G D Naidu Museum - Part III (Coimbatore - Tamil Nadu)

Last 2 posts were about the computer part and the physicspart of the GD Naidu Museum. Well, why wouldn’t it be? These are 2 fields of science that I am fascinated about. Infact, a bunch of my friends and me were the founders of ‘The Science Club’ in our school. No, we all were cool science buddies and not geeks or nerds!!!
Well, back to the GD Naidu Museum, this post is about the whole of the Museum in general. GD Naidu as a person, was the founder of the GCT (Govt. College of Technology) and UMS Group in Coimbatore. 
The first ever motor produced in India was by the UMS Group under G D Naidu in 1937. He's done some great great inventions including thin blades, kerosene fans, 5 station radio, low cost 2 seater petrol run car, etc. 
This is an ancient on-demand radio which has slots to put in coins, so can be used on demand - amazing for that era, isn't it!!! He was a genius and a true engineer from his heart's core!!! 

Some  great stuff here in display include a range of radio from age old times to as it is now... Same gradual advancement is shown with pieces from each upgradation was also in tv, gramaphone, telephones, razors, typewriters, projectors, tape recorders, iron boxes, food processing equipments etc. 

Most of these samples were innovations of the UMS Group of Companies itself. Its a museum of the company's heritage ever since its inception and the masterpieces and brain-children of G D Naidu, himself!!! 
An ancient 'disaster warning system' of 1987 make was in display. Also here was the first ever 'Electronic Telephone dialer' made in 1982 in display, before that was the 'finger in ring and rotate' dialer!!! Also there was the first ever 'Electronic Telephine STD Locker' of 1983. 
There were a bunch of pens, no, I should rather say, a few hundreds of ballpoint and fountain pens made in the UMS factory. This one is the hand-writing assessment of G D Naidu done with a letter hand written by him.
This one is the personal invitation given to G D Naidu to attend the funeral procession of King George V on 28th Jan 1936 in London!
I dunno if you know this already. But I came to know this only after being there. The first ever 'digital' clock was almost like a manual date calender with a spring action that flips the cards every second!!!
Some kewl wooden cycles innovated by him.
This one is the first ever motor cycle by G D Naidu. He saw a motor cycle when he was little kid in his village Kalangal, a remote, small, quaint village, when an English Official Lanka Shyel rode his bike to Kalangal. Ever since he saw that he wanted to innovate his own bike and then, he did!!!  
Ok, so now guess what's this....
Its a mechanical cash register made in USA in 1950's... Now, how many guessed it right???
One roaming about this whole museum, there was one question persistent in my mind. Was there any thing at all that G D Naidu did not try putting his hands on???!!!!  



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  1. this museum looks more and more interesting.. will be going to coimbatore in dec... and will surely visit this one!

  2. Very interesting. Those wooden cycles are so cute!

  3. @Ash,
    Thanks sweety. Indeed they are cute and eco friendly, more imp...


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