Ponneri Agastheeswarar Temple (Thiruvallur - Tamil Nadu)

Remember the trip to have a look at Sausage Tree and Azhinjal Tree? Along with the visit to those 2 places, I also had a look at the main temple, Ponneri is known for.
Its the Shiva temple called Agastheeswarar Temple. His consort here is called Anandavalli. The sanctum sanctorum is in the beautiful architectural shape of Gaja Prashtam like that at Madambakkam Dhenupurishwarar Temple
On the outer wall of Sanctum Sactorum, behind the shrine, on either sides of the central section, are relief sculptures of Plough! Why plough? Well, plough in local language Tamizh is called 'Eeru'. Gold is tamil is called 'Pon'. Gold Plough would be Pon Eru which eventually became Ponneri, the name of the town!
Around the sanctum sanctorum are the shrines of Kalahasthiswarar, Abhithakujambal, Vinayaka, Naagam, Naanappoongothai, Valli Devasena Murugan, Brahma, Durga, and Havagraha. A Golden Shower flower tree was in full bloom in the temple permises.

One feature that I particularly noticed was the relief sculpture of Kannappa Nayanar in 2 places! One near the sanctum sanctorum and another in the mandapa outside the temple. 

More relief sculptures can be seen in the mandapa outside the temple. Also seen was a pretty big temple tank which was relatively clean, though not pristine! 
At a very short distance from here is a temple is a Vishnu Temple called Thiru Aai Paadi. Between the 2 temples is a road called HariHaran Bazaar street. Once a year, during temple festival, Shiva from Shiva Temple and Vishnu from Vishnu temple meet here!!!

The temple is located at a walkable distance from the Ponneri Bus stand.
From Chennai: 45 km via Puzhal, Redhills 
From Redhills: 21 km 
From Pulicat: 19 km
Google Coordinates: http://goo.gl/maps/INaJ2

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