G D Naidu Museum - Part I (Coimbatore - Tamil Nadu)

On my recent visit to Coimbatore, I visited the G D Naidu Musuem. I walked up and down the street a couple of times before I could find out where on earth was this Museum and finally found it. 

So who is this Mr.G.D.Naidu? He is Gopalswamy Doraiswamy Naidu. He was born on March 23, 1893 in Kalangal. Yes, its the same Kalangal where I ventured to find about the Blankets. And yeah, there is a house where he lived in Kalangal. Not a house, a Zamin Palace!!! 

So then who is he, what is he? In simple words, he's referred to as the Edison of India. He's done great contributions to the fields of Mechanical, Agricultural and Automobile Engineering. He's a inventor, engineer, educationalist, industrialist etc.  

 His certificates...

His awards...

His photographs alongside eminent people of his era...
This Museum here houses some of his inventions and several collection of automobile, electrical and electronic stuff right from his ages to what are those at present. In this post lets just concentrate on the computer stuff.

This one is a vintage IBM computer of 1977 make from Italy. Its hard disk is 32MB!!! Nowadays the very basic and cheapest version of micro SD, mini SD or pendrive itself is of atleast 1GB. Here the 'hard drive' was jsut 32 MB. And the RAM was 256KB. When was the last time, we dealt with any drive that's in KB's!!! And the size of this one is 160cmx70cmx121cm!!! Now, we are talking of palm computers. And then comes the best part, its weight - 1000kg!!!!! 

This is an Apple Computer Monitor made in California in 1984. Model: G091S.

This one is again an Apple Computer made in California in 1984. Model: SPS - 4042.

This one is made in our own India in 1984 by Hindustan Computer Ltd. Model: Busy Bee

This one is a Laptop. No, I'm not joking. Yeah, seriously... Would you be using lappies if they were like this till date??? This one was made by Compaq Computer Corporation, USA in 1991. Model: 2680 KB.

This one is a mechanical calulator. Now, our calculators are very much inbuilt into our phones!!!
Well, this is just the computer part of the G D Naidu Museum. Coming back with lot more - daily use stuff like iron boxes, razors, and mind boggling physics tricks & illusions...  Wait n watch!!!

G.D Naishu Museum
734, Avinashi Road, President Hall, Coimbatore - 641018
Ph: +91 422 2222548
Mail: gdcharities@vsnl.net

Nearest Busstop: Stanes School.
Located a bit ahead of Stanes school (if the school is to your left), in the opposite side.
Its the same buillding that houses Indo-German Goethe Institute and UMS Training Centre.
Its adjacent to Dr.Mohan's Diabates Speciality Centre.
Its a unique building in its construction and you cant miss it!!!


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  1. Good find bhusha..and those computers would soon be taken up by the Archeological survey.

  2. @Niranjan,
    Not in near future. Things have to be atleast a 100 yrs old for ASI to take over I guess...

    @Team G Square,
    My Pleasure... :)

  3. Whoaaa......... and the laptop is really funny.. But super interesting ya... :)

  4. interesting and informative post...


  5. You need a Fork-Lift truck to carry the laptop around Mitr.

  6. @Sridharan,
    Indeed... :)

    @Sow & @Roy,
    He he he.. It did take me a while and only after looking at the label I made out that its a laptop!!!

    Its my pleasure dear.. :)


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