Queen), is actually the Rani of Vav-s (Queen of Stepwells).
This was built by Queen Udayamati, wife of King Bhimadeva I, in the last part of 11thC AD. This well is in the East West direction. Its dimensions are 64 x 20 x 27 metres. The entrance is on the eastern side. Well, before the discovery of this well, the entire well was submerged within the ground. So even today, only the top most point of the well, is just above the ground level. 
Before its excavation by ASI, it was used by the locals are a regular pond, as none of the architechtural or sculptural beauty was visible from above ground level. It was only in 1958, ASI started digging up this place and what came out was mindblowing awesomeness.
It has multi storeyed pavilions, but its not accessible today for general public, as per the rules of ASI, so as to protect the monument.
Let me stop talking now, let's go over to the pics and you'll know why I almost fainted in its awesomeness!!!
That's the overview, from the first step..

All these sculptures, and its 'just' a well!!!
Gods, apsaras, celestial beings and lots more....

And that level of intricacy is what the pillars have!

Extremely ornate square planks beneath those exquisite sculptures...

Right at the end of the pathway that leads to the well, exactly opposite, on the well's wall is this highly ornate, Lord Vishnu in Anantasayana (reclining) posture.

Miniature sculptures atop that reclining posture

View of the exquisite sculptural details of the well, from its lowest depth...

Actually know what, I really can't say enough about this Rani ki Vav in a single post. Coming back soon with Part 2 of the Queen of Stepwells with more sculptural marvel of the place!!!

From Ahmedabad to Patan: 125km via Kalol, Mehsana, Unjha, Balisana
From Patan Railway Station to Rani Ki Vav: 4km via Parab, Patan Museum

Patan is a very small town where you may find small restaurants to eat.
Nearest bigger town to find good restaurants and hotels to stay is Mehsana.
Mehsana also has a Toran (TCGL), the State Govt. Guest House

On Google Maps: http://goo.gl/TJn5tv

Dedicated to Prof Swaminathan & Co...


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  1. The square planks are design patterns in the traditional and probably one of the most expensive sarees, the Patola Sarees :-)

  2. Out of the world, Very intricate carvings. Compliments for having captured so well!

    1. Wow... To get that compliment from a pro photographer like you is great! Thanks so much!!!


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