Sarkhej Roza (Ahmedabad - Gujarat)

To begin with, here's Sarkhej Roza. Sarkhej Roza is group of monuments that include a tomb, a mosque and a huuuuge tank! 
Well, long ago, a sufi saint by the name Shaikh Ahmed Khattu Ganj Baksh lived in Sarkhej. He was a saint and is belived to have super powers. He died at his age of 111, in 1445. Then then king, Sultan Muhammed Shah, built a mausoleum (roza) in his memory.  
Tha masjid here is called the Jama Masjid. This was built over a span of time from 1443 to 1458 from Sultan Muhammad Shah to sultan Qutbuddin Ahmed Shah.
There are 3 tombs in there. One of Sultan Mehmood Begda (863-917 Hijri), Sultan Muzaffar Shah II (917 - 932) and Sultan Mehmood Shah (943 - 961). There's also a separate section where there are 3 tombs for the women. 

The architecture here is pretty unique. Before this point, there were those arched  facades were a must, which is completely missing here. The styling is a beautiful mix of Persian influences with Hindu and Jain aspects as well. Even the cornices of the pillars here, looked much like temple architecture. 

The masjid has some exquisite jali works. In interiors, infact, have some metal jali work as well!!! Esp, during sunny days, the way the sun light falls in through the jaali, creates some awesome effect. Since I was there at about 4, the evening sun was creating perfect light and shadow effect on the pillars and walls!!!
Spot the birdie in the above shot? I was really lucky enough to get this shot of the silhouette of a pigeon sitting in the middle of a broken jaali!!!

The central dome has a gold plating. The central adornment atop the dome, is shaped like a peepul leaf - again an Indian influence. And as every other masjid, this too has the entire dome filled with several several pigeons!
But it was not these pigeons that attracted me so much. It was the barn swallows. I've never seen them in my locality. The specialty of these little ones??? They build nests made of mud on buildings. I've only seen bats in the interiors of temples and masjids, but barn swallows?? Nope. Never! I was astonished to see them!!! I tried waiting for some time, to try and get a shot of a birdie peeping out of its nest, but in vain. But the interiors was filled with their calls and beautiful sounds!!!

Right at the back is a huuuuuge tank. The tank is now dry and serves as a cricket playground for local kids. It was indeed such a beautiful thing to see some old men sitting in those balconies overlooking the tank, to see the sunset, at evening, with the sunrays creating a beautiful warm lighting on their faces. 
Just wishing water conservation begins again and eagerly waiting for the visual of the huge tank brimming with water!!!

From Ahmedabad Railway Station: 12km via Paldi, Vasna
From Ahmedabad Airport: 19km via Sidi Saeed Mosque, Paldi, Vasna

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  1. It is probable that the tank has been deliberately emptied. One of the ladies there said too many people jumped into it to commit suicide, so the administration decided to dry it up.

    I missed the barn swallows! All kinds of flocking birds put on a lovely show in and around the large square, though. The photographs of the pigeon in the window and the latticed shadows of the jalis on the pillars are excellent.

  2. Wish you had visited the channel structure (the three circular panels... How they have made efforts to filter and keep the water clean in the Baodi :-)

  3. Lattice windows are just amazing :) (y)

  4. Nice to know about these monuments. It has some lovely architecture.

  5. I have not visited this place yet, but it's in my travel list. Loved the way you have represented this. Nice Article.

  6. Nice one with great pictures amazing place loved to visit once

  7. Great one and you have put very interesting pictures :)


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