Gingee aka Chenji Fort (Villupuram - Tamil Nadu)

My First Ever (proper) Travelogue!
Well, ever since I was a school kid, I used to write about the places I visit (with my parents, at that time, ofcourse!) in a notebook. I wouldn't term those as travelogues. They were just pointers of what I saw in those places written in, well, bullet points! So what was the first ever decent travelogue that I wrote? No, its not the first post of this blog. Its this!!!!! 
I wrote it when I was in 11th grade about the trip to Chenji along with my entire batch for school excursion! It was published in the Tamil Magazine called Gokulam by the house of Kalki Magazines a decade ago in 2002!!!!
 Here's the coverpage of the magazine and the actual article! Its in Tamil.... 
Click to enlarge the image and read the article!!! 
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